No Additional Software Required for Image to PDF Conversion on iOS Devices

Whether you use HEIC or JPG for your camera or PNG for your screenshots, your iPhone and iPad probably have a lot of pictures saved on them. However, these images can be converted to PDF on an iPhone or iPad in a matter of seconds, regardless of the original format. And if you're struggling with even that one, we have solutions for you.

The fact that iPhones and iPads allow users to convert multiple images into a single PDF file is a major plus. You can use a third-party app, but we also provide ways to accomplish the same goal with no additional software on your iPhone. Let's get started.

Why You Should Change Images to PDFs

  • PDF's widespread support and the fact that it works with a wide variety of systems make it a convenient choice for document exchange and storage.
  • PDF files are typically smaller in size compared to image files, making them more manageable in terms of uploading, downloading, and storing.
  • Additionally, PDF files can be encrypted or password-protected, further securing your documents.

Generally speaking, converting images into PDFs is a practical and time-saving method of storing and sharing documents, whether for professional, academic, or personal reasons. Photos can be converted to PDFs in a flash using the built-in features of your iOS device.

1. The iPhone Printer Hack: Turn Any Image into a PDF

First, open the Photos app and pick the picture you want to edit.

Second, select the share option located at the bottom left.

Three, choose Print from the Share Sheet.

Lastly, select Share once more from the print preview page.

Here in Step 5, you'll see that your photo has been automatically converted to PDF format.

Now you can send it to someone else, save it to your computer, or copy it to the clipboard and use it elsewhere.

How to Export Multiple Images from iPhone as PDF

1. From the Photos app, select Select in the upper-right corner.

Second, pick the pictures you want to convert to PDF format.

Third, select the share button.

It is now time to go back and do steps 3 through 5 once again.

It's important to keep in mind that once you've tapped Share, you won't be able to change the order of the photos. Choose the pictures in the PDF file in the order you want them to appear.

Please take note that this approach uses a predefined PDF page layout. To begin, you cannot combine multiple photos onto one page in the PDF; each photo must have its own page. Despite the fact that you can customize the page size, your options are still quite restricted

Third, convert an image to PDF on your iOS device using the Books app.

First, select the image(s) you want to convert to PDF in the Photos app.

Second, after selecting the Share button, go to the Books app.

To access Books, if it isn't already open, swipe right to the menu (three dots) and then choose Books from the list.

Third, the Books app will automatically export the photo to PDF.

More so, if you have iCloud sync for the Books app turned on, the PDF will automatically update itself across all of your Apple devices. The PDF can be viewed, shared, or renamed by opening the Books app and tapping the corresponding three-dot icon.

Please take note that the Books app does not allow you to rearrange pages, but it does provide a workaround that allows you to set multiple images on a single page. Select the three dots, then tap Share PDF, Print, Layout, Pages per Sheet, and then adjust the number of pages as desired before tapping the share icon once more to save or copy the file.

In the Files app on your iPhone, you can convert photos into PDFs.

This strategy will be helpful in two different situations. It all starts with cloud storage, like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, etc. , the likes of which are easily accessible via the Files program

Then, when generating a PDF file from a collection of images The Files app's ability to convert pictures in either alphabetical or numeric order is an obvious plus. So, before you convert them, you can rename the pictures so that they appear in the order you want.

First, launch the Files app and navigate to where your images are stored.

To change the names of your files, follow these steps: 2.

Third, when you're done with the renaming, select the ellipsis (...) > Select.

Fourth, pick the images you want to convert to PDF format.

In the fifth step, you'll select the menu icon (it looks like three dots) in the upper right hand corner.

Click the "Create PDF" button in Step 6 below.

The PDF version of the document is still stored in the original directory. It's in your hands to preview it, relocate it, or distribute it to your friends and colleagues via their preferred apps and social media.

The Files app also makes it simple to modify PDF files by inserting or removing pages and images.

Convert multiple images to PDF format in Notes 6

Converting multiple photos to PDF on an iPhone without an app is problematic for a few reasons, including the inability to customize the output's page layout. As an added bonus, the Notes app provides some respite from the tension, albeit with some caveats.

Start by opening a new note in the Notes app.

Second, choose an image or video by tapping the camera icon.

Third, you'll get to arrange the pictures however you see fit. (Unfortunately, you can't change the size of the pictures.)

Fourth, when you're finished, click the Share button.

Fifth, hit the Print button on the Share Sheet.

Step 6: Use the Share button on the Print Options page to email or save the PDF.

Using the Notes app also allows you to add text to the PDF, such as image titles, captions, descriptions, etc. Markup tools allow you to do a lot more than just write and sign documents.

Answers to Common Questions About Converting an Image to PDF

1. Does the iPhone require an application to convert pictures to PDF?

Forget about searching for an app to convert your photos to PDF on your iOS device. However, a third-party app might be necessary if you want to resize or arrange the pictures.

Can I use my iPhone to make changes to the converted PDF file?

The converted PDF file can be edited on an iPhone without the need for a separate app, albeit with fewer features. The Files app and its in-built Markup tools make this possible.

Enjoy your PDFs!

You can reap many benefits by making the switch from PNGs, HEICs, and JPGs to PDFs, as described in the article. While not strictly necessary, Canva and similar websites can be helpful if you need to arrange multiple images in a particular fashion.

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