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PDFs are used for a wide variety of document purposes, but despite their adaptability and widespread acceptance, they are almost impossible to edit.

Because of this, it is necessary to convert PDFs to another word format, just as most users always seek to convert PDFs to Excel if editing the document is required.

However, we will detail the steps necessary to manually convert a PDF to Excel using the easiest and most straightforward web-based service currently available.

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Although there are many PDF-to-Excel converter programs available, we won't be exploring them here.

Making a spreadsheet from a file shouldn't be too difficult if you know what you're doing. The question then becomes, how can one convert PDF to Excel without the need for additional software?

Here, we'll show you how to go about converting PDF files to Excel format online and without the need for any additional software, and we'll outline three different methods for doing so manually.

Here are four manual methods for making the PDF to Excel transition.

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When copying and pasting by hand

  • First, open the PDF you'd like to export to Excel and select all of the text using CTRL A or the mouse.
  • The second step is to launch Excel, click any empty cell with the mouse, and then choose "Paste Special" from the pop-up menu that appears.
  • Click "Paste as Text" in the Paste Special window, and then "OK."

WARNING: This approach only works for a small number of data entries and does not successfully transform most PDFs into Excel.

Following this step, Excel will paste the copied content into a blank worksheet, where you can complete the data as necessary.

Paste Function shortcut CTRL V allows you to skip steps 2 and 3

Use Microsoft Word to perform the PDF to Excel conversion.

microsoft office online Microsoft Image

After determining that modifying PDF content is difficult, we've concluded that it's necessary to render PDFs editable before exporting their contents to Excel spreadsheets.

Microsoft Word mediates in this situation.

  • First, you'll want to fire up Microsoft Word on your computer and select the PDF you want to edit from the file menu. As an alternative, you can right-click the PDF, select "Open With," and then pick Word from the list.
  • The second step is to open the PDF on your device and select the file you want to open. ”
  • Step 3: Excel will then display a warning that Microsoft Word will convert the PDF to a Word document and that the results may be unpredictable. By selecting "OK," your file will open in Microsoft Word, where you can make changes.
  • Fourth, copy the selected text by either pressing CTRL C on your keyboard or by using the CTRL A keyboard shortcut to select the entire document.
  • The fifth step is to head over to Excel, open a new, empty Worksheet, and then paste the content you just copied.

Microsoft Word is preferable for converting PDFs into editable files before importing them into Excel.

In addition, the data will look more like it did when it was first entered than it would in a free-form format in an Excel Worksheet.

Use Excel's "get data" function to export data from a PDF.

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Excel's Get Data button, located in the Data ribbon, can be used to retrieve information from the internet or another external source.

Here, then, is a walkthrough of using Excel's Get Data function to make a PDF usable in Excel.

  • In the first step, you'll need to go to the data tab, then click "get data" in the get & transform data section. Following this, select "From File" from the menu, and then "From PDF." ”
  • Second, after doing so, Excel will open the device's file browser where you can locate the desired PDF and then import it.
  • Third, from the Display Options menu, pick a page from the Navigator window that Excel has brought up. By switching on "select multiple items," you can select more than one item at once. When you click "transform data," Excel will show you a preview of what the retrieved information could look like. ”
  • The fourth step is to select "transform data," which launches the Power Query Editor. Then, click "Home" and choose "close & load." ” 
  • As a final step, Excel will import all of the PDF content into a table format that is identical to the source PDF content, at which point you can edit the data as you see fit.

Use of a Web-based Instrument #4

Instructions for using a web-based PDF to Excel converter are as follows:

  • Step 1 Click the button labeled "select PDF file."
Photo: KnowTechie
  • Step 2 Click "Upload" and then "PDF to Excel" to choose the PDF you wish to convert.
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  • Step 3 When the upload is complete, select the Convert to Excel tab and the converted file will be available for download in a matter of seconds.
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Without the need to repeatedly copy, fetch, paste, etc., you have successfully converted your PDF to Excel in just three simple steps.

The Value of Online PDF to Excel Conversion

Converting a PDF to Excel online is the most common method for many reasons.

The system is secure and confidential.

It's secure, and your privacy is protected, while you convert your file. Your file will remain unaltered while we quickly process it.

In order to protect your privacy and security, the platform deletes your file as soon as you download it.

One more benefit of using an online service to make the PDF-to-Excel conversion is that you won't have to risk infecting your device by installing any third-party apps.

Smooth metamorphosis

As we've seen, the process is simple, quick, and error-free, and the converted file can be downloaded to your device right away.

Compatibility between operating systems

The online converter is compatible with any OS, be it Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or even Android.

The resulting PDF to Excel conversion is a universally supported file format, so you can use it on any device.  

It was a perfect online sale

All of the work is done in the cloud, so you can convert from any device at any time.

Everything you need to convert a PDF is a working device, access to the internet, and the PDF you wish to convert.

Once more, since no app in particular is needed, there won't be anything taking up space you don't need or leaving your device vulnerable to viruses.


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Users frequently make changes to information in PDFs. This research has compiled a list of manual methods for converting PDF documents to Excel.

Uses of Microsoft Office's Word and Excel's Get Data Feature are two illustrative cases.  

But there are restrictions to these approaches as well. Using a completely effective, speedy, and secure online tool is the best way to convert PDF to Excel for editing and modification.

Can you share your thoughts on this? Let's continue this discussion on Twitter or Facebook.

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