Tutorial on Converting WebP Images to JPEG Format (2023) for Windows and Mac

How to convert WebP to JPG

Converting from WebP to JPG can be done in a few different ways:

  • To do this, I utilized an online service that converted my WebP images to JPG format.
  • using preinstalled software such as Paint (on Windows) or the Preview app (on Mac),
  • using preexisting copies of externally-developed photo-editing programs like Adobe Photoshop

In an effort to replace the popular JPEG, GIF, and PNG image formats with a more advanced image compression technology, Google developed the WebP image format. WebP is rapidly gaining popularity as a go-to format for web developers thanks to its small file size and high image quality.

It's simple to convert WebP photos to JPG or any other format. Simply use one of the methods described here.

Try a WebP converter out.

TinyIMG is one of the most well-known WebP converters, though there are many others that can perform this service. TinyIMG is a simple drag-and-drop program that changes WebP images to JPGs. This is what you need to do to get it done:

First, have your browser open the TinyIMG online WebP converter.

Two, upload WebP photos by merely dragging and dropping them into the converter window.

All of the pictures have been successfully converted and are now available for download.

The original WebP image file weighed in at 17 kilobytes. An identical photo saved as a JPG is 86 14KB However, the image quality was passable, and differences were difficult to spot.

WebP to JPEG Conversion for Windows

On a Windows computer, converting a WebP image to a JPG is as simple as changing the filename extension from " webp" to " jpg" However, in case of any problems, please edit a copy of the image.

Even Windows' built-in paint program, MS Paint, can convert a WebP image to a JPG:

First, select Paint from the Start menu.

2. Navigate to the WebP file you wish to convert and either double-click on it or dragged-and-drop it into the Paint window.

Step 3: To save the file as a JPEG, go to the "File" menu, then "Save As," and finally "JP After that, choose a destination for your converted picture.

Shopify storeowner In order to hasten loading times and boost SEO results, use the TinyIMG app.

Do it now: download and install TinyIMG.

How to Change Mac WebP to JPEG

Conveniently, WebP images are supported by Macs. Since Preview is already installed on every Mac, converting a WebP file to JPG is a breeze. Instructions for doing so on a Mac are below.

The first step is to select the WebP file in the Finder.

2. Double-click the image file to open it in the Preview program.

Just go to the menu bar and select Export.

Click Format > JPEG in the export settings menu.

Set the image's destination and name, and then save it.

Alternate Methods of Converting WebP Images to JPEG

WebP images can be converted to JPG through less standard means. These approaches are simple to implement and can be used on a wide variety of devices. These strategies are OS-agnostic and easy to implement.

Produce a still image from a WebP video

It's not the most streamlined approach, but you can convert WebP images in this way. It's possible that the image's resolution will suffer. Still, the picture could serve as a useful resource for fundamentals and pointers. Either the screenshot key on your keyboard or a dedicated screenshot program must be used to capture a screen capture.

Download add-ons for Chrome

Save images in WebP format or any other format with the help of a Chrome extension. When these add-ons are installed and activated, Chrome users can convert WebP images to other formats like JPG and PNG. Check out these add-ons, designed specifically for converting images to WebP format.

  • Retaining a picture as a Word document
  • Convert images between WebP and Avif

Use non-WebP-compatible browsers.

The WebP format is only supported by about 79% of browsers. When you save a picture from the internet and it's in WebP format, other browsers that don't support WebP can save the picture as a JPG. Some examples of available browsers are listed below.

  • Browsers between Versions 6 and 11 of Internet Explorer
  • KaiOS 2 5
  • Opera 10 1

Obtain desktop image converter software.

File formats vary widely, but desktop image converters can make it easy to convert between them. Further, image converters can improve the image's color and quality in other ways. A few of the best desktop image converters for converting WebP to JPG are listed below.

  • XnConvert
  • Flipext
  • PixConverter

Move image here

Manually converting WebP to JPG is as simple as changing the image URL when saving WebP images from Google Play. Here's how to get it done:

First, select "Copy Image Address" from the contextual menu when right-clicking the WebP image file.

Second, open a new tab in your browser and paste the image address there.

Take out the final three digits of the address To remove -rw and enter, for instance: If an alternative file format is available, it will be loaded automatically.

To save the image as a JPG, right-click on it and select the option.

WebP is a cutting-edge image format that is rapidly gaining popularity due to its high compression quality, making it ideal for use on websites and e-commerce platforms. Nonetheless, WebP images are not supported by all browsers and operating systems. WebP images cannot be viewed in many image viewers, including the default ones. For the time being, the only way around this restriction is to convert all WebP images to JPG.

If you need to convert WebP files to JPG format, the aforementioned programs and procedures are excellent options. Using an online image converter like TinyIMG is the quickest and most convenient option because all you need is access to the internet on any device. Furthermore, batch WebP image conversion is supported. Behind restricted networks, the best WebP-to-JPG converters are Microsoft Paint and Mac Preview.

Assuming the Role of Photoshop Version 23 Second, WebP files can be viewed by users. Additionally, these files can be created, edited, and exported as JPGs without the need for a third-party plugin.

An online WebP converter, such as TinyIMG, is the most efficient and convenient method for converting WebP images to JPG. Multiple WebP images can be converted to JPG format in a flash without installing any additional software.

To convert a WebP file to a PNG file, you can use programs like Microsoft Paint (Windows) or Apple's Preview (Mac OS X), as well as a few different online image converters. If you're converting, pick PNG as the output format instead of JPG.

When it comes to batch conversion from WebP to JPG, TinyIMG is one of the best online options available. Use the online WebP image converter to quickly transform up to 10 images (3MB each) into the more widely-supported JPG format.

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