What You Need to Know About Exporting Your iMovie Project to MP4 on a Mac or iOS Device

What is the deal with iMovie's default export format? mov format Many Mac users find great benefit in iMovie, the platform's built-in video editor. When attempting to convert an iMovie project to MP4, you may run into problems on rare occasions. This is because if you select certain values, the output formats may end up being change or other The steps to converting iMovie to MP4 on a Mac or an iPhone are outlined here. You'll also have access to a reliable and competent video converter.

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Converting YouTube videos for use in iMovie is now a breeze with the help of a converter.

How to Convert iMovie Projects to MP4 on a Mac

Step 1 Beginning with the "Share" Icon

You should first select "File" from iMovie's "Share" menu once you're done editing your videos.

Export Button in iMovie

Step 2 Format and Information for Output Can Be Modified

The file's metadata, such as its name, tags, format, resolution, quality, and compression level, can all be adjusted in the pop-up window that appears when you click "File." To ensure an MP4 output, please adhere to the below guidelines.

Select "Video and Audio" or "Audio" as the export format.

Choose from three different resolutions (540p, 720p, and 1080p). You should normally go with 720p. On the other hand, if you'd like your videos to be exported in a different format or quality, you can select those options.

You'll be able to pick from five different quality settings: Basic, Standard, High, Best (ProRes), and User-Defined. The iMovie file will be saved as "Best (ProRes)" if you choose this setting. mov format All the rest will end up as MP4 files.

When compressing, select "Faster" rather than "Better Quality," which is the default when "Best (ProRes)" is selected.

Change Output Information in iMovie

Step 3 Convert iMovie to MP4

After processing, you can expect to receive your videos in MP4 format.

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate Is The Best Tool To Convert An iMovie To MP4

Whenever a simple iMovie save is all you need, The high quality of your edited video and audio files can be preserved by saving them as.mov files; however, you may Despite its widespread use, mov is not supported by many websites or media players. To that end, the comprehensive VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate comes highly recommended.

The iMovie project can be converted to MP4 format with the help of this professional video converter, which supports a wide variety of media formats. It allows you to change the video and audio code, frame rate, bitrate, resolution, and more, in addition to the standard editing features like trimming the video duration, cropping the video area, making video collage, and creating delicate MVs.

At long last, it's a video converter with lightning-fast conversion speeds—up to 50 times faster than before. Convert iMovie to MP4 with our detailed instructions.

Step 1 Launch VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate.

Get the Macintosh converter here and set it up. Launch the primary user interface.

Step 2 Back in the iMovie Clip That You Just Exported

To add the iMovie file, select "Add Files" from the menu. Multiple files can be converted simultaneously using this program.

Please take into consideration that the iMovie project cannot be exported to MP4 directly using VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. In order to use this program, you must first export your iMovie project to MOV format.


Step 3 Choose an Output Format.

Select MP4 as the "Output Format" by clicking its down arrow icon.

General Video

Step 4 Export the video from iMovie as an MP4 file.

To convert iMovie to MP4 on Mac, all you have to do is click the "Convert" button, and this effortless Mac Video Converter will handle the rest effortlessly.

Instructions for converting an iMovie project to MP4 on a Mac using QuickTime

Some of you may have noticed that there is another way to export iMovie to the MP4 besides using iMovie, and that is "Export iMovie to MP4 with QuickTime." When we put it through its paces in iMovie 10, however, we find some unexpected results. 1 When I updated to OS X.10 on my MacBook Pro, we couldn't locate this feature. And we suspect the latest iMovie update is to blame.

Step 1 Open iMovie on your Mac.

Step 2 In iMovie, bring up the finished project you want to share.

Step 3 Once the video has loaded, go to the Options menu and select the Share option.

Step 4 In the resulting window, select Export using QuickTime and then specify the file's name and where it should be saved.

Step 5 To save your work in MP4 format, click Export and select it from the drop-down menu. Press Save to finish exporting your iMovie to MP4.

Export iMovie Using QuickTime

IPhone iMovie MP4 Exporting Guide

Step 1 Beginning with the "Share" Icon

Be sure that you have iOS 15 installed before you begin. You need to be running OS X 10.0 or later in order to use iMovie.

Video projects in iMovie are completed when the "Share" button in the program's bottom middle is pressed. You can change the file type of the final product by clicking the "Options" button.

Modify iMovie Output Settings on iPhone

Step 2 Specify the Format of the Resulting File

To make sure your exported video is in MP4 format, select "Video" as the file type. Then, select the preferred image quality and refresh rate. Furthermore, selecting "Project" as the project type will movie formats for output Then click the "Done" button.

Step 3 The video can be saved by clicking the corresponding button.

When you're finished configuring the output formats, click "Save Video." The final product can be placed straight into your picture collection. The time it takes to process your video here is contingent on its length and quality settings. We were pleasantly surprised to find that iMovie performed very well throughout the entire testing process.

Additionally, please note that your exported videos will be stored in whichever folder you have "Videos" set as the default in when you click the "Save to Files" button. mov format

Export iMovie on iPhone

Can You Convert iMovie to MP4 Online?

The use of free online converters is another option for converting iMovie projects to MP4 format. There are, however, restrictions on the file size of the video you can convert. Worse yet, network issues can easily disrupt online conversion services, leading to unsuccessful conversions. If you want to convert an iMovie project to an MP4 file, then you should look into some video conversion software.

Here, we'll use Zamzar as an illustration of how to convert iMovie to MP4 online:

Step 1 Simply open Zamzar in your web browser. com

Step 2 Use the "Export to MP4" option in iMovie to save your edited videos in MP4 format. You can also specify the source file's URL.

Step 3 Change the settings for the conversion and pick MP4 as the target format.

Step 4 To export an iMovie project as an MP4, select Convert, wait for the conversion to finish, and then select Download.

Zamzar Convert iMovie to MP4

A Guide to Exporting Your iMovie Projects

Which video formats can be imported into iMovie?

Apple ProRes, AVCHD, DV, and H.264 are some of the supported file types for import. H.264, M.JPEG, and MP3G-4

Formats available for export include: MOV, MPE, JPEG, DV, and AAC

Failure to Export in iMovie

IMovie export failures can be attributed to a number of causes:

  • Having trouble saving data because of a lack of space;

  • The exported video's name contains non-alphanumeric characters;

  • Ruined copies of the records;

  • Antiquated iMovie release

Verify that none of the aforementioned issues exist, fix them, and try again.

Fix for iMovie that says "The Operation Could Not Be Completed" when trying to export a video

Why Won't iMovie Export to MP4?

Selecting "Best Quality (ProRes)" and "Better Quality" in iMovie's Compression menus, The.mov format is being exported. It's possible to export in High, Medium, or Low quality to MP4, or you can use a video converter that is compatible with iMovie files and does not compromise on image or sound quality in the process.

To that end, I wrote this article in the hopes that it would be of some use to anyone struggling to figure out how to convert iMovie to MP4 on a Mac or iPhone. If you've found that using VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate has helped the quality of your iMovie exports, please spread the word.

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