Top 10 Online Image to Line Drawing Conversion Resources in 2023

This article is a guide to the best 10 online AI portrait tools of 2023, and it explains how to use them to turn photographs into line drawings. Detailing everything from cost to special features

Several crisscrossed lines were drawn on a rock flake in South Africa as early as 75,000 years ago. In the present day, thanks to advancements in digital photography, we can create digital images with as many as two billion pixels. High-definition pictures are beautiful to look at, but many people are still trying to figure out how to translate them into line drawings. It appears that online image-to-line art converters are a relic of the past. One might undervalue line drawing if they believed that all it entailed was joining two lines.

Everyone from art students to Picasso fans likes to look at line drawings, and creative line drawing images are getting a lot of attention on social media sites like Pinterest and Reddit.

Most of us aren't great painters, especially when it comes to using strokes. The good news is that thanks to advancements in AI, even those of us who are artistically challenged can now create stunning line drawings. VansPortrait is an artificially intelligent one-line drawing maker. Let's take a look at how impressive artificial intelligence is at online photo to line drawing conversion. You'll also learn about the other 9 top programs for making line drawings from images. While some, like VansPortrait, are powered by artificial intelligence, others are merely filters. Get yourself a picture outliner that only uses one line.

Let's take a look at the top 10 line art portrait generators before we find out how well AI works to transform photos into line drawings. For artistic purposes, you can use any of these online photo to line art generators to quickly and easily transform digital photos into line drawings. In addition, this compilation features no-cost resources for making photo-based line art.

No. 1 #1. VansPortrait

Price: $4 95 out of 100 shots; 95% of the pictures were within $11 45 of 500 Pictures


VansPortrait is a free, online, 5-second tool that uses artificial intelligence to convert photos into line drawings. Its minimalist design is a standout quality. If you have an image, all you have to do is upload it to the site and the AI will take care of the rest. This simple line art maker makes it easy to online photo to line art converter in the way you intend , easily and quickly  

Full marks!

no.2 QuickResizer 2

Price: $11 99-$17 quarterly, or $39-$119 annually


Rapidresizer is a web service that quickly transforms images into line drawings. This web-based photo-to-line-art app lets you pick the desired effect, too. When you need a quick and easy online solution to go from photo to line drawing, Rapidresizer is there for you.

Nine out of ten

no.3 3. Picsart

Fee: $13.00 per month

line-drawing-picsart (1)

Picsart is an online tool for converting photos into line drawings through the use of various filters. You can combine your original photo with the app's line drawing output to come up with your own unique style. Picsart, a free mobile app that can convert photos into line drawings, may be the best line art generator for your needs.

A perfect score!

No.4 Finally, there's Snapstouch.

No charge

line-drawing-snapstouch (1)

Snaptouch's image outline effects come in a wide variety of styles. By applying a special filter to the image, this program can make photographs look like sketches. It has a variety of filter selections available. You can quickly and easily create line drawings online using this image to line art converter.

Score: 8.2/10

No.5 5. Media io

No cost; $3 95/mo; 66/mo

Media io Photo to Sketch is an easy-to-use program that quickly converts photos into line drawings. Media has a number of advanced algorithms and configurable features. High-quality, faithful sketches of your photos are what io Photo to Sketch is all about. The best part is that anyone can take advantage of this potent tool because it doesn't cost anything to use and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Score: 8.2/10

No.6 6. Lunapic

Free of charge

7 lunapic

Lunapic is an online tool for transforming photographs into line drawings with customizable outlining effects. Keep in mind that the output photo looks less like a line drawing and more like a black and white photograph because the lines are so insignificant. As can be seen in the preview, this image outline generator also provides a plethora of filter options and processing strength tweaks.

Review: 0.7/10

No.7 The 7 Best Online AI Portraits

No charge


Convert your photo into a line drawing, sketch, pattern, or stencil with just one click using AI Portraits Online. Exactly how useful is it? Let your mind wander. What about making a line drawing of a cat, a rose, a butterfly, or a sunflower from a photo? In any case Turn your photos into line drawings in no time at all with the help of AI Portraits Online.

Review: 0.7/10

No.8 The Top 8 Stencil-Making Apps

Cost: Free and Paid

Online image to line art conversion is easy with Super Stencil Maker. The needs for artwork, paintings, signs, t-shirts, and more are the primary focus of this line art generator. As a result, the effect it creates is closer to that of watercolor printing. If you want to learn how to use Super Stencil Maker, I highly recommend watching this video.

Grade: 7/10

No.9 9. digital desert

Free of charge


Image to Edge, available from Tech-lagoon, is a simple online tool for converting images into line art or stencil-like designs. Users can make their designs stand out by playing around with the line thickness and adding text overlays. Since Image to Edge works with a number of different file types, the final product can be easily downloaded and shared. Image to Edge is a fun and creative way to bring images to life, whether for personal or professional use.

Selecting a line portrait generator that can convert a photo to line art online while preserving finer details is a good idea if you value a detailed final product. You can get what you need from Convert Image.

Review: 0.7/10

No.10 AI Draw, No. 10

Free of charge

ai draw

The AI Draw online app lets you quickly and easily convert photos to line drawings with customizable color palettes. Curved lines allow for a more artistic and distinctive result. You can start using it in just three simple steps. The most impressive aspect is how transparent the AI's transformation from image to line drawing is.

Six out of ten

VansPortrait, Part 2: Convert Photos to Line Art for Free Online

The aforementioned instruments all serve distinct purposes. Check out VansPortrait, an artificial intelligence-powered line drawing generator, if all you need is a simple drawing effect. Try out a free online tool to convert photos to line drawings. And you'll find that the resulting line art photos are impressive in their own right.

VansPortrait: What Is It?

Using artificial intelligence, VansPortrait can reduce an image to a single line in less than 5 seconds while you watch. VanceAI, a company that offers services for digital image editing and enhancement, has come up with a novel AI solution. It does more than just convert photos to line drawings; you can also use other filters to create works of AI-generated art.

AI photo-to-line-drawing method

In order to produce accurate and satisfying results, a deep learning-based AI line art generator like VansPortrait would have to be trained on millions of images. When you upload a photo to VansPortrait, its AI analyzes it in real time and produces a line drawing instantly.

VansPortrait online tutorial: converting a photo into a line drawing

First, head on over to the main page and post an image there.

Upload an image

Step 2: Pick the desired outcomes, and transform You'll need to choose between an anime effect and a sketch effect when you reach this stage. You can choose from 9 different sketching presets depending on your needs.  

Step 2:

Step 3: Get the picture here The first result is the result of using the default mode, while the second is the result of using the sketch mode; you can use this tool to convert photos into line drawings online at no cost; and finally, there is a quiz to earn bonus points. Just try it out.

convert photo to line drawing

Exquisite Photo-Based Line Art

We'd like to share the outcomes of our own image manipulation with you using these tools.

Photos of line drawings of cats

This simple line drawing of a cat was created in under a minute. The cat's whisker and left ear, for example, are not handled perfectly, but other than that, it's pretty good. But just look at those stunning eyes! The overall effects of online AI portraits have been automatically improved.

Cat line drawing photos

The following line art of a cat is even better. The outline of the shape is easy to make out.

Cat line drawing photos

2. a line drawing of a rose


3. A simple butterfly drawing


Line art of a sunflower


One Last Thing

Improvements in artificial intelligence have made the fundamental art technique of line drawing accessible to virtually anyone. AI portrait generators only require you to upload a preferred photo before magically transforming it into line art. When compared to conventional photo to sketch converters for free The highly refined algorithms used by an AI tool produce more precise outcomes. You have many other great options besides VansPortrait. To have your Facebook or Pinterest profile turned into a line drawing, all you have to do is use a line portrait generator. Please return and comment below to tell us about your experience.

Check out this other piece if 60 fps is more your speed: AI Frame Interpolation Can Convert Videos to 60fpsThe use of AI Frame Interpolation Allows for 60fps Video Conversion


What can you do with artificially generated line drawings, sketches, or stencils?

The AI-generated line drawing can be used to impress your audience when posted to social media in black and white. In addition, you can colorize them using the AI colorization tools I mentioned before and then use them to design clothing, fabrics, stainless glass, T-shirt prints, or anything else you can think of.

Is there any free web-based service that can transform a photograph into a line drawing?

AKVIS Draw is an online image-to-line-art converter that produces high-quality results. This is a line art generator that requires download and installation prior to use. This tool allows you to generate a portrait in line art, and then color it however you like.

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