Methods for Converting ePub to MOBI [AZW3 Kindle Converter]

One thing must be made crystal clear before I go into detail about how to transform your ePub files into MOBI/AZW3 formats:

EPub is, without a doubt, the best format to use when releasing an eBook.

The ePub eBook format has dominated the market, and it is a robust system.

However, while ePub is the most popular eBook format, that doesn't mean it's the only one you'll ever need.

Reasons why I'll explain:

The Kindle reading app does not support ePub files. Amazon prefers to use its own AZW3 (formerly MOBI) format.

For those who have guessed correctly, this is significant because Amazon is the largest eBook retailer. They account for 60–80% of all digital book sales.

You might want to change a file format to MOBI/AZW3 for one of two main reasons:

  1. Using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing service, your book will be available for purchase and reading on Kindle devices.
  2. A direct route to a Kindle reader is to have your book sent to them.

In either case, you'll need to use Kindle Previewer, Amazon's eBook converter. This utility not only facilitates the transformation of your ePub file into Amazon's MOBI/AZW3 format, but also provides previews of the book's appearance on a variety of devices.

I'll start off this article by discussing how PDF documents differ from eBook files. I'll explain why and how you might need to change your eBook's format after that.

The ePub format is the de facto standard for eBooks.

The ePub format is based on HTML and CSS, the industry-standard languages for web development, and is available at no cost and with complete source code. This means that it is available to a large number of people.

In addition, the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) has issued standards to guarantee that ePub books maintain their format and appearance across all devices.

ePub files are compatible with a wide variety of eBook readers and apps, including those from Barnes & Noble's NOOK, Apple Books, Kobo, and Sony eReaders. However, the IDPF's requirements are already complicated by the fact that each retailer has its own standards on top of those.

However, ePub is essentially the only eBook format that matters.

Amazon is among the few bookstores that does not offer ePub support.

For reading, they employ the closed format eBooks known as MOBI, AZW, and AZW3.

The newest Amazon eBook format, AZW3 (also known as Kindle Format 8), was released in 2011. Both the Kindle and the Kindle app can read MOBI and AZW files, despite being older versions.

This is all very specific technical information, but it's crucial because of the constraints that these specifics impose in the real world.

The scenario is as follows: you want to send a book to someone's Kindle. "Sideloading" is the term for this operation. (It's the same concept as "uploading" or "downloading," but the data is transferred directly from one device to another without using the internet.) Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB cables are all viable options. )

The recipient's Kindle will not open the file type ePub if that is what you intend to send. If you want to send the file, you'll need to change it to MOBI format first.

So why cause yourself unnecessary stress?

The term "sideloading" refers to a simple method of distributing your book to others. It's a great tool for getting feedback on your manuscript before you commit to publishing it.

Sideloading is an effective method of disseminating materials to a wider audience, such as friends and family, editors, beta readers, and people willing to write a foreword or blurb.

Also, after your book has been published, you can use sideloading to distribute free promotional eBook copies to readers without directing them to the Amazon website.

(However, keep in mind that you still need people to download your book on the Amazon store in order to maintain your sales rank and authentic reviews.) )

You may be wondering why, despite these drawbacks, we recommend ePub as the format of choice.

The upshot is that more bookstores now support ePub.

It's also simple to convert ePub to AZW3, which is essential if you intend to publish your book on Amazon.

The Kindle Previewer is perfect for this purpose.

Simply put, Kindle Previewer is the most effective tool for changing ePub files into MOBI/AZW3 formats.

Amazon made it so you can see how your book will look to customers after it's been converted, and it's very helpful.

The good news is that you don't have to convert the ePub file if you're planning to publish your book through Kindle Direct Publishing (the Amazon store).

Amazon will do the ePub conversion for you when you upload it to KDP.

Previewing a file in Kindle Previewer allows you to see how the final AZW3 version will look before committing to the conversion. Previewing your book is now possible on all major devices and operating systems, including Kindle, Android, iOS, and more. ) Make sure it's perfect before you put it on sale

You care deeply that your book represents you in the most reputable light possible. Taking precautions to avoid typos during the conversion is essential. Books with unique formatting are more prone to mistakes.

Sort out the problems as soon as possible. After finalizing the ePub, submit it to KDP and Amazon will handle the rest.

However, you'll need to convert the ePub to AZW3 format before you can send it to someone else's Kindle.

Thankfully, that is also possible with Kindle Previewer.

There is a free desktop application called Kindle Previewer for both Windows and Mac computers. In this link, you can get a copy. (Have a look at the orange download buttons further down the page. )

Verify that the version you've downloaded is the most recent one available.

Step 2 Put in the Kindle Previewer and start it up.

To install, locate the file on your computer and click it twice. The wizard-like interface of the program makes setting it up a breeze.

Step 3 Just load the ePub into Kindle Previewer.

Throw open the program

The ePub file can be dropped into the main window, or the "Open Book" button can be clicked and the file can be selected.

A "Book Conversion" window will appear once you've chosen your eBook file, proclaiming that it is "Enhancing your book for easy reading on Kindle devices and applications." ”

It may take a few minutes for the preview to load, depending on the file size.

Step 4 See If Your Document Passes This Test

To put it simply, if your book doesn't convert, there's likely something wrong with it that will prevent it from being published on Amazon.

To fix your ePub, open the source file from which it was made and try to edit it again. (Calibre is a straightforward option because it is free software frequently used to create and convert eBook files. )

Fix any problems, then go back to step 3 until the book preview loads.

Before having your book converted and published, there are a few things you should look over.

  • Check the book's formatting by reading through each page. You can use the page viewer to zoom in on a specific section of text or an image. Don't want to manually flip through each page? No problem. Just select "Auto-Advance View" from the app's left-side menu.
  • Take a sneak peek at the book on your favorite electronic device Select "Tablet," "Phone," or "E-reader" from the "Device Type" drop-down menu. Verify that the book can be reflown and properly adjusts to all 3
  • Orient the page differently. Verify that the graphics and images on your pages will not be truncated when the reader turns them.
  • Verify the typeface size You can select your desired size from the menu on the left side of the application. To ensure that your headers look good regardless of the size of the font you're using, try a few different sizes.
  • Have a look at the contents! The app's table of contents is listed in outline form along the left side. Verify that the links in the headings take you to the appropriate chapters. Verify that each chapter is present.

Step 5 Transform Document into MOBI Format

Click "Export" under "File" to export your (Alternatively, you can use the "Command X" button)

Select the desired file type from the "File Format" drop-down menu that appears. ”

Go to the "Books" menu. mobi ”

Afterwards, you can rename your eBook file and save it.

Keep in mind that if you use KDP for publication, Amazon will handle the conversion. Do this only if you're sending the file to someone who uses a Kindle.

There are two ways to transfer a MOBI file to a Kindle reading device:

  1. The recipient can receive the MOBI file in an email if they have email enabled on their Kindle. The recipient will be prompted to save the attachment to their Kindle when they open it.
  2. That person's Kindle can receive the message via email. An individual email address is assigned to each Kindle. (This isn't your Amazon account's email; it's the Kindle's own unique address.) )

The Amazon address can be found by clicking "Your Account," then "Your Content and Devices," and then "Devices." ”

In order to receive the attached file via email, the owner of that address must first confirm their desire to do so. After that, it will be sent directly to their Kindle.

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