The Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Muslim

This article provides a straightforward guide to converting to Islam and joining the faith practiced by 1.7 billion people worldwide.

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Islam, which comes from an Arabic word meaning "peace," literally means "submission." Consequently, Islam teaches that one must submit to God and live in accordance with His Divinely revealed Law if they ever hope to experience true peace of mind and heart.

Due to its emphasis on submitting to God's will, Islam cannot be considered a new religion. e As far back as anyone can remember, Islam has been the one and only religion that God accepts. This is why Islam is the genuine 'natural religion,' as its teachings are identical to those delivered by God to all of His messengers and prophets down through the ages. There is only one true God, and no other gods should be worshiped, this has been the central message of all the prophets throughout history. From Adam to Noah to Abraham to Moses to David and Solomon and John the Baptist and Jesus, may peace be upon them all... In the Holy Quran, God declares:

We sent no messenger before you (O Muhammad) unless we revealed to him, "none has the right to be worshipped except I, therefore worship Me." '" (Quran 21:25) Unfortunately, over time, the original intent of these prophets' words was either lost or corrupted. The Torah and the Gospel, two of the most recent books, were also corrupted and could no longer be trusted to lead the people in the right direction. Then, six hundred years after Jesus' death, God sent the Prophet Muhammad with His final revelation, the Holy Quran, to all of humanity. Since Muhammad was the final prophet, God has pledged to protect His final revelations to him so that they may continue to guide humanity until the end of days. Everyone must now trust in God's final message and obey it. The Almighty declares in the Holy Quran:

Despite the fact that the vast majority of people have yet to hear the good news and heed the warning, "We have not sent you (O Muhammad) but to all mankind as a giver of good news and as a warner." " (Quran 34:28)

No other faith will ever be accepted of him, and he will be among the losers in the Hereafter if he rejects Islam. " (Quran 3:85)

One who submits to God's will, regardless of his or her race, nationality, or ethnic background is a Muslim. Muslims believe that anyone who is willing to submit to God's will can convert to Islam.

The Upsides of Becoming a Muslim

A person who makes the decision to convert to Islam will reap many rewards. The following are just a few examples:

When one worships God directly, without any other beings interfering, a direct and intimate connection is formed between worshipper and God. Knowing God on a personal level and experiencing the comfort of having God's wisdom and help at one's disposal go hand in hand.

When a person accepts God and lives by His rules, they have found the meaning of life.

In life, one is given a beacon that serves as a beacon of hope. In Islam, one can find guidance for any problem or challenge they may face.

One experiences genuine joy, calm, and contentment.

When a person accepts Islam as their religion, their sins are forgiven and they begin a new life of piety and righteousness. And if a Muslim makes a mistake later on, God forgives those who repent to Him in sincerity. No intermediaries or artificial beings exist for us to confess to.

• One is saved from the eternal damnation against which all prophets have warned.

The greatest advantage is that a Muslim has the promise of eternal life in Paradise (Heaven) from God. Those who are granted entry to Paradise will spend all of eternity there, free from disease, suffering, and despair. They will find favor with God, and God will find favor with them. Everyone in Paradise, from the lowest to the highest, will be lavished with ten times as much as they have in this world, and they will be able to obtain anything they want. In fact, there are delights in Paradise that have never before been perceived by human senses or conceived by the human mind. It will be an extremely tangible existence, not just on the spiritual but also the physical plane.

Read "The Benefits of Converting to Islam" (three parts) to learn more about why so many people are making the decision to become Muslim.

The Islamic Convert's Guide to Making the Declaration of Faith (Shahada).

One can become a Muslim in a short amount of time. To become a Muslim, one need only recite the Testimony of Faith (Shahada), which is pronounced as follows:

The only God is Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of God. ”

The literal translation of these Arabic words is, "There is no true god but God (Allah), and Muhammad is the Messenger (Prophet) of God." In order to become a Muslim, one must first say the Testimony of Faith (Shahada) with sincerity and an understanding of its meaning.  

First, "There is no true deity but God," means that only God deserves worship; God has no co-equals or offspring. That Muhammad was a genuine Prophet sent by God to mankind is implied in the second part.

Also, in order to consider oneself a Muslim, one must:

Accept the Holy Quran as the verbatim revelation of God;

Accept the reality and imminence of the Day of Judgment (the Day of Resurrection).

Trust in God, the Prophets, the Scriptures, and God's Angels

- Adopt Islam as his or her primary faith

- To not put anything or anyone else ahead of God in worship

Simply put, yes. In order to listen to the Shahada (Testimony), please click here; if you need immediate assistance via chat, please select the "Live Help" option.

While you could perform the conversion on your own, we recommend getting some assistance from one of our experts via the "Live Help" button. so that we can assist you in pronouncing it correctly and give you useful information and guidance tailored specifically to new converts, so that you can begin your journey in your new faith with confidence.

Alternatively, we can call you and walk you through the conversion steps over the phone. Please let us know the best time to reach you by phone through our Contact Us form.

It's Not Just You

If you have followed the steps outlined above and converted to Islam on your own, know that you are not alone. There are seven billion of us. If you're a new Muslim and would like guidance and resources tailored to your needs, please let us know as soon as possible through the "Live Help" feature or the "Contact Us" form.

We applaud your decision, welcome you to Islam, and promise to offer whatever assistance we can. :)

Some Frequently Held False Beliefs

Despite the fact that many people now recognize Islam as the one true religion of God, there are still some who may hesitate to convert. They may believe that there are prerequisites for conversion, such as changing their name, learning some Arabic, telling others of their conversion, knowing some Muslims, or not having committed many sins, but in reality, none of these are valid excuses for postponing the conversion.  

Read "I want to be a Muslim but... Myths about Converting to Islam" (a three-part series) to find out the truth about these and other common misunderstandings.

Note for Skeptics

Islam asserts that it is the one and only path to God. Truth claims made by various faiths and ideologies are only accepted if they can be demonstrated. Accordingly, one must consider these evidences, make a balanced choice, and act accordingly. One must be genuine in their effort and, most importantly, pray for guidance from the Almighty.

Those who have not yet been persuaded by Islam's veracity can do so by investigating the religion's supporting evidence. Islam is the only religion that fully appeals to common sense, and it provides overwhelming evidence for its truthfulness.

The scientific evidence in the Quran, the miracles performed by the Prophet Muhammad, the predictions of his coming in earlier scriptures, and the fulfillment of events foretold in the Quran are all examples of the evidence offered by Islam. divine wisdom in the laws and teachings of Islam that cover all aspects of life, and the unfulfilled challenge of the Quran to bring even a chapter like it. Read the articles in this section, "Evidence Islam is Truth," to find out more about the evidences for Islam.

See the four-part article "What is Islam?" for a general overview of the religion and its central tenets.

Let us give this battle the importance it deserves, for our eternal life in the Hereafter depends on the faith we choose to follow in this temporary life.

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