Transform Your Speakers: Effortlessly Upgrade to Wireless Connectivity

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of wireless speakers, wired ones seem outdated. However, there are various ways of converting your wired speakers into wireless ones using Bluetooth receivers or wireless conversion kits.

One option is to attach Bluetooth adapters to your wired speakers along with an amplifier, which allows you to stream music wirelessly from your Android or iPhone. You can also connect a TV, CD/DVD/Blu-ray player, audio cassette deck, or VCR to a Bluetooth transmitter that sends the signal to a Bluetooth receiver and amplifier and connects to your wired speakers.

Alternatively, you can use a home theater receiver, amplifier, or stereo with in-built Bluetooth support, which allows it to receive signals directly from your smartphone or a source linked to a Bluetooth transmitter. You can then connect your wired speakers to the speaker terminals on the Bluetooth-enabled amplifier.

If you have an iPhone with Airplay and Bluetooth, you can also stream music using Airplay via your Apple Airport Express to an amplifier or home theater receiver that is connected to your wired speakers. You can also use audio cables to connect devices like Chromecast for Audio, Echo Dot, Echo Input, Echo Link, and Echo Plus to amplifiers, stereos, or home theater receivers, allowing you to stream music to wired speakers that may not have internet streaming capability.

Additionally, you can use dedicated wireless audio systems such as Sonos, Yamaha MusicCast, Denon HEOS, and DTS Play-Fi that offer "streaming amps" that enable you to mix wireless and wired speakers in the same wireless multi-room audio system using Wi-Fi.

Finally, if you have a stereo system or home theater receiver with compatible sources and speaker setups, you can use wireless speaker conversion kits, which include a transmitter and receiver. The audio output of your source is connected to the transmitter, which then wirelessly sends the signal to the receiver, which is connected to your wired speakers. These kits work for speakers used in Single or Mono, Stereo, Surround, or Zone 2 setups.

To establish audio connectivity, link the audio outputs of the source device with the audio inputs of the wireless transmitter.

Many wireless transmitters usually come with RCA or 3.5mm analog audio inputs and can have speaker wire connections. Some wireless transmitters may also include a digital optical input.

Link the wired speakers to the wireless receiver using standard speaker wire. If the wireless receiver lacks a built-in amplifier, you can connect it to an external amplifier, home theater receiver or stereo through suitable audio connections, generally RCA jacks with analog audio connections. The physical speaker wire then links the amplifier to the speakers.

After plugging the wireless transmitter, wireless receiver and external amplifier (if applicable), into AC power, turn them on along with your audio source component to listen to music, TV or movie sound.

For a wireless subwoofer, use a wireless conversion kit that has a subwoofer input on the transmitter and subwoofer output on the wireless receiver. This is possible with a powered subwoofer that incorporates built-in amplifiers and plugs into AC power. Connect the Subwoofer output of a home theater stereo receiver to the wireless transmitter via a short RCA cable. Second, connect a similar RCA cable to the subwoofer's RCA stereo or LFE inputs.

If converting a passive subwoofer to wireless, place an external amplifier between the wireless receiver and the subwoofer, unless the wireless receiver possesses a built-in amplifier with an appropriate power output for the subwoofer.

For both wired and wireless speakers to work, they require an audio signal, power and amplification. Traditionally wired speakers rely on amplifiers, wires and cables, while wireless speakers have built-in amplifiers and obtain audio signals wirelessly via RF (radio frequency), IR (infrared light), Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Incorporating wired speakers to a wireless setup has multiple benefits like utilizing wired speakers with smartphones and Bluetooth, Chromecast and Echo devices, breathing new life into wired speakers as part of established wireless audio systems and reducing wire clutter with traditional sources.

Nevertheless, regardless of the wireless audio source, signal transmission or reception technique, physical wire or cable connectivity to the speakers is required, along with power sources and conversion devices.

Several manufacturers produce wireless speaker kits and related devices that electronics stores and online retailers sell. The pricing for these devices fluctuates depending on whether the brand and model of transmitter and receiver are bundled as a kit or sold separately and whether additional amplifiers are required to complete your setup.


Q: Can I change my Bluetooth speaker to a wired speaker?

A: It depends on the Bluetooth speaker type. Some Bluetooth speakers feature a line in connection for attaching an audio cable. When considering Bluetooth speakers, check to verify if they offer both wired and wireless alternatives.

Q: How can I connect two wired speakers to my PC?

A: You may require an external amplifier. Just plug it into your computer, then plug in your speakers to the amp.

How can Alexa be used as a Bluetooth speaker?

To stream music on Alexa, you can either command it using voice prompts to play music from the internet or connect it with another device to play music from your phone or PC via Bluetooth.

What distinguishes wireless speakers from Bluetooth speakers?

Wireless speakers need to connect to a Wi-Fi network and mostly come with their own power cords, but Bluetooth speakers work on batteries and don't require Wi-Fi connectivity.

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