Recommended: 8 Simple Techniques for Converting GIFs to Instagram-Ready Videos

One might question why they would want to change an animated GIF to a video for Instagram. The reasoning is straightforward. Most social media platforms have regulations and limitations on the content their users can upload. For instance, certain sites don't allow animated GIFs, while others place restrictions on the image or file size.

In the case of Instagram, publishing an animated GIF on the platform is not possible. Therefore, the alternative is to convert the GIF to MP4 or a comparable format and upload the converted file as a video. Thus, we present the eight most reliable methods for convenient and fast GIF to Instagram video conversion.

Part 1. Top 3 Online Tools for GIF to Video Conversion on Instagram

As previously mentioned, GIFs cannot be uploaded to Instagram. Before publishing, the file must first be transformed to a supported video format using an online or offline conversion tool. Although most online converters are speedy and free, many do not have the feature to directly share the converted videos to Instagram. Nevertheless, such tools are competent and do not necessitate the download and installation of any software on your computer.

Below are the three best online methods for converting GIFs to Instagram videos for free.

This online tool is not only restricted to GIF to MP4 conversion, but it also allows you to perform many other helpful functions, such as video reversal, video to GIF conversion, trimming, resizing, cropping, and more. Additionally, EZGIF allows you to create your own GIF that can be published on popular GIF repositories like GIPHY and Tenor.


ONLINE-CONVERT enables you to upload a source GIF from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or even from a URL. Once uploaded, you can choose a video preset to specify the resolution and size, and make further adjustments such as rotating, flipping, limiting the output file size, audio channels (stereo, mono, or none), and more.


GIF to MP4 Conversion

With a maximum file size limit of 50 MB to upload, this website is solely dedicated to converting GIFs to MP4 and doesn't offer any other format conversions. Once you upload a source GIF, you can choose the resolution and picture quality of the output file. You can preview the expected results in the Preview box before starting the conversion process.


Part 2. Top 4 Apps for GIF to Instagram Video Conversion [Android/iOS]

Using apps to convert GIFs to video for Instagram is a better approach than using online tools. Some of the most obvious reasons for this are:

    1. Smartphones are always with you, and unlike online tools, you don't have to take the time to turn on your computer, log in to your account, and manually go to the website to convert your files.

    2. Most converter apps have a built-in button to share/publish the converted videos straight to Instagram.

    3. All of the converter app's options are right at your fingertips, and your actions are not dependent on any dedicated input device like a mouse or keyboard.

    Considering these points, having an iOS or Android app installed on your smartphone would be helpful if you're a regular Instagram user who frequently uploads videos to the platform.

    Presenting the top iOS and Android apps that will convert your GIFs to Instagram videos effortlessly.

    GifShare: Transform GIFs to Videos for Instagram

    Compatible with: iPhone and iPad (iOS)

    This user-friendly app is an excellent tool to convert GIFs to video format for seamless sharing on Instagram. The simple interface allows one to search for GIFs based on keywords before downloading and making necessary adjustments such as animation speed and background modifications. The free version of GifShare is perfect for basic use, while the Pro version offers advanced features at a nominal cost.


    GifVid – The GIF to Video Converter

    Compatible with: iPhone and iPad (iOS)

    GifVid integrates perfectly with iOS and can be accessed directly from the device's photo library. The app allows for easy conversion of GIFs to videos that can be shared on Instagram and other social media platforms directly. GifVid is also available in the Open In menu of third-party apps, making it more convenient to use.


    Compatible with: Android devices.

    This app is an excellent choice for Android phone owners, as it allows one to locate and download GIFs from their phone's gallery or online platforms like GIPHY and Tenor. The user can make necessary edits and choose their preferred aspect ratio for Instagram and Instagram Stories. The converted video can then be shared with ease.


    Compatible with: Android devices.

    Gifaroo is a reliable app that offers users an array of customization features. It allows one to search for GIFs online, make necessary edits, add text, background, and choose from various fonts and colors before posting on Instagram. The app automatically converts the GIFs to video format for easy sharing.


    Part 3. How to Convert GIF to Instagram Video in Wondershare Filmora

    Wondershare Filmora is a versatile and user-friendly video editing software available on Windows and Mac platforms. It allows for seamless conversion of GIFs to Instagram videos and offers features such as transition effects, text narration, and output format presets ideal for popular streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Whether you're a novice or an expert, Wondershare Filmora has got you covered with all your video editing needs.

    Extra Features:

    • - In-built screen recorder
    • - In-built webcam recorder
    • - In-built CD/DVD burner and ISO file creator
    • Converting GIF to Instagram Video with Wondershare Filmora

    • Step 1. Import a GIF to Filmora from Media Library Window

    Download, install, and launch Wondershare Filmora. Then, click on any spot within the Media Library window (a large window found on the top-left interface), and select a GIF file on your PC. Click on "Open" to import the file to Filmora.


    Step 2. Add GIF to Timeline and Adjust Aspect Ratio if Necessary

    Hover your mouse over the GIF you added to the Media Library window and click on the "add" icon that appears at the center of the thumbnail. Click "match to media" or "don't match" (as needed) to add the file to the Timeline present at the lower section of the interface.


    Step 3. Choose an Aspect Ratio via Project Settings

    If you want to, go to "file" > "project settings," pick "1:1 (Instagram)" from the Aspect Ratio drop-down list, and click "OK".


    Step 4. Export the GIF as MP4

    Click on "EXPORT" located at the top-right corner of the Media Library window. Make sure you are on the "local" tab, select MP4 from the format list in the left pane, change any other preferences to your liking in the right pane, and click on "Export" from the bottom-right corner to convert the GIF to an Instagram video.



    Although free online converters that transform GIFs to videos exist, most of these don't allow users to publish the converted files directly to Instagram. Contrarily, using Android or iOS apps is more preferable since they give more control over conversion preferences and built-in sharing options to publish the videos to Instagram or any social networking site.

    However, using a dedicated computer program such as Wondershare Filmora is still the most encouraged and efficient way since it allows users to add various effects, texts, and transitions before producing an Instagram compliant video file. Wondershare UniConverter is another recommendation that can make a GIF from Instagram videos or images, and contain many excellent features worth exploring.

    Wondershare UniConverter

    · It facilitates the conversion of images or videos to GIF, among other features

    · It can compress, edit, burn, transfer videos, add video metadata, and more

    · It allows transferring videos from computers to mobiles without iTunes

    · The full-fledged toolbox function enables converting images, burning CDs, ripping CDs, and fixing Meta tags

    · Transfer media files to Apple devices, Android devices, USB flash drives, or external hard drivers easily.


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