M4A to WAV Converter: Free, Fast, and Compatible with Windows, Mac, and the Web

In this article, we will go over five different ways to convert M4A to WAV on both Windows and Mac. employing software such as VLC and Audacity and resources available online VideoProc Converter is the most potent converter available, and it maintains the original audio quality without slowing down the conversion process.

How do you define M4A? The file size of an M4A can be drastically reduced thanks to the use of lossy Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) or Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) encoding. However, M4A is only supported by a limited number of devices and operating systems. This is especially true of Apple products like voice memos on the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, etc.

Converting M4A files to WAV would allow them to be played on a wider variety of devices and operating systems. In addition, we will show you 5 different ways to convert M4A to WAV using the top converters available. You should check them right this minute

M4A to WAV Converter for Windows 10/8.11/OS X

In addition to being a speedy M4A to WAV converter, VideoProc Converter is a powerful video converter that can convert between virtually any two formats. There will be no quality loss during the brisk seconds or minutes it takes to convert a folder's worth of media files thanks to the full GPU acceleration support. It supports a wide variety of audio file formats, including both widespread ones like M4A and MP3 and less well-known ones like FLAC and OGG. A high-quality audio/video editor and recorder are also included.

Instructions for doing so, on both Windows and macOS, are provided below.

VideoProc Converter, which can convert M4A to WAV, is available for free download on both Windows and Mac.

Step 1 Include audio recordings in your list

Simply drag and drop an M4A file into the main board, or select Video > Music to add it to the list.

Step 2 Start the process of changing M4A to WAV.

Select Music under Target Format after adding all M4A files. Finally, select WAV.

convert M4A to WAV in batch with VideoProc VideoProc Converter allows for the mass conversion of M4A to WAV.

Step 3 Start the transformation procedure

In order to choose where the created WAV file(s) will be saved, click the Browse button. Then, decide whether you want to convert M4A to WAV in bulk, and press RUN to get started.

Some Extra Features of the M4A to WAV, VideoProc Converter

VideoProc customization settings Altering VideoProc's Conversion Parameters
  • To fine-tune the exported WAV file, you can: 1. press Option to access the parameter adjustment panel
    • check list icon To adjust the audio quality, simply slide the bar to the left or right.
    • check list icon In the Audio Codec field, type in the format, sample rate, and bit rate you want to use.
    • check list icon If you want to change the Output Name, Song Name, Artist, Album, Genre, etc., you can do so under the Name & Tag tab.
Set Name and Tag in VideoProc Converter VideoProc Converter2: Naming and Tagging Options You can change the.mp3's format by clicking the tab labeled "Tar 3 To combine several sound files into one, select "Merge."

Bonus Tip:

Since the most popular use of the WAV format is for uncompressed audio, WAV files tend to be larger than MP3 files. Therefore, think about using FileWhopper if you need to transfer a large WAV file or folder.

Send large WAV files with FileWhopper
  • Allows for the transfer of up to 10TB of data without the need for compression
  • Services are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis, rather than requiring a commitment of any kind.
  • To ensure that no unauthorized parties gain access to your encrypted information, use Zero-Knowledge Encryption.
  • Extremely well-liked by those who capture images or motion on film

2) Convert M4A to WAV Online

Users are gravitating toward online tools because they don't have to deal with the hassle of downloading and installing software. However, there are some restrictions, such as daily conversion limits or file size caps, the convenience far outweighs these. Instructions for using Zamzar, an online M4A to WAV converter, are provided below.

Step 1 Launch Zamzar, an online audio converter available on computers running Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Step 2 Use the "Add File" button to bring in your M4A files. The process of importing multiple files at once is possible. Warning: Zamzar's daily file conversion limit is just two. You can convert more files by upgrading your account; the costs are per month for the basic plan, $16 per month for the pro plan, and $25 per month for the business plan.

convert M4A to WAV in Zamzar Zamzar is able to convert M4A to WAV.

Step 3 Then, once you're ready to begin processing the imported files, click the Convert button.

Step 4 To get the converted files, wait for Zamzar to finish, and then click the download button.

3. Mac M4A to WAV Conversion Guide

On a Mac, Apple's iTunes media player is preinstalled. It's a free tool for converting M4A files to WAV on a Mac. It's a pleasant surprise that it also serves as an M4A to WAV converter for Windows users. If you want to learn how to convert, just keep reading! m4a to wav

Step 1 Initiate iTunes, then select Preferences from the Edit menu. Select Preferences > Import to access the import settings.

Step 2 With the drop-down menu next to "Import Using," select "WAV Encoder." You may now click OK to commit the changes. You can now convert the M4A file to WAV. Please read on!

Convert M4A to WAV with iTunes Make an MP4 into a WAV with iTunes.

Step 3 Select File > Convert > Create WAV Version if the M4A file already exists in your iTunes library, and iTunes will automatically create a new WAV version of the file for you to listen to.

Nonetheless, the procedure would vary slightly if the M4A files are not present in the iTunes library. Press the Shift key and select File > Convert > Convert to WAV. When that happens, it'll ask you to pick some M4A files to import. The Open button can be accessed by selecting the desired files. iTunes can convert them to WAV and add them to your library.

Step 4 The converted files can now be found in the library folder. I have no idea where it is In iTunes, the folder path can be viewed by selecting Edit > Preference > Advanced.

To summarize: use Audacity to change M4A files to WAV files.

Whether you're running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, Audacity can edit audio and convert file formats without costing you a dime. In order for Audacity to import and export a wider variety of audio formats, including M4A, the FFmpeg library must first be downloaded.

Step 1 Get FFmpeg from the internet and set it up. Normally, if you have FFmpeg installed on your computer, Audacity will recognize it without any additional configuration on your part.

If Audacity is unable to automatically detect the library, simply launch the program, navigate to Edit > Preferences, select Libraries from the pop-up dialog, and then click the Locate button.

Audacity Libraries Integrate the FFmpeg codec into Audacity.

Note Those of you who wish to listen to MP3 files may also need the LAME MP3 library. The steps are identical to those taken when setting up the FFmpeg library.

Step 2 Start Audacity up once more Select the M4A file(s) you wish to convert by clicking File > Open.

Import M4A file in Audacity Bring an M4A file into Audacity

Step 3 Exit the program by going to File > Export > Export as WAV

Set output audio format in Audacity Audacity's audio output settings

Step 4 Choose a file destination that's simple to access.

Convert M4A to WAV in Audacity Audacity M4V to WAV conversion

Step 5 Accept the changes by clicking OK. To begin the transformation, click OK once more on the Edit Metadata panel.

Quickly convert M4A files to WAV format with VLC.

We can use VLC not only as a media player, but also to convert M4A to WAV. And here's how to use VLC media player to convert M4A to WAV:

Step 1 To convert or save media using VLC, go to the program's Media menu, then click "Convert / Save."

choose Convert/Save option in VLC Click the VLC menu and select Convert / Save.

Step 2 To import an M4A file, simply double-click the Add button in the new window and navigate to the desired location. After that, click the Convert/Save button once more.

add M4A file in VLC You can play M4A files in VLC by adding the file.

Step 3 Select the red X button on the new panel, and then press the Create a new profile button. You'll be taken to a page where you can choose from even more video and audio file formats.

Step 4 In the profile name field, type WAV. The following step is to select Encapsulation > WAV as the file format. Then, select WAV as the audio format by pressing the Audio codec button and checking the Audio box. Ensure that the sample rate for audio is set to 44100Hz, if possible. Following that, you'll return to the original window by clicking the Save button.

choose WAV format in VLC The WAV format can be selected in VLC.

Step 5 In the drop-down menu, select WAV as the profile type. Once you've decided on a final resting place, press the Start button to get things rolling.

convert M4A to WAV in VLC Make a VLC output profile for M4A files.

On your own now

We've now covered all 5 ways to make the switch from M4A to WAV, so pick your favorite! Continue to be clueless VideoProc Converter is the best option if you need to convert multiple files at once; iTunes, Audacity, and VLC are all excellent free alternatives; and if you'd rather not deal with downloading an installation file, the web-based method is your best bet.

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