Transferring Content from Pages, Numbers, or Keynote to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and Other Formats.

Open Various File Formats Seamlessly Using Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on iPhone and iPad

If you wish to access files of different formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, using Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, you can do so at ease. The simplest way to do it is to export your file to the preferred format, which you can then access through the respective app. You can also use Pages, Numbers, or Keynote to open varied file formats effortlessly.

An array of other file formats are also supported by Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

How to Export Files on iPhone or iPad

Follow these quick steps to export a file using any of these apps:

    • Open Pages, Numbers, or Keynote.
    • Select the file that you wish to export.

  • Tap on the document name on the toolbar. In case you don't see it, tap the More button.
  • Hit the Export option.
  • Choose the desired document format:
    • To access a Pages document in Word, select Word.
    • To open a Numbers spreadsheet in Excel, choose Excel.
    • To open a Keynote presentation in PowerPoint, opt for PowerPoint.
    • You can select PDF or different formats based on your app usage.
  • Select additional options, then tap Export. If you see the Export Details window, which reflects the differences in the exported version of the file, click Continue.
  • Share or save the file by choosing how you want to send it through Mail or Messages, then send it or click on Save to Files to save it to your device or iCloud Drive.
  • You can also tap the Share button in the toolbar to access the Share menu and click on Export and Send. Choose a format, additional options, then choose 'Export.'
  • Finally, share or save the exported file based on your preference.

How to Access Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files on iPhone or iPad Using Pages, Numbers, or Keynote

To access files in these apps, tap on the file in the document manager. If you don't find the document manager, tap the Back button then select the file. If the file seems dimmed, it implies that it's not in a compatible format. Alternatively, you can open files in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote from a different app like Files or email. Open the respective app and select the corresponding attachment, then click on the Share button.

Make a Duplicate on Pages while keeping the original file untouched. Upon accessing the Duplicate, you may receive a notification stating that the content may appear different, such as notifications of missing fonts. Simply press Done to proceed to the document on Pages.

To utilize a Pages, Numbers, or Keynote file on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, one must export the file to an appropriate format for their use. Conversely, one may access Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files on Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, respectively. In addition, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote carry support for various other file formats.

Exporting a file on a Mac allows one to transfer the exported file through various means like Mail, Messages, AirDrop, or other available applications, or one may opt to store the file on their device or iCloud Drive. Simply open the desired Pages, Numbers, or Keynote file, select File, choose Export To and pick a suitable format to proceed. To open the exported document on Word, one must choose Word, while picking Excel or PowerPoint opens Number or Keynote files accordingly. Exporting to PDF and different file formats is possible depending on which iWork application is being used.

Sharing or saving an exported file may be accomplished two ways: through Send a Copy to share the file on Mail or Messages, or by clicking Save to keep a file and choosing a location like iCloud Drive or local storage.

Opening files can be done from either the Finder or via Pages, Numbers, or Keynote apps. To access files from the Finder, Control-click the desired file, click Open With and select Pages, Numbers, or Keynote. From within the app, choose File, click Open, select the file, and click Open. Note that any files that are dimmed may not be compatible, and opening documents created from older versions of the app may produce warnings.

To export a file in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote for iCloud, one must log in to with their Apple ID, select the iWork app they wish to use, click the More button on the desired file, and select Download a Copy. Should one be currently working on the document, they may choose Download a Copy by clicking the Tools button on the toolbar.

Select a document format of your choice, and the file will automatically download to your default download location in your browser.

To open a file using Pages, Numbers, or Keynote for iCloud, sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID, and select the iWork app you want to use. You can drag the desired file into the browser's document, spreadsheet, or presentation manager, or use the Upload button to select the file you want to open.

Before opening a file, ensure that it is compatible with the appropriate iWork app. Pages documents can be exported to a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, PDF, EPUB, Rich Text Format, Plain Text files, Pages ’09, and various image formats. These same formats can be opened in Pages on multiple devices.

Similarly, Numbers spreadsheets can be exported to formats such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, Comma Separated Values, Tab Separated Values, and Numbers ’09, among others. These formats can also be opened in Numbers on multiple devices.

Keynote presentations can be exported to formats including Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, various image and movie formats, Keynote ’09, and HTML. These same formats can be opened in Keynote on multiple devices.

If you need to export to Microsoft Office legacy file formats, such as DOC, XLS, or PPT, you can export the current XML format instead, then open the file in the equivalent Office app to export to the older format.

Lastly, if you convert a Pages document into a Pages ’09-compatible document, be sure to learn more about changes that occur when you export to iWork ’09.

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