"Transform Your MOV Files to MP4 Easily and Free with our Online Converter"

This online tool offers a zero-cost solution to convert MOV files to MP4. But, if you have large files, our recommendation is Movavi's desktop converter.

The desktop app is a fast and powerful solution that supports not just MOV and MP4 formats, but also over 180 different media formats. It also offers over 200 presets for all popular devices, such as iOS and Android-based devices, Xbox, PlayStation, and more.

Furthermore, Movavi's Video Converter has SuperSpeed technology which enables it to quickly convert even large files, allowing you to save time. However, this is not just a converter, you can also edit your videos by cropping, rotating, or trimming them, adjusting color parameters, changing the resolution, adding subtitles, and much more.

If you want to learn how to convert files using Movavi's Video Converter, just download it on your Windows or Mac PC and follow the instructions mentioned in the short guide below. If you still want to go for a free online video converter, continue reading.

We do have affiliate links for some of the video converters we mention here. If you click on any of these links and buy the product, we receive a commission. You can use these links to support our portal, or use a search engine to find the recommended products.

Converting MOV files to MP4 is essential if you want to accommodate different media programs and save storage space. Below, we'll discuss some of the smoothest ways to convert your MOV files to MP4.

First, access the list of video formats by pressing the Video tab. You'll see various MP4 presets, so select the one that best fits your needs.

If you're planning on modifying your videos before conversion, click on the Edit button located on the right side of the file information area. You'll find a new window with multiple tabs.

Choose the Stabilization tab to reduce shaking in your footage by trying out different options. Click on the Audio tab to manage the sound level or eliminate background noise. In the Adjustments tab, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other parameters as required. If you want to apply effects, subtitles or watermarks, access the appropriate tabs and specify the ones you want. Use Crop, Rotate, and Trim tabs to eliminate unwanted fragments, rotate the video, and trim its edges.

If you have sizable MOV files that need to be exported to MP4, you can use Movavi Video Converter to compress them as you go.

To do this, click on the file size value in the output information and a dialog box will appear. Set the desired size, quality, and bitrate by adjusting the appropriate slider. Click on Convert sample to preview the file fragment after conversion. To start the conversion, click Convert. Since batch conversion is supported by the app, multiple files may be transcoded at the same time. After the conversion is complete, the output folder will open automatically.

Best for: converting videos from cloud storage

This online MP4-to-MOV converter supports over 200 formats, including MOV and MP4, and allows you to upload files for conversion from your computer or through cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Even files over 500 MB can be converted, with the maximum upload size being 1 GB. Many settings may be adjusted before beginning the conversion. For instance, you may choose the right audio codec, modify the audio volume, and customize the output video resolution. The trimming option is also available for converting video fragments.

CloudConvert permits up to 25 daily conversions for free. Additional conversion minutes may be purchased via a package or monthly subscription.

Follow these steps to convert MOV to MP4 with CloudConvert.

Step 1. Visit the converter's site

Click on the link at the bottom to access the CloudConvert website.

Go to CloudConvert

Step 2. Add your file

Click on the Select File button, pick your MOV video for conversion, and click Open.

Step 3. Specify export parameters

Click on the Wrench icon, then adjust the settings for the output video. Finally, click Okay.

Step 4. Complete the MOV to MP4 transfer

Press the Convert button, wait for the conversion to finish, and then select Download to save the file to your computer.

Best for: converting video files without changing any of the parameters

In the vast world of online tools, Zamzar stands out as a free and user-friendly MOV to MP4 converter. The platform supports a wide range of popular audio, video, image, and document formats. With Zamzar, you can convert your MOV file to MP4 for free, as long as it doesn't exceed 50 MB. While the tool doesn't offer any advanced settings for output video, it's a quick and easy solution for a basic conversion. For larger files, you can subscribe to one of the paid plans and benefit from a five times faster conversion speed.

To convert your MOV to MP4 with Zamzar, simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Get to the converter page
  • Click the link below to reach the Zamzar converter page.

Go to the Zamzar converter page

Step 2. Upload your MOV video

Use the "Add Files" button to upload your MOV video. Alternatively, you can drag and drop it onto the converter's page, or paste its URL.

Step 3. Start the conversion and download the MP4 file

Hit the "Convert Now" button and wait a few seconds for the conversion to finish. Once it's done, click "Download" to save your MP4 file to your device.

Online Video Converter is another tool you can try if you need more options for your MOV-to-MP4 conversion. In addition to changing the format, you can adjust the video and audio quality, as well as trim your video to a specific fragment. The service is free, but the file size limit applies. For larger files, you can sign up for a paid plan.

Here's how to use the Online Video Converter:

  • Step 1. Go to the converter site
  • Click the link below to visit the Online Video Converter website.

Go to the Online Video Converter website

Step 2. Upload your MOV file

Click "Add Your Media" and choose your MOV file. You can also upload it from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 3. Adjust the export settings (optional)

Click the "Cogwheel" icon to choose your desired video resolution and audio bitrate.

Step 4. Convert the MOV to MP4 online

Hit the "Convert" button and wait for the conversion to complete. Download your new MP4 file once it's ready.

If you want more control over your output video, Freeconvert is the best option for you. The tool offers various video and audio parameters that you can adjust, such as video codec, aspect ratio, frame rate, audio codec, and bitrate. You can also add subtitles or remove the audio track altogether. The service is free, but there are some limitations, such as a file size limit of 1 GB and ads on the website.

Here's how to use Freeconvert:

  • Step 1. Visit the converter page
  • Click the link below to get to the Freeconvert converter page.

Go to the Freeconvert converter page

Step 2. Upload your MOV file

Click "Choose Files" and pick your MOV file from your computer.

Step 3. Adjust the video and audio settings (optional)

Select your desired video codec, aspect ratio, frame rate, etc. You can also adjust the audio codec, bitrate, volume, etc. Add subtitles or remove the audio track as needed.

Step 4. Convert your MOV file to MP4

Hit the "Convert to MP4" button and wait for the conversion to be completed. Download your new MP4 file once it's ready.

Here's how you can transform the layout of your video from MOV to MP4 using Freeconvert.

Step 1. Access Freeconvert's website

To get started, click the link provided below to gain access to Freeconvert.

Visit Freeconvert

Step 2. Attach your MOV file

Select the Choose Files option and choose the video you wish to convert to MP4. Click Open to confirm your selection. You can also upload your file from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or URL. Click on the arrow on the right side of the Choose Files button and select the option that fits your needs.

Step 3. Customize the settings (optional)

Click on the Cogwheel icon and adjust the video and audio settings as per your preference. Once finished, click on Apply Settings.

Step 4. Generate the file

Click on Convert to MP4. After the conversion is complete, proceed to click on Download MP4.

Pros and cons of the online method

Converting files online is an efficient way to switch the format of your videos without any computer software installation. Nearly all online conversion tools support both MOV and MP4, providing a wide selection of converters to select from. Many online converters offer additional features, such as modifying the video and audio parameters, cutting and rotating the file, or adding subtitles.

Nevertheless, online services have specific restrictions. In most instances, the uploaded file's size is capped in the free version. The number of daily conversions is sometimes limited too. The conversion speed lags behind that of desktop alternatives. Another downside is that some converter websites include numerous advertisements.

Therefore, to change multiple sizable files, consider using desktop applications instead.

Best for: Converting numerous video files in bulk

OS: Windows, macOS

Attempting to convert numerous video files at once? Look no further than Movavi Free Video Converter, the first on our list of free desktop apps. With this program, you can change video files in just a few clicks, as it enables batch conversions. Movavi Free Video Converter can convert more than 180 formats and is compatible with videos, audios, and image files. If you have large-sized MOV files, you can compress your videos as well. The application allows you to modify your video's width and height, resolution, and frame rate. Additionally, you can select the type of audio codec and bitrate.

Follow these easy steps to switch to MP4 using Movavi's free MOV file converter.

Step 1. Download and Install Movavi Free Video Converter

Get the installation file for Windows or Mac from the converter's website. Launch your downloaded file and follow the installation instructions; then, proceed to start the application.

Head over to Movavi Free Video Converter's main page by clicking on the link below.

Go to the Movavi Free Video Converter's main page

Step 2. Add Your Files to the Program

Click on Add Media in the top-left corner of the app window and select Add Video. Next, locate the desired files for conversion, select them, and click Open. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your videos into the application.

Step 3. Select the Target Format

Choose MP4 from the Video tab. Choose the preferred preset in the submenu that appears on your screen.

Step 4. Adjust Additional Settings (Optional)

To adjust video and audio parameters, locate and click the cogwheel icon found at the bottom of the converter. Once everything is set accordingly, hit the OK button.

Step 5. Save your MOV as MP4

Select the Save to button and designate a folder for export. Then, press Convert and wait for the program to complete the conversion process.

*By clicking the link above, you will proceed to purchase the product's full version.


Ideal for: converting across various platforms and mobile devices

Compatible OS: Windows

Free to download on Windows, AVS Video Converter is a useful software that lets you convert up to 150 formats for free. It features presets for mobile devices and different social platforms. With its hardware acceleration feature, it allows for faster conversion times. However, it is not suitable for Mac users. Here's a step-by-step process to convert videos using AVS Video Converter:

  • Step 1. Install the program
  • Download and install the program on your device, then launch the app.
  • Step 2. Load your files into the converter
  • Choose the files you want to convert by clicking on Browse.
  • Step 3. Customize the conversion parameters

Choose the appropriate file formats for conversion on the Formats tab. For device compatibility presets, look for the Devices tab. While there, you can also select a hosting platform under Web.

Step 4. Select the output folder

Click Browse next to Output File Name to specify your desired output folder.

Step 5. Convert your files

Choose Convert Now! to start the conversion.

Download AVS Video Converter's free version

Purchase AVS Video Converter

Ideal for: background conversion while multitasking

Compatible OS: Windows, macOS, Linux

Known as a media player, VLC also offers a file conversion feature that includes popular formats like MP4. However, it is not the fastest, especially when converting bulky files. Still, it can get the job done. For beginners, here's how you can use VLC to convert MOV to MP4:

  • Step 1. Install VLC on your computer

Download the installation file on the VLC website and complete the installation process. Then, launch the app.

Visit the VLC website

Step 2. Upload your MOV video

To upload your MOV files for conversion, select the Media option located on the upper left corner of the program's interface. From the dropdown menu, click on Convert/Save, and then click the Add button. You can now choose the MOV file you intend to convert, and then click on Convert/Save to proceed.

Step 3. Choose the output format

In the Profile section, open the drop-down menu to access the list of formats available and select Video - H.264 MP3 (MP4). If you desire to use different video and audio codecs in the output file, click on the Wrench icon beside the list of formats. You will then be directed to the Video codec tab, where you can select the ideal option from the list under the Codec section. In this tab, you can also adjust your video's bit rate, frame rate, and other customizable settings. The Audio codec tab, on the other hand, provides settings for the audio in the output file. Once done with the necessary parameters, proceed to click on Save.

Step 4. Convert the file

Select a folder to save your converted MP4 file by clicking on the Browse button. Click on the Start button to commence the conversion of your MOV file to MP4 format using VLC.

Best for: Converting files for specific device compatibility.

OS: Windows.

Freemake Video Converter allows you to convert audio and video files from over 500 formats. While converting, you can pick a specific output format or specify the device on which you aim to watch the movie. The app will convert the file to a compatible format. Additionally, the program offers basic editing functions such as cut, merge, and rotate video clips. You can also add subtitles to your video using Freemake Video Converter. However, these additional features are only available with a paid subscription to the app's upgraded version. It's also essential to note that the conversion speed in the free version is relatively low. Converting large files might take a significant amount of time. Lastly, the free version has a watermark on the output videos.

Here's how to change your MOV file to MP4 with Freemake Video Converter.

Step 1. Install and launch the app

Click on the given link to download and install the Freemake MOV-to-MP4 converter. Launch the installation file once the download is complete. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen and launch the app.

The Freemake Video Converter website.

Step 2. Upload your video to the program

Click on the Video button and select your MOV file for conversion. Next, click on Open.

Step 3. Edit your file (optional)

Click on the Scissors icon to initiate the editing window. Make the necessary adjustments, then click on OK to save the edits.

Step 4. Set the export parameters

In the lower part of the Freemake Video Converter window, click on the to MP4 button and adjust the additional settings by clicking on the Cogwheel icon. Here, select the video and audio codecs for the converted file and adjust the resolution and bitrate settings. Once you are done with all the necessary parameters, click on OK.

Step 5. Convert your file to MP4

Indicate the folder to save your output video in, and click on the Convert button. The file conversion process will begin. To use the free version's option, click on Continue with logo.

Pros and cons of the free method

Free desktop apps are excellent for converting files as they do not impose limitations on the size of uploaded files and provide ample options for customization. However, the conversion speed in free versions is relatively low, and output videos might have watermarks. On the other hand, premium alternatives like Movavi Video Converter offer high-speed conversions and advanced editing options but require payment to access their full capabilities.

When deciding between MOV and MP4 formats, it is essential to note that MOV is an Apple-created format, while MP4 is more universal and supported by almost any device manufacturer, including Apple. Convert MOV to MP4 format using QuickTime by opening both programs, clicking on File, selecting your video, clicking Export, and then selecting MP4 to save your file. On Google Drive, right-click on the file you want to convert, select Open With, and then select CloudConvert from the list of options. Choose the MP4 format to begin the conversion process. The obtained file will be automatically saved to your Google Drive. If you're using an iPhone, it's best to download a video converter app like iConv, iPhone Video Converter App, or PlayerXtreme Media Player to convert MOV to MP4.

In conclusion, you can opt for one of three approaches depending on the size and number of files you are converting. Free desktop apps are ideal for relatively small files, while premium alternatives offer advanced editing functions and high-speed conversions. However, for files larger than 1 GB, it is best to use desktop apps like Movavi Video Converter.

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