The 7 Best FLV Converters for Windows, Mac, and the Web (2019 Updated)

YouTube has quickly become an integral part of most people's daily lives. Video is a staple on it, and users often need the ability to watch videos even when they're not connected to the internet. Video sharing platform YouTube sees widespread adoption of downloading service In any case, the format of the conversion depends on what the needs are. If you plan to upload the converted file to another website or social media platform and then share it with others online, then FLV is the format you need.

Due to its compact size, FLV is an ideal streaming format. In addition, it is compatible with any media player, i.e. e and OS X and Windows On top of that, it's a great format for online video streaming. YouTube to FLV conversion is possible for the aforementioned causes.

These are the best three Windows YouTube FLV converters

In this article, we take a look at three different video converters: EaseUS Video Converter, YouTube Video Downloader, and aTube Catcher.

Tool 1 The EaseUS Video Converter[ New ]

If you need to convert videos from YouTube to FLV, look no further than EaseUS Video Converter. Although it does not directly convert YouTube videos to Flash Video (FLV), it does so at a speed that is 30 times faster.

You can convert your file and make adjustments to the audio and video codecs beforehand. In addition, you can preview both the original and converted files before committing to either format. To help you save time and effort, it has a batch conversion function.

Features of Particular Interest:

  • 500 video file types supported
  • GPU-accelerated, error-free data conversion
  • Simple audio-to-video conversion
  • Access to a Sound-Retrieval Program
  • The process of combining multiple media files into one

The process of converting videos from YouTube to FLV can begin without signing up.

  Free Download Zero Cost Acquirement

Operating Systems: Windows 11/10/8/7

  Free Download Access at no cost

macOS 10 Ages 13 and up

Step 1 Upload Videos Intended for Targets

Throw open EaseUS Video Converter. To load videos, go to "Video Converter" > "Choose Files." To quickly import a folder containing multiple files, click the down arrow next to the plus icon and select "Add Folder."

Step 2 Modify the Output Settings to Create the Required Files

For fine-tuning the quality and resolution of your final product, click "Settings" and make your selections there.  

You can modify the output file's settings and name by clicking "Edit."  

Step 3 Get the Changeover Started

If you return to the main interface, you can alter the location where your files are saved by clicking the arrow down icon at the very bottom. After that, you can start the process of converting your videos by clicking the "Convert" or "Convert All" buttons.

Step 4 Check out the Resulting Converted Files

If you're satisfied with the results, click "Finished" to access the converted files. The final output files can be viewed, renamed, or deleted here.

Tool 2 Software that allows you to download videos from YouTube

If you're on Windows and looking for a program to help you download and convert videos from various social media sites, YouTube Video Downloader is your best bet. In addition to converting videos from YouTube to FLAC, this program also serves as a video editor and a playlist downloader.

When you have this program, you can bring in and take out media files from any gadget or web address. Changing the video's settings to work with your OS is a simple process. Additionally, the GPU acceleration technology expedites the conversion process.


  • Five times as fast a conversion rate
  • Adding songs to your iTunes library is a handy feature.
  • High-Quality Resulting Files
  • YouTube to WMV Conversion

Tool 3 MP3Studio

MP3Studio is cross-platform free software that can edit and convert music on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Any user can easily download videos from sites like YouTube and edit them with this program. In addition to serving as a YouTube FLV converter, it also allows you to tailor the program's parameters to your specific needs.

Anyone interested in amassing a sizable local library of content for use in future endeavors, be they personal, academic, or professional, can benefit from using this download manager. Support for downloading entire YouTube channels or playlists in one go is built right in. As an added bonus, the program includes a smart ID3 tag editor and a built-in music player.


  • Take your pick between listening to tunes online and offline.
  • Simple YouTube FLV conversion
  • Make sure that downloading and converting videos from YouTube is quick and easy.
  • Multi-platform support, i e YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

The Best Two Mac YouTube to FLV Converters

VLC Media Player and Kastor All Video Downloader can assist you in your search for YouTube to FLV converters for Mac.

Tool 1 Media Player VLC

When faced with the need to convert media files, VLC Media Player may be the first program that comes to mind. If you have this program, converting files from your gadget, network, disc, or even camcorder is a breeze.

It converts 30 times as fast as the other software, doesn't track your activity, and is completely free. It is a perfect editor, media player, and converter. It supports the majority of common file formats and provides customization options for the output file, such as frame rate, bit rate, channels, and more.


  • Acceptance of all operating systems
  • Video editing software that's available for anyone to use
  • Accept nearly a thousand distinct file types
  • Afford the option to make changes, i e modify by means of chopping, merging, or cropping

Tool 2 Download Videos From The Web With The Kastor All Video Downloader

If you're having trouble converting your videos from YouTube to FLV, try using the freeware program Kastor All Video Downloader. Convert videos from nearly 280 services, including YouTube. It's compatible with audio and video formats such as MP4, MP3, WMV, FLAC, and more.

If you don't have a lot of time, but need to convert multiple files, this software lets you do so, but only 20 times in the trial version. You can quickly find your videos, play them, and watch previews with the in-app search engine and player.


  • Unrestricted, lightning-fast downloading
  • Allow for a wide variety of output formats
  • Assist with file-sharing downloads from various social media

The Best Two Online YouTube to Flash Video Converters

You can avoid the hassle of downloading a converter by using one of two excellent online alternatives that convert videos from YouTube to FLV.

Tool 1 CoConvert

While CoConvert can convert videos from YouTube to FLV, you'll need to choose an output format from WAV, WebM, MP3, and others. When you're not connected to Wi-Fi, you can still use the app to watch videos you've downloaded. To your advantage, it can handle videos with a resolution of up to 4K. You can start using this resource immediately without creating an account.

To further protect user privacy, the converted and uploaded files are removed from their servers within a few hours.


  • Ensure that the final product is of a high definition standard
  • It is possible to convert as many videos as you want from YouTube to FLV.
  • Accept data conversion from 200 social media sites
  • The option of receiving an email after the transformation has taken place is provided.

Tool 2 Zamzar

It's also possible to use Zamzar, another free online tool, to convert videos from YouTube to FLV. The program supports drag-and-drop file importation or file conversion directly from a URL. At a similar time, it facilitates the rapid completion of media-related tasks.

With this converter at hand, you can easily import, download, and transform your files. What's more, you'll have a positive interaction with the product overall. Many other options are available, but files larger than 50MB cannot be opened.


  • One-click support for 1200 file types
  • When finished, you have the option of emailing the file.
  • Complete transformation in under 10 minutes


YouTube videos can be downloaded in FLV format for offline playback or online streaming. This is the preferred format because it is portable and requires less storage space. Converting from YouTube to Flash Video (FLV) requires the proper software. Amidst the plethora of programs and applications out there, EaseUS Video Converter stands out by offering comprehensive support for Windows, Mac, and web-based users.

  Free Download The Download is Free

Operating Systems: Windows 11/10/8/7

  Free Download Access at no cost

macOS 10 Anybody over the age of thirteen

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