Without Losing Data in Windows 11/10/8/7, How to Convert MBR to GPT or GPT to MBR

How to Safely Change Windows Partition Type (MBR to GPT or GPT to MBR):

  • To convert an MBR disk to GPT or MBR, simply install and run the disk converter, then right-click the disk in question.
  • Select the "Perform One Action" button.
  • Simply select the "Apply" link.
  • Get the Facts>>

Learn how to safely convert from Master Boot Record to GUID Partition Table with the help of this tutorial. A best solution and three others can be read about in three to four minutes.

Need to Switch File Systems (MBR or GPT) without Losing Information?

The purpose of switching to GPT is to get around Windows 11/10/8's 2TB file system limit for MBR. 1/8/7

Converting from GPT to MBR allows you to use a disk that is compatible with a different boot mode.

You've definitely been in this position before, regardless of your familiarity with MBR and GPT. Your disk has 4 terabytes of storage space, but you're only making use of 2 tb. Why does my 4TB drive only display 2TB? Your disk is MBR, which causes this issue.

Neither the volume size nor the file size can exceed 2TB or 4GB with MBR. GPT disks aren't constrained in the same ways that MBR disks are. Here's a comparison table so you can find out the details.

Comparison MBR GPT Size Limit for Partitions 2TB 9,4ZB (1ZB = 1 billion TB) Maximum Number of Partitions One can have 4 primary partitions or 3 primary partitions plus an extended partition. 128 main divisors Help for the Firmware Interfacing BIOS UEFI

Therefore, converting from MBR to GPT or vice versa is recommended if you want to exceed those limits on an MBR disk or conform to the appropriate boot mode.

The Most Secure Method for Changing File Systems

If you want to switch from MBR to GPT without losing any information, EaseUS Partition Master is the ideal disk conversion tool for you. You can use this program to perform either an MBR to GPT or a GPT to MBR conversion without having to delete any volumes.

  • Changing from MBR to GPT, Preparing a Disk for Windows 11
  • Easily Transfer Windows 11 to a New Solid-State Drive
  • Easily Extend or Extend Merge Separated Areas new to Windows 11
  • Upgrade and clone disks without losing data.

This tool makes changing the partition style in Windows 11/10/8/7 a breeze for even the most inexperienced users.

Data Preservation When Converting from MBR to GPT

Step 1 Get EaseUS Partition Master from the internet and run it on your computer.

Step 2 Select "Convert MBR to GPT" and then "Next" in Disk Converter to proceed.

Step 3 To begin the conversion from MBR to GPT, choose the disk you wish to convert, and then click the "Convert" button.

One thing needs your full attention, so please read on. Make sure the motherboard can boot into the desired partition style if the disk you're trying to convert is the operating system disk. Keep in mind that MBR supports BIOS while GPT is compatible with UEFI.

Without Losing Any Information, Converting from GPT to MBR

  • In the drop-down menu, select "Disk Converter." To proceed, click "Convert GPT to MBR" and then "Next."
  • Choose the GPT disk you want to convert, and then hit the "Convert" button.
  • Hold tight until everything is finished.

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Three Other Methods That Preserve All Data When Converting From MBR to GPT or GPT to MBR

This article will teach you three additional methods for making the switch from MBR to GPT or GPT to MBR. If you fail to back up partitions before implementing any of these three solutions, you will lose all of your data. In search of a data-safety fix Utilize EaseUS Partition Master once again.

Tip 1 DiskPart Tool MBR to GPT Conversion

Using the Diskpart utility in CMD, you can switch from MBR to GPT. When converting a disk to GPT, however, Diskpart will wipe the entire drive, including all of your files and folders.

It is highly advised that you make a backup of your files before beginning the conversion, and then restore them afterward. The free backup software EaseUS Todo Backup is highly recommended if you have a large number of files on your hard drive.  

To switch from MBR to GPT using Diskpart in CMD after backing up your data, do as follows:

Step 1 To find CMD, try searching for it. Select "Run as administrator" from the context menu of Command Prompt. PowerShell can be used in place of CMD if necessary.

Step 2 Launch CMD, enter "diskpart," and hit Enter

Step 3 Enter "list disk" and hit the enter key. (Make a tally of the disks you want to convert to GPT.)

Step 4 Enter disk X selection (Substitute the actual serial number of your hard drive for X.)

Step 5 Now hit Enter after typing "clean." In order to avoid losing any data, you should back up your drive before entering this command.

Step 6 Just hit "Enter" after typing "convert gpt"

Newbies to computers should not attempt this method. DiskPart's clean command can be undone if you accidentally delete files from a partition.

The Command Prompt Way to Convert GPT to MBR:

  • list disk
  • Choose Disk *
  • clean
  • to mbr format
  • exit

Tip 2 Disk Management Allows for MBR to GPT Conversion

Disk Management is used in the same way as CMD is used to remove partitions from a disk. You should always make a copy of your disk before attempting to convert it from MBR to GPT or vice versa. You can get your lost data and partition back with the help of a partition recovery software program if you delete a partition by accident.

How to Change from MBR to GPT:

Step 1 Click "This PC," then "Manage," and finally "Disk Management" using the right mouse button.

Step 2 Select "Delete Volume" from the disk's context menu when you right-click its volumes. "

Step 3 When your disk is full, you can right-click it and select "Convert to GPT Disk" to make use of the free space.

In Disk Management, Changing from GPT to MBR Entails:

  • Select the Delete Volume option by right-clicking a volume. Remove all discs
  • Select Convert to MBR Disk from the disk's context menu.

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Tip 3 MBR2GPT Effortlessly Converts Data from MBR to GPT

MBR2GPT exe is a Windows utility for making the switch from master boot record to GUID partition table. The converted files will remain intact on your hard drive, which is a major benefit of this tool.

It's not suggested, though, because it's hard to figure out how to use and has a lot of reported issues from previous customers. Furthermore, it is not compatible with any version of Windows 10 prior to build 1730.

To convert MBR to GPT, use the MBR2GPT command in WinPE.

Step 1 To access the Advanced Startup screen, press the Start button, then the Power button, and finally, while holding the Shift key, the Restart button.

Step 2 To access the Command Prompt, go to "Troubleshoot > Advanced options."

Step 3 Follow this guide to enter commands sequentially into Command Prompt and hit Enter after each line.

  • validation of mbr2gpt
  • /convert mbr to gpt

You can switch from MBR to GPT without losing any information by using these commands.

To convert MBR to GPT, use MBR2GPT in a full version of Windows.

While the MBR2GP tool is optimized for use in a Windows PE command prompt, it can be launched from the full Windows 10 OS with the /allowFullOS switch.

Step 1 Start Windows 10's Command Prompt as an administrator.

Step 2 Fill in the following command lines, pressing Enter after each.

  • For a complete operating system, type: mbr2gpt /validate /allowFullOS
  • Use the following command to convert mbr2gpt: mbr2gpt /convert /allowFullOS

MBR2GPT.EXE information can be found in associated Microsoft files.

How to Switch on UEFI After Changing the Boot Sector to GPT

To make the operating system bootable after converting a system disk from MBR to GPT, you must set the computer to UEFI boot mode. Here's how it's done:

Step 1 To access the BIOS boot menu, restart the computer and press the F2, F8, and Del keys.

Step 2 To activate UEFI mode, go to the boot options menu.

  • Switch on CSM at Launch.
  • Change the Boot Order to UEFI Only
  • Prioritize UEFI driver selection when booting from storage devices.

Step 3 You should prioritize booting into the UEFI operating system.

Step 4 Confirm the changes, then exit BIOS and restart the computer using the GPT disk.

Now, all we can do is wait. If you have a GPT disk installed, your computer will boot directly from it.

In Conclusiveness

After reading this guide, you'll know that EaseUS Partition Master is the best option for converting from MBR to GPT without losing any data. You don't have to delete any partitions in order to make the switch from MBR to GPT or vice versa, thanks to this program.

Make sure you have a backup of your disk before attempting to convert from MBR to GPT using Disk Management or DiskPart. However, if you try to use MBR2GPT, you will exe, make sure your disk meets the Microsoft-specified requirements; otherwise, the conversion will fail.

Free Download Free to obtain

For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Completely Safe

CMD FAQs for MBR to GPT Conversion

Where can I find a cost-free MBR to GPT converter?

  • EaseUS Partition Master is available for free download, installation, and use by anyone.
  • Select "Convert MBR to GPT" from the drop-down menu of "Disk Converter."
  • Do as you're told

Does the format change from MBR to GPT occur automatically?

Yes, a third-party MBR to GPT convert — EaseUS Partition Master — is the way to make the switch without formatting.

How do I use CMD to make a GPT partition?

Launch CMD and enter the following instructions:


list disk

Choose Disc X.


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