Instructions for Creating a CSV File from a PDF Document.

Locking your Excel, Word, or other document's formatting and content within a PDF is a great way to prevent accidental formatting or content changes.  

If you don't change your PDFs to CSV format, you may have some issues.

As the name implies, a CSV is a comma-separated value, which stores information in a tabular and editable format. It's not uncommon for them to originate in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Below, we'll show you the various methods you can use to extract spreadsheet-based content from a PDF file and save it as a CSV, so you can edit it in Excel or another spreadsheet program.

With detailed explanations, examples, and overviews for various programs, we'll show you how to transform your PDFs into CSVs. Whatever your needs—whether you're a Mac or Windows user, want to convert files online or offline, or use a different operating system altogether

What you'll pick up on is this:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro: Converting PDF Files to CSV Format
  • Online PDF to CSV Conversion Guide
  • A Macintosh Tutorial on Converting PDF Files to CSV
  • A Guide to Using Enolsoft PDF Converter with Optical Character Recognition on a Mac to Convert PDF to CSV
  • Windows' Method for Converting PDF Files to CSV
  • Questions About Converting PDF Files to CSV Format

Adobe Acrobat Pro: Converting PDF Files to CSV Format

As a result, many people rely on Adobe Reader as their primary PDF reader.

While it can help you convert PDF files to CSV format, you'll need the paid version of Adobe Acrobat Pro in order to do so.  

The steps to converting a PDF to a CSV file in Adobe Acrobat Pro are as follows:

First, access the PDF you want to use.

Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro. To do this, select "Browse" from the "Home" menu. When prompted, select the desired PDF file from the resulting window and hit "Open."

adobe acrobat open pdf

Second, change the format from PDF to CSV.

In the top right corner of the screen, select "Tools." From the "Create and Edit" menu, choose "Export PDF."

adobe acrobat pro dc export pdf file

Following that, pick "Spreadsheet" and then "Microsoft Excel Workbook" Select the 'Export' tab and then click it.

adobe acrobat pro dc export spreadsheet file

Third, keep your CSV file that you exported.

Create a file name for your Excel spreadsheet, and then click "Save."

save as spreadsheet file

The new Excel report is ready for you to open and double-check for accuracy.  

At this time, however, if xlsx to csv, go to "File" and then "Save as"  

Select "Browse" and then the location to which you'd like to save the CSV file. Select "Save as type," and then "Comma Separated Values." After making your changes, simply click "Save."

excel save as csv

Guide to Online PDF to CSV Conversion

Multiple PDF to CSV converters are available online.  

PDFTables is one method for doing this.  

See how below:

First, launch PDFTable

Click the "Convert a PDF" button on PDFTables to begin the process of converting to CSV.

pdftables convert to csv

Second, Launch PDF Reader

Select the CSV file you wish to convert and click the "Open" button.

Third, transform the PDF into a CSV.

When the upload is complete, you can save the data as a CSV by changing the format in the drop-down menu next to the "Download as Excel" button.

download as excel csv file

In Stage 4, You'll Choose Where to Store the CSV File

Your 'Downloads' folder is where the file will be saved automatically. Go to that directory and transfer the files there.

The converted PDF will open in a CSV file when you double-click the file you renamed it to after you moved it.  

In most cases, Excel is the default program to read CSV files.  

Just right-click on the file, go to "Open with," and then pick the application you'd like to use to open the file.

You have successfully converted your PDF to CSV format.

The Mac's Easy PDF-to-CSV Conversion Guide

On a Mac, you can change the format of a PDF file to a CSV file in a number of ways. Some of them will already be installed, while others will require a download.  

How to Export from Preview in OS X to Comma Separated Values (CSV)  

Users of Macs can convert PDFs to CSVs for free with Preview.

Preview can be used to view, modify, and analyze PDFs and images on a macOS computer.  

One, launch Preview and access the PDF.

Launch Preview and read the PDF file. Simply double-click the file you wish to convert to CSV, and the program will begin processing the data.

pdf to csv on mac

The necessary table must be relocated in Step 2

Choose the needed tables or components, then right-click and select "Copy."

mac copy pdf to export

Copy the table or data, and then paste it into a CSV record or an Excel file.  

The 'Save As' function in Excel's 'File' menu can be used to save the file in CSV format for use later. When prompted to save the file, select "CSV" from the list.

pdf content into excel conversion

While this method does allow you to make changes to the PDF in the format of a CSV, there are some drawbacks to using Preview for conversions, including:

  • Problems with batch PDF-to-CSV conversion
  • There is a chance that the CSV format will be destroyed.

Preview may have messed up your PDF formatting, but Enolsoft PDF converter is a good alternative.

Downloading the PDF converter from this page will allow you to accomplish this.

One of the first things to do is to launch Enolsoft PDF Convertor and load the source PDF.

Simply upload your PDF to Enolsoft PDF Convertor by clicking the corresponding button.

pdf converter with OCR enolsoft

Phase 2: Change the PDF file format to a CSV file

Browse to where you keep your files and select "Open" to access the PDF.

When a file is chosen, the user is then prompted to choose a destination format, such as an Excel spreadsheet. Then, decide whether you want to read the entire thing or just a few pages. Choose the language into which you'd like to export the file.  

To begin the conversion process, simply click the "Convert" button.

convert to excel from pdf

Three, transform the file you've downloaded

The file-downloading dialogue box will appear once the conversion is finished.  

Once you've found the spot you want to save to, click the "Save" button to complete the transformation.  

A Windows Tutorial on Converting PDF Files to CSV

Converting a PDF file to a CSV file in Windows can be done with a variety of programs.  

Some of them are free, while others require payment.  

Take a look at them with me  

Wondershare PDF Converter: How to Convert PDF to CSV in Windows

A standard PDF can be converted with the free version of Wondershare PDF Converter.  

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro requires a paid subscription if you need to change the format of a scanned document.  

First, get Wondershare PDF Converter by clicking here.

Download the free trial here if you need to convert a regular PDF or a password-protected PDF to CSV.

But if you need to convert a scanned PDF, click here for the lowest price.

The PDF to CSV conversion process can begin once the download is complete and the program is installed.  

To proceed to Step 2, change the PDF file format to a CSV file.

To begin converting files, launch Wondershare PDF Converter and select the option to do so from the tool's right-hand menu.  

When you select this, you'll be asked if you're okay with working with a watermarked document or if you'd like to upgrade to Wondershare PDF Converter Pro in order to remove the watermark.  

It's okay to press the Trial button for the time being.

A window will then appear, prompting you to select a PDF to open. Simply choose the PDF you want to open and hit "Open."  

When you select the "Open" button, the window's focus shifts from opening to saving files.  

Select "Excel ( xls)" from the "Save as type:" drop-down menu. xlsx)’ Select "Save" Once you click the button, a pop-up window will display the current percentage of conversion.

save as xlsx conversion

Converting is the third step. xlsx to csv

The document can be saved in the or you can change it to.xlsx format. csv  

Open the converted file in Excel if you need a CSV version.  

To save the file, go to "File," then "Save as." Use the image below as a guide to locate the drop-down menu and select the desired CSV format.  

It's as simple as pressing "Save" to finish up.

convert to csv file format

Questions About Converting PDF Documents to CSV Files

  • PDF to CSV converter for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

Adobe Acrobat DC is one of the easiest PDF to CSV converters available, regardless of operating system. It's accessible from nearly every OS and has an intuitive interface. It looks a lot like Acrobat Reader, but it can't convert files like Acrobat Reader can. The only way to access those features is to purchase the premium version, i.e. e PDF Professional Version by Adobe Systems Incorporated  

A variety of other programs, some of which cost money and others which are free, are available for download as well.  

  • How do I change a PDF document into a CSV format?

Converting a PDF to a CSV file can be done in three different ways. The first is the OS's own applications, like Preview for Mac. For a second, you can get third-party programs (e g PDF/A, Wondershare, Adobe Acrobat DC, etc. ) There are also online resources available, such as PDFTables.  

If you have Adobe Reader's full, commercial release, i e Adobe Acrobat DC's Export function makes the transition from PDF to CSV a breeze.   

  • Can PDF files be converted into CSV files?

Several methods exist to make the transition from PDF to CSV. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Mac's Preview, and third-party apps like Wondershare PDF Converter (Windows) and Enolsoft PDF Converter (Mac) are all viable options. PDFTables is one online tool you can use.  


I sincerely hope this was of some use.

Once you've mastered the PDF-to-CSV conversion process, you might want to check out these resources for more information on managing your PDFs.

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