The Conversion of Audio to Video and How to Use an Audio to Video Converter

There are no accompanying music videos for the songs on your favorite singer's album collection. Then you might want to learn how to do this: embed a picture or video into an audio file like an MP3 or WAV, and play the picture or video along with the music. You'll need to do an audio-to-video conversion to create it. You can accomplish this in one of two ways. On the web, one can convert various audio formats to video file formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, and many others. The alternative involves transcribing audio into a visual format incorporating the listener's choice of visuals.

Part 1 Instructions for Making a Video from an Audio File in Windows 10

There are currently two options for turning an audio file into a video. The first program is a video editor, while the second is a file converter.

As an example, let's take EaseUS Video Converter.

Even those with no prior experience using a video converter will have no trouble learning how to operate EaseUS Video Converter. Simple import of the audio file to be converted and selection of the target video format are all that's required to complete the conversion. Utilizing this app, the process of conversion will be quick and simple. The vast majority of popular video file formats are supported.

Alternatively, you can separate the sound track from a video. Use the specialized audio extractor that this program provides to record your favorite tunes in any of the formats that the program recognizes. The GPU acceleration is a special feature that makes this converter run much faster than others, saving you a lot of time.

If you need a robust program to transcribe speech to text or convert music to a video, you shouldn't miss it. To get it, just hit the download button.

Tutorial on Using EaseUS Video Converter to Convert Audio to Video on Windows 11/10:

Step 1 Get the EaseUS Video Converter here. Then run it, and import your audio file by going to "Video Converter" > "Choose Files" on the main interface.

Step 2 To access the preferences menu, select the gear icon. Then, in the drop-down menu that appears, select the video format you want to use. To further customize your experience, you can adjust the video's quality, resolution, and a host of other parameters.

Step 3 After making your selections, you can start the process of converting audio to video by clicking the "Convert All" button. The converted file can be found in the "Finished" tab once the process is complete.

2 EaseUS Video Editor

Converting Audio to Video Without an Internet Connection Converting Audio and Video from MP3 Format Format Selection Guidelines for Videos These issues are now within your reach. The best free audio-to-video converter is EaseUS Video Editor, and all you need is that. It can be used to create and edit videos as well as convert videos and edit audio. You can make a full-fledged video out of any audio recording by adding a visual backdrop and sound effects.

Software for basic video editing that is both simple and intuitive

  • Performing a conversion is a quick and painless process.
  • Multiple video and audio file formats are supported by this program.
  • Since the Internet wouldn't slow down the process,
  • Putting a video through a filter is possible.

Appraised by such prestigious publications as TechRadar, Fstopper, etc.

Get It Now! a href="MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX">" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">span>Free Download/span>/a> a href=""

Part 2 Making a Video from Audio on the Internet

Converting audio to video online is the most convenient method. Input audio and an image, and the free online tool will produce a video file. Also, it's simple to let others hear or listen to your music or sound effects. Numerous audio file types, such as MP3, M4A, WAV, MIDI, and others, are accepted. The image, which can be a JPG, PNG, BMP, or GIF file, will serve as the video's default background.

Aside from Voice2v (, I've tried and tested ten other online audio to video converters. in particular (com/) is noteworthy Converting audio files like MP3, M4A, WAV, or MIDI to video format is a breeze with this free online audio to video converter.


  • This online resource is incredibly helpful.
  • It is not necessary to install any software.
  • The tool is compatible with numerous audio file types.
  • Converting audio to video only entails four simple steps.


  • Because of how lengthy the conversion process would be,
  • The Internet can slow down your download and upload times.
  • The conversion page contains advertisements.
  • You are limited to uploading a single audio file at a time.
  • Video files are only output in MP4 format.

Converting Audio to Video on the Web

To convert audio to video online for free, visit online service ( If you want to make a video out of an audio recording, here's how:

Step 1 Transfer an audio file to our server. One audio file at a time is allowed.

Step 2 Choose a picture to use as a background, or find a suitable online template.

Step 3 Brand the video with your company's logo and then hit "Create the Video Now." "

Step 4 After the process of converting is finished, you can save your video by clicking "Download The Video."

Part 3 Online VS The Conversion of Audio and Video Files While Disconnected

What should I look for when deciding which method of conversion to video is best? Which option offers me the best chance of success? Compare the two audio-to-video converters listed here to find out their individual benefits and drawbacks.  

Features Voice2v Simple and Easy to Use Video Editor by EaseUS Internet Yes No Platforms Across all systems Technology based on the Windows platform Types of Videos That Can Be Played Only MP4 Formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, and more Price Free Free Directly posting to YouTube No Yes Add images Yes Yes Process multiple audio files during a single conversion. No Yes

If you want to convert audio to video for multiple devices, use the website. EaseUS Video Editor's offline tool is ideal if you need to transform the audio into a high-quality video quickly.

Part 4 In Conclusiveness

When it comes to converting audio to video online or on a Windows PC, the options are fairly reliable. Not to mention their nifty extra features. Overall, though, EaseUS Video Converter appears to be the more powerful tool due to its extensive features. Freedom in media file management and playback is expanded. Click here to download it and give it a try!

  Free Download Put up for Grabs, No Strings Attached

Operating Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7,

  Free Download Access at no cost

macOS 10 Older than 13

Part 5 Audio-Video Conversion Frequently Asked Questions

With the right software, it's simple to convert audio to video. The following should help if you're still having issues.  

I have an audio recording, but I'd like to turn it into a video.

Methods for Creating a Video from an Audio Recording

Step 1 Inject the raw footage into EaseUS Video Editor.

Step 2 Interweave visual and auditory elements

Step 3 Turn music into a movie.

How do I change a.wav file into an.mp4 file?

The online service that provides this service is:

Step 1 You can send an audio file by uploading it.  

Step 2 Choose a picture to use as a background, or find a suitable online template.

Step 3 To make a video, just upload your company's logo and hit "Create."

Step 4 If you want to save your video, you can do so by clicking Download The Video once the conversion is complete.

How do you extract the audio and visuals from a video file?

The Process of Converting Video to Audio:

Step 1 To begin editing, fire up EaseUS Video Editor and choose an aspect ratio from the primary interface.

Step 2 When you right-click the file you want to convert, you'll have the option to add it to your current conversion project.

Step 3 To initiate the file's transformation, select "Export."

Step 4 Choose an output folder, rename the file, and pick an audio format like MP3 or AAC.

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