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Free online MOV to MP4 conversion is now possible with this handy tool. Movavi's desktop converter is great for converting large files.

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Time: Tuesday, February 1, 2023

However, not all media players are compatible with MOV files despite their high video quality. MP4 files are more compact and can be played on any device, making them ideal for sharing. Several simple methods exist for converting MOV files to MP4 for easier sharing and smaller download sizes.

Some of the most straightforward approaches to making the switch from MOV to MP4 are discussed below. Keep reading if you want to learn about a free app or an online video converter.

Some of the video converters listed here are ones in which we have a financial interest. We may gain financial gain if you decide to buy after following an affiliate link. Use the links below to help support our website! Otherwise, you can use a search engine to locate the suggested items.

The following is a brief guide written for those who learn best through text. All it takes to give the software a whirl is to grab the free download for your Mac or PC.

When you need to convert videos quickly without sacrificing quality, this is the best option.

OS: Windows and macOS

Movavi's Movavi Video Converter is a powerful program that can convert MOV files to MP4 without sacrificing image or sound quality. By employing SuperSpeed technology, the program can complete the conversion of even sizable files in a matter of minutes. The app does more than just convert files; you can also use it to modify them in any way you like, such as by cropping, rotating, and trimming video, modifying color parameters, altering the video's resolution and bitrate, or even adding subtitles. More than 180 file types are supported by Movavi Video Converter, and there are more than 200 presets for various mobile devices, game consoles, and TVs.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use Movavi Video Converter to convert MOV files to MP4 with a couple of mouse clicks: You can try out the software for yourself by downloading it for your Mac or PC and running it.

To install Movavi Video Converter, simply double-click the downloadable file and stick to the on-screen prompts.

To add a video, go to the Add Media menu located in the top left corner, and then click the Add Video tab. Once you've found the MOV files you want to convert to MP4, add them to the app by clicking the Open button.

Select the Video menu item to view the available video file formats. Find the MP4 profile settings menu and pick a profile that fits your needs.

Click the Edit button on the right side of the file information section if you need to make adjustments to your videos before you convert them. A new window will open with several tabs.

To stabilize your video, go to the Stabilization tab and experiment with the various settings. To adjust the volume of the video or eliminate unwanted sounds, click the Audio menu item. Change the brightness, contrast, and saturation to your liking in the tab labeled "Adjustments." Effects, subtitles, and watermarks can all be added by selecting the corresponding tabs and entering the relevant information. To remove extraneous parts of a video, rotate it, or crop out distracting scenes, select the corresponding tabs, Crop, Rotate, and Trim.

You can use Movavi Video Converter to compress your large MOV files while converting them to MP4.

Simply select the outputted file size and click the link. Size, quality, and bitrate can all be adjusted in the resulting dialogue box. If you want to see how a small portion of a file will look after conversion, you can do so by clicking the Con

To initiate the change, select Convert. Allowing you to convert multiple files at once, the app supports batch conversion. The destination folder containing the converted files will open immediately after the conversion is finished.

Top Use Case: Transforming Files From Online Storage

This online tool can convert between MOV and MP4, two of the many formats it supports. A user may submit a file from their personal computer for processing. You can also use services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive to upload videos. The maximum file size that can be uploaded to CloudConvert is 1 GB, so you can use it to convert MOV to MP4 online even if your file is larger than 500 MB. There are a number of customization options available before you begin the conversion. You can adjust the volume and choose the audio format, for instance. The video resolution of the final product can be adjusted in CloudConvert as well. Use the video's trimming feature if you only need a small section of it converted.

With CloudConvert, you can perform up to 25 conversions per day without paying a dime. Additional conversion minutes can be purchased in bulk or as part of a subscription plan if you need them.

Find out how to change MOV to MP4 with CloudConvert here.

Step 1 The converter's website must be accessed.

To visit CloudConvert, please click here.

CloudConvert, please.

Step 2 Upload your document

Simply click the Select File button, navigate to the MOV file you wish to convert, and then click the Open button.

Step 3 Change the export settings.

To modify the output video's settings, click the wrench icon. Hit Okay

Step 4 You can convert MOV files to MP4s.

Simply click the Convert button, hang tight while the file is transformed, and then select the Download button to store the file locally.

To convert video files without adjusting any settings, this is the best option.

Zamzar is another online service that offers a free MOV to MP4 conversion. Besides being able to convert between numerous video formats, the service also works with a wide variety of audio, image, and document file types. Zamzar is a free service that allows you to convert video files up to 50 MB in size. There are no customization options for the converted video on this website that offers MOV to MP4 conversion. Zamzar is useful, however, if all you need to do is convert MOV files to MP4. If you need to convert videos that are larger than 50 MB, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Five times faster than the free version, conversions will be possible in no time at all.

Here's how to use Zamzar to quickly and easily transform MOV files into MP4s online:

Step 1 Turn on the changeover

Click on the button below to access the converter.

Check out the online converter.

Step 2 Put up your MOV clip

Just choose the MOV file you want to convert by clicking the "Add Files" button. You can also select link and enter the URL of your video or drop your file directly onto the converter's page.

Step 3 Prepare the file for conversion and save it.

Simply press the "Convert" button. As soon as the conversion is complete, select Download.

Ideal for: changing the video and audio settings while converting MOV files

Online video conversion is easy with Online Video Converter. files format to any other audio/video format Not only can you change the format of your file, but also the video and audio quality. You can tell the converter to cut off the beginning and end of the video at specific times if you only want to convert a specific segment. Keep in mind that there is a size restriction on free conversions. It's only possible to convert large files with a paid plan.

Simply comply with the instructions below to change QuickTime ( online video converter (.mov) to MP4

Step 1 Check out the site if you're interested.

Open the Online Video Converter by clicking the button below.

Visit a website that serves as a video converter online.

Step 2 Put your MOV file online.

Select the MOV file you wish to convert by clicking the Add Your Media button. Using the drop-down menu next to "Add Your Media," you can choose to upload a video from services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Step 3 Edit the export settings (if necessary).

To access further settings, select the gear icon. Select the appropriate option from the Video resolution pull-down menu. Under Audio quality, you'll find a drop-down menu with a variety of bitrate options from which to choose.

Step 4 Perform the online MOV to MP4 conversion.

Use the tool by clicking the Convert button. The converted file can be downloaded to your computer after it has been successfully uploaded.

Perfect for editing footage before exporting it as an MP4 file.

If you need to convert a large MOV file to a smaller MP4 file online (more than 100 MB), Freeconvert is a great option. It also lets you tweak more advanced options for the final video product. The frame rate, aspect ratio, resolution, and video codec can all be customized. You can use FreeConvert to flip or rotate your video. Moreover, you can choose to have subtitles included in your video file. Audio settings, such as codec, bitrate, and volume, are also modifiable. You can modify the volume of the video, or even do away with it entirely, by using fade in and out effects. Remember that there are restrictions on the free version, such as a maximum file size of 1 GB and the presence of advertisements on the converter's website.

Follow these steps to convert your MOV file to an MP4 using Freeconvert.

Step 1 Get in touch with Freeconvert by visiting their site.

To access Freeconvert, please click here.


Step 2 Upload a MOV video.

To convert a video to MP4, select it under Choose Files, then click Open. Your file can also be uploaded from your computer, cloud storage service (like Dropbox or Google Drive), or a direct web link. To access the desired option, click the arrow to the right of Choose Files.

Step 3 (Optional) Tweak the settings

To make any necessary changes to the video or audio, click the gear icon. After that, select your preferences by clicking the Apply Settings button.

Step 4 Start the file conversion process

Select the MP4 format and press the Convert button. To save the MP4 file, simply click the button once the conversion is complete.

Challenges and solutions presented by the digital route

No additional software is required for online conversion, making it a time-efficient option for changing your videos' file type. You can find a wide variety of converters online, but the vast majority of them support MOV and MP4. You can often tweak the video and audio settings, play around with the file's rotation and trimming, and even add subtitles when using an online converter.

Nonetheless, there are restrictions that come with using online services. The free version typically has a cap on the size of the uploaded file. Conversions may also have a daily cap in some cases. There is a noticeable lag in comparison to desktop converters. Unfortunately, many converter websites also feature a large number of advertisements.

Because of this, if you only have a single file to convert, an online conversion tool is your best bet. Consider using desktop applications for the conversion of large files.

When you need to convert several videos at once
The Operating Systems We Support Are:

Movavi Free Video Converter is the first of our free desktop apps to be discussed. With the help of this program, converting video files is as easy as a few clicks. You can convert multiple files at once using the program's batch conversion capabilities. Besides video and audio, Movavi Free Video Converter also works with a wide variety of image formats. You can also convert your large MOV files into MP4 by using the MOV to MP4 compressor. Video aspect ratio, resolution, and frame rate are all customizable. Both the audio codec and bitrate can be customized.

Here's a quick rundown of how to use Movavi's free MOV file converter to transform your video files.

Step 1 Get the software today and set it up on your computer.

The converter's main page features downloadable installation files for both Windows and Mac. Click on the downloaded file's icon, follow the on-screen prompts to set it up, and then run the program.

Click here to visit the official website for Movavi Free Video Converter.

Click here to visit the home page for Movavi Free Video Converter.

Step 2 Just upload your data to the software.

To do this, go to the program's Add Media menu at the top left of the main window and select Add Video. Then, after locating the files you wish to convert, select them and then click Open. Your videos can also be dropped directly into the app.

Step 3 Specify the desired file type

Select MP4 under the Video menu. Select the desired option from the on-screen list of presets.

Step 4 Fine-tune (optional) further settings

To make changes to the converter's video and audio settings, click the gear icon at the program's footer. When you're ready, select the OK button.

Step 5 Obtain MP4 from MOV

To export data, select a destination folder and click the Save button. Click Convert then wait for the conversion to finish.

*You can purchase the full version of the product by clicking the link above.


Best Use: Mobile and cross-platform conversion

Windows Operating System

Video editing software for Windows that is available for no cost is called AVS Video Converter. Freely convert between 150 different formats with this handy program. It also includes mobile device and social media platform defaults. The quickness of the conversion is a result of the software's support for hardware acceleration. AVS Video Converter is a flexible option for Windows users, being compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. However, it is not a good option for Mac users.

Instructions for using AVS Video Converter are as follows:

Step 1 To set up the software, please.

Get the program from the AVS4YOU website and put it on your computer. Start the program after going through the installation process.

Step 2 To use the converter, simply load your files.

Select the files you wish to convert by clicking the Browse button.

Step 3 Change the settings for the conversion to suit your needs.

You can choose which file formats to convert to in the Formats tab. Click on the Devices button to view the available device-specific profiles. Clicking "Web" yields a directory of online video hosting services.

Step 4 Pick a destination folder for the generated files.

In order to choose the destination folder, click the Browse button beside Output File Name.

Step 5 Save your files by converting them.

Just hit the "Convert" button. in order to kick off the transformation

Get the newest version of AVS Video Converter right now for free by clicking here.

Acquire AVS Video Converter Now!

Ideal for: performing a file conversion in the background while working on other tasks.
OS: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Besides playing media, VLC can also convert between various file formats. It's capable of transforming video files into many different formats, MP4 being one of the most well-liked. Given the slow processing speed, converting a large file could take quite some time. If this is acceptable, however, VLC will serve you well.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use VLC to transform MOV files into MP4s, as the program's interface can be daunting to new users.

Step 1 Put VLC on your PC.

If you want to install VLC, you can do so by visiting their website, which is linked to below. Do the app's setup and start using it.

Check out the VLC homepage.

Step 2 Publish a movie formatted as an MOV file

To convert or save your media, open the program's main menu by clicking the Media button in the top left corner. In order to convert MOV files, simply click Add to upload them, then choose Convert / Save.

Step 3 The output format can be selected.

Select Video - H from the Profile section's drop-down list of formats. 264 MP3 (MP4) To change the video and audio codecs used in the final product, select the desired codecs from the drop-down menu and then click the "Wrench" icon. To choose a video codec, go to the Video > Codec menu. Your video's frame rate and bitrate can be adjusted here as well. The audio configurations can be accessed from the tab labeled "Audio codec." When you have finished configuring everything, select Save.

Step 4 File conversion

To choose a destination to store the file, select the corresponding Browse button. Just press the Play button in VLC to begin the MOV to MP4 conversion.

Perfect for: making incompatible media playable on more modern gadgets
The Windows Operating System

More than 500 video and audio file formats are supported by Freemake Video Converter. Choose an output format or tell the app which device you plan to watch the movie on, and it will automatically convert the file to that format. The software also includes basic editing tools, such as the ability to split, merge, and rotate video clips. The converter can also be used to insert subtitles into a video. You'll need to upgrade to the paid version of the app to access some of the features. Large files may take quite some time to convert in the free version because of the slow conversion speed. Keep in mind that the free version adds a watermark to your final videos.

We'll show you how to use Freemake Video Converter to convert MOV to MP.

Step 1 Simply download, then run, the program

Download the Freemake MOV-to-MP4 converter setup file from the page linked below, then run the setup program to get started. It's as simple as following the on-screen prompts and launching the app.'s Video Conversion Program

Step 2 Put your video in the software.

Select the MOV file you wish to convert by clicking the Video button, then clicking Open.

Step 3 You can choose to edit your file.

To access the editing window, select the scissor icon. Change the orientation and length of your video by using the available editing features. When you are finished making adjustments, select OK.

Step 4 Adjust the export settings.

Choose an output format by clicking the MP4 button in the lower part of the program window. Click the gear icon to access further customization options. Video and audio codecs, as well as the output's resolution and bitrate, can all be adjusted here before the conversion begins. When you're satisfied with the setup, select the OK button.

Step 5 Obtain an MP4 version of your file.

Choose an export destination for the final video in the Save to field. To convert your file at no cost, simply click Convert and then select Continue with logo.

There are benefits and drawbacks to using a free method.

As a rule, free desktop apps have no size restrictions when it comes to uploading files and can handle videos that are quite large in size. Video quality settings like bitrate and resolution can be modified with more precision using a desktop converter. As a result, there are times when you should put in the effort to get a new piece of software onto your computer.

One potential drawback of using a free app is that it may take a long time to convert your files, especially if they are particularly large. Furthermore, the free versions of these converters only allow for the most elementary of editing. In conclusion, free desktop apps can be useful if you need to convert only a few small files, or if you need to convert many large files but don't mind waiting for the conversion to finish.

Therefore, there is a plethora of free MOV-to-MP4 converters available for both online and desktop use. You should look into a paid option, such as Movavi Video Converter, if you need a quick converter with a lot of editing features.

Which one is better, MP4 or MOV? Allow me to show you the difference between these two formats by comparing them. In the first place, it must be stressed that file format is a modification of the.qtp format used by QuickTime. Because of this, contrasting QuickTime with MP4 is the most appropriate topic. In addition, MP4 shares many similarities with the QuickTime family of formats, from which it was originally derived. QuickTime was created by Apple and is primarily used by Apple devices (including phones, tablets, and computers), while MP4 was created by the International Organization for Standardization and is therefore more widely supported. and all the major device makers, including Apple, support it.

There are three methods you can try, depending on the quantity and size of your source files:

Due to the fact that MOV was originally developed by Apple, opening such a file should be a breeze on any of their products. ITunes and QuickTime can both open MOV files. VLC and Windows Media Player both support playing MOV files on Windows.

It supports MOV files, but you may need to download a codec to watch them. The video data within an MOV file can be encoded with a variety of codecs, and the software will only be able to play it if you have the correct one installed.

MOV can be played on both Windows and macOS, the two most popular computer systems. The functionality of both MOV and MP4 containers is equivalent. It's possible the codecs used to encode your MOV file are at the root of the issues you're having. Your file won't be read by Windows if it doesn't have these codecs.

This is possible if they are encoded using the correct codec. If not, try a different media player, such as VLC or Windows Media Player, or a codec pack. Please be aware that the latter choice may also necessitate the installation of additional codecs.

Only Apple devices can play MOV files, but any device can play an MP4 file. Also, the space requirements of MOV files are higher than those of MP4s.

This is how you can use QuickTime to change an MOV file into an MP4 format:

  1. Launch QuickTime

  2. A video can be uploaded by selecting the File menu.

  3. To export to an MP4 format, select File > Export.

  4. Simply select the Save option to store your document.

Here's how to change MOV to MP4 on Google Drive:

  1. To access Google, please sign in.

  2. Head over to Google Drive.

  3. Click New

  4. Choose to upload a file by clicking the button.

  5. To convert a file using CloudConvert, right-click it, select "Open With," and finally select "CloudConvert."

  6. Pick MP4 from the list of options.

  7. To begin the transformation, select the Get Started button.

  8. If you agree, the file will be uploaded to your Google Drive.

Downloading a video converter app is necessary to change MOV to MP4 on an iPhone. Attempt one of these examples:

  • iConv

  • Converting Videos on the iPhone with an App

  • Media Player Xtreme is PlayerXtreme

For files larger than 1 GB, a desktop app is required to perform the conversion from MOV to MP4. If you have video files larger than 1 GB, you can convert them quickly using Movavi Video Converter. It also supports batch video file conversion.

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