TIFF to PDF: Instructions for Windows 10, macOS, and the Web

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Unfortunately, not all devices can open Tiff files. PDF is supported by the vast majority of platforms, including mobile operating systems, so if you have images stored in Tiff, you may want to convert them to PDF so that they can be viewed on more devices. Tiff to PDF conversion is easier than you might think, and there are many tools available to assist you in making the switch.

The easiest Tiff to PDF converters are covered in this tutorial, which covers using those converters on Windows 10, macOS, and the web.

Part 1 Define Tiff.

In reality, Tiff is a raster image format. You have probably used this file type before if you have ever saved a digital painting, photo, or other creative work on your computer.

Numerous photographers prefer saving their images in this format.

Part 2 Changing TIFF files into PDFs in Windows 10

Users of Windows can rely on a few different conversion images in tif format pdf The top two of these are covered here.

1. PDF Editor by EaseUS

In just three easy steps, you can transform your TIFF files into PDFs with the help of EaseUS PDF Editor. If you want to edit a PDF, all you have to do is import a TIFF image into the program. Documents in doc, png, bmp, xls, and other formats can be converted if necessary. without any difficulty into PDF format The output file will keep the original fonts and formatting, which is of the utmost importance.

It's not just a converter; it's a top-notch Windows PDF editor. PDFs can be created, edited, modified, and managed with the help of the many available tools and features.


  • You can easily perform tasks like rotation, cropping, splitting, merging, and minimizing PDF file size.
  • You can open a wide variety of file types, including documents, spreadsheets, images, and presentations in doc, xls, jpg, bmp, png, and docx.
  • The top PDF converter for making and editing PDFs.
  • Allow you to edit scanned PDFs

In order to obtain the no cost PDF converter, please click the link below.

Free DownloadWindows 11/10/8/7Use this link: Free DownloadWindows 11/10/8/7

Step 1 Go ahead and install EaseUS PDF Editor. To choose an image, go to "Create" > "From File..."

Alternatively, you can import your pictures by clicking the "Create PDFs" button.

Step 2 Select the image you wish to convert, then hit "Open."

Step 3 You can save the PDF to your computer by selecting "File" > "Save" after the conversion is complete.

It Has a Converting Function Integrated Into It

Having the ability to do just about anything on a Windows 10 computer is one of the many benefits of upgrading to this operating system. It is not necessary to download any additional software on your computer in order to convert Tiff files to PDF format. To convert most image formats, including Tiff, to PDF, you can use the in-built feature of your operating system.

That makes use of Windows' native PDF printer. This printer will convert your image files to PDF format so that you can print them. In order to create PDF files, you can use this PDF printer with any program that supports printing.

Step 1 To print a TIFF file, open it in Windows Photo Viewer, then go to File, Print from the file's main menu.

Step 2 In the following window, select "Microsoft Print to PDF" from the Printer menu. Select the paper size and quality, then click "Full page photo" on the right and "Print" at the bottom.

Step 3 Your Tiff to PDF conversion will begin as soon as you launch the program. You can then choose where you'd like to save the file and hit "Save."

Part 3 Mac OS X's Step-by-Step Guide to Transforming Image Files into Portable Document Format

On a Mac, you can convert Tiff files to PDF using either a graphical user interface or the command line. Both of these options are available to you for converting your files. Both approaches are discussed in detail here.

Option 1 Preview

Unless you have a different file viewer installed, such as Adobe Reader, Preview should be used to open most file types, including Tiff and PDF files. This file viewer does more than just let you view your files; it also lets you convert them. Conversion is entirely feasible. You can easily convert tif files to pdf format in macOS with the help of a built-in utility. Plus, the final PDF file will be an accurate representation of the original.

Step 1 Launch Preview on your Mac and navigate to the Tiff file you want to view.

Step 2 Just go up to the top of your screen and select "File," then "Export." Here, you can choose to save your Tiff in a variety of formats, including PDF.

Step 3 Now a window should pop up where you can choose your preferred conversion settings. Select "PDF" from the "Format" menu. After making your selections, such as "Quartz Filter," you can then proceed to the "Save" tab.

Option 2 Terminal

If you're the type of Mac user who does everything in the Terminal, you'll be happy to know that there's a command-line based utility that can help you convert Tiff to PDF. To perform this conversion, all you need is access to a computer with the Terminal application installed, and a few simple commands.

Remember that this requires some familiarity with issuing commands. We advise you to use an alternative method to convert Tiff files to PDF on a Mac if you're a complete novice.

Step 1 Prepare your Mac with HomeBrew. Then, launch the "Terminal" and type the following command to put the ImageMagick program in its proper place:  

To copy, please click here

To set up ImageMagick with brew:

To set up ImageMagick with brew:

Step 2 While it's possible to perform the conversion from Tiff to PDF regardless of where the original files are stored, doing so from the desktop is much more convenient. Then, in the Terminal, type the following command to set the desktop as the active directory:

Step 3 To transform your Tif file into a PDF, enter the following command in the Terminal: Change "source" to the appropriate Substitute the real name of your Tiff file for "tiff," and a new file titled "output" will be created. Add ".pdf" to the information in your Tiff file.

To copy, please click here

source conversion Results in TIFF Format pdf

Part 4 Free Online Tool to Convert TIFF Files to PDF

If you have a large number of files to convert, you should consider using an offline app. However, if you only need to convert a small number of Tiff files to PDF, a web-based converter may be sufficient.

Here are just two of the many online resources available to help with the Tiff to PDF conversion process:

Option 1 Smallpdf

Smallpdf is the most common result for those seeking a web-based PDF converter. The PDF Conversion Tool on this site is a robust web app that can convert your files to and from PDF from a wide variety of other file types. You can use this service to convert all of your Tiff files to PDF format. The process takes only a few moments, and then the PDFs will be made available for download.

Step 1 Visit Smallpdf.com in your preferred web browser. Then, select the Tiff you'd like to transform into a PDF by clicking the "Choose Files" button.  

Step 2 You can customize the Tiff file conversion process by specifying a variety of options. Options can be set using the pull-down menus above.

Step 3 Once you're ready, hit the "Convert" button up top to begin the process of changing your Tiff file into PDF format. When the PDF is ready, you can start downloading it by clicking the button labeled "Download."

Option 2 Zamzar

Zamzar is a widely used web-based file converter that can convert between a wide variety of file types. All you have to do is upload the file from your computer and select the format you'd like it converted to. Tiff to PDF conversion is also available on the website, so you're literally just a few clicks away from having your file converted. Useful if you don't want to keep the page open while the file is being converted. The converted file will be available for download after you receive an email with a download link.

Step 1 Simply upload your Tiff file and the website will convert it to PDF automatically.

Step 2 If you want your Tiff file to be saved as a PDF, you can do so by clicking the drop-down arrow in the middle of the screen and selecting "pdf" from the resulting menu.

Step 3 If you would like to receive email notifications, check the box and then click "Convert Now." If you want to save the converted file to your computer, click the "Download" button.

The TIFF to PDF Conversion FAQ

Some common concerns about making the switch from Tiff to PDF are addressed below. Check them out to find the solution you're looking for.

1. Can a TIFF file be viewed in PDF?

It's true; yes is the correct response. And if you're using Windows 10, accessing it is a breeze. This is due to the fact that TIFF files, along with any other type of document, can be easily converted into PDFs by using Microsoft Print to PDF, a feature included in the Windows 10 Photo app. To that end, you can use this program to preview the Tiff file before actually printing it.

To what extent does Adobe Reader support TIFF-to-PDF conversion?

This is another case where yes is the correct answer. You can use Adobe Reader to transform TIFF files into PDFs by following the steps outlined below.

When using Adobe Acrobat, go to the Tools menu and select the Create PDF option. Select a file to upload after clicking. The TIFF format will be among the available choices after you click this. When prompted, locate the TIFF on your hard drive that you'd like to transform into a PDF. Once the file has been imported, you have the option of saving it as a PDF.

What program can read Tiff files?

Google Photos supports Tiff file formats and can be accessed on Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. Try it out and see.


In most situations, converting from Tiff to PDF only requires the click of a few options. In the event that you come across a Tiff file that you need to convert to PDF, you can do so by using one of the methods described above. For those looking for a TIFF to PDF converter, we advise you to try EaseUS PDF Editor. You can put your trust in us; it will never let you down.

Free DownloadWindows 11/10/8/7Use this link: Free DownloadWindows 11/10/8/7
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