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Can you think of a time when a friend asked you to email some PDFs of the most recent party photos or concert pictures you took? Having those pictures on your iPhone makes you wonder if there's a way to convert them from JPG to PDF. Sometimes, all you need is a simple method for sending pictures around that lets people see them on any gadget or computer system.

Converting photos to PDFs on Apple devices is a breeze to master. The challenge is in locating a tool that is both simple and effective. Therefore, the conversion process is quick, the output PDF is of high quality, and sharing the resulting image PDFs is easy. Let's take a quick look at some easy methods for accomplishing this using both external and built-in iOS apps.

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Converting images from JPG, PNG, BMP, or GIF to PDF on an iOS device is the quickest method. If you haven't already, here are five easy ways to create a PDF from an image:

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PDFelement for iOS is an efficient and lightweight PDF editor and file converter for iPad and iPhone. It's a great accessory for your Apple mobile device thanks to its many features, easy operation, and intuitive interface. This multipurpose iOS app can do it all when it comes to PDFs: create, read, edit, convert, organize, annotate, secure, optimize, print, and share. One of the best places to learn how to convert JPGs to PDFs iPhone-style is with this app because of its user-friendly interface, robust features, and adaptability.

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Tutorial: How to Convert Images from JPEG to PDF on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Step 1 View Images in JPG Format

To begin importing files into PDFelement from your computer, Photos, Files, or another app, tap the icon in the top-right corner of the app.

Select the Camera Roll by tapping the Photos button.

import pdf to pdfelment for ios

Step 2 Choose the JPEG Pictures

Choose one or more JPG files to convert to PDF; if you choose more than one, they will all be combined into one.

The files can be imported by clicking the Add button.

Step 3 Change JPEG to PDF format

If you want to add more information about the imported files, tap the ellipsis (...) icon after the image or in the top right corner.

After choosing the files to be converted, you'll need to tap the ellipsis icon once more, but this time in the bottom menu bar.

jpg to pdf on pdfelement

Choose the PDF output format by clicking the corresponding button.

When the conversion is complete, the PDF will appear in the PDFelement Home tab.

Test out the simplicity of JPG to PDF conversion on your iPhone. The aforementioned steps can also be taken with iPads. Moreover, after the conversion is complete, you can take additional steps, such as compressing the PDF, annotating it with annotation tools, cropping it, adding a watermark, and so on. To send it via email or AirDrop, post it on Pinterest, or share it with other apps on your device, tap the Share button in the ellipsis icon menu (More menu or extended menu).

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The virtual Printer app is another option for converting images from JPG to PDF on iPhone. To send the document to others, just use the Print function on your Share Sheet. The procedure is straightforward, and the transformation is relatively quick. Other functions, such as compression and annotation, require a separate tool like PDFelement, which may not be available on your device.

Instructions for Printing Photos as PDFs on an iPhone

Step 1 To choose an image, launch the Photos app.

convert jpg to pdf using print

Bring up a picture on your iPhone's Photos app.

Another option is to go to the Albums section and pick multiple JPGs by using the Select button.

Step 2 Print and Share

Choosing the Share option will take you to the Share Sheet.

Print out your message to spread the word!

Step 3 Replace JPEG with PDF

zoom to convert to pdf

Pinch the image outward when you see the print preview to make a PDF.

Once the file has been converted, you can use your device's native Share Sheet app to send it to others.

You can learn how to convert JPG to PDF in bulk on the iPhone with PDFelement, or you can use the Books app. You can then save the PDF with your chosen images to the app and easily share it with others online. Let's take a closer look at this simple procedure.

Here are the Books app on your iPhone's steps to converting images to PDF.

jpg to pdf using books

Step 1 Invoke the mobile photo viewer.

To access the Photos menu, tap the icon.

Step 2 Pick Several Images at Once

Select multiple photos at once by swiping your finger across them in the Albums section.

Step 3 Change the images to PDF format.

If you select the Share menu, the Share Sheet will open.

The Books app can be accessed via the Share Sheet.

That's it Previewing your images after they have been converted and compiled into a single PDF file Simply reopen the Share Sheet and select a new sharing option to distribute it.

Did you know that the Files app on your iPhone can be used to transform an image into a PDF? For this method to work, the relevant image simply needs to be in your Files app. If the picture is already there, however, creating a PDF version is as simple as a few clicks. The file will be converted using the Share function, as in previous steps.

How to Convert an iPhone Picture to a PDF Using the Files App

Step 1 Pull up your files in your preferred app.

Find the image you want to convert in your Files app.

Step 2 Use the PDF format

Simply long-press the image you want to convert and then select the Create PDF option.

Select the More option (the ellipsis inside a circle) to convert multiple images at once.

convert jpg to pdf using files

To make a choice, use the drop-down menu.

To change the pictures, just tap them.

create pdf using files app

Select Create PDF from the More menu.

HiPDF is a web-based PDF reader and editor that works in any up-to-date iPhone web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.). The site is a collection of web pages, each of which features its own online, free PDF creation and editing tool. The Image to PDF conversion page is the ideal tool for this task, and it is easily accessible from an iPhone or any other device. Following is a detailed description of how to perform an online JPG to PDF conversion:

The HiPDF Online Process for Converting Images to PDF Format

Step 1 Try out the HiPDF Image to PDF page today.

jpg to pdf hipdf

Open your chosen web browser and navigate to HiPDF's image-to-document converter.

Step 2 Please Publish the JPEG Image

The file can be retrieved from your computer by selecting the Choose File button.

Step 3 Download the PDF after the JPG has been converted.

To convert a file into another format, open it in HiPDF and then click the Convert button.

click convert to pdf

Select "Download" to save the PDF to your device; you'll also be able to choose "Upload to Dropbox or Box" to share the converted file.

See below for a video that should help you understand how to use PDFelement for more advanced PDF tasks.

pdf expert interface

In addition to converting images and other files to PDF, PDF Expert also allows you to edit PDFs, fill and sign PDF forms, add annotations, read PDFs, and more on your Mac or iOS device. The procedure is straightforward, and the user interface is easy to understand.

Upload the file to the PDF Expert iOS app, tap the More menu button, and select Convert to PDF from the expanded menu. That's it It's not possible to do things like compress files with PDF Expert, etc. , but it feels very much like a native iOS app, unlike HiPDF or PDFelement for iOS. In addition, PDF Expert for iOS has a lot of free features and simple in-app purchases for the Basic and Pro plans if you want more.

xodo pdf reader

Xodo PDF for iOS is a powerful PDF reader and annotation tool that supports both PDF and Microsoft Office files. The app itself does not support JPG to PDF conversion, but there is a web-based alternative now known as PDF Online. online facilitates this capability.

Drop your JPG into the web interface like you would with HiPDF, and click a button to convert it. The app and the online PDF service together constitute a comprehensive set of PDF resources, accessible from any iOS or Android mobile device, as well as any desktop or laptop computer. The best part is that all of these online tools are free to use for processing PDFs and other file types in a wide variety of ways, including editing, converting, combining, organizing, compressing, cropping, and so on.

acrobat ios version

Without a doubt, the best PDF editor for the iPhone is Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS. If you frequently work on PDFs and other documents while traveling, the price may be justified. This app's main functions are as follows: PDF reading, viewing, printing, sharing, collaborative commenting and annotation; PDF form filling and signing; PDF file management and editing; PDF editing; and PDF form filling and signature.

This app, like Xodo, doesn't have a way to convert JPGs to PDFs on mobile devices, but there is a workaround that can be used. To print an iPhone photo, open it in the Photos app, select Share, then Print, and pinch to zoom in. To save the PDF to your Files app, tap Share once more after the image has opened in Acrobat Reader.

Final Thoughts

There's no need to keep wondering how to change an iPhone PDF into another PDF format now that you know this! The options we've presented to you today provide you with everything you could possibly need to complete that specific job. PDFelement for iOS is our top pick because it provides access to so many helpful features for managing document workflows on the go. PDFs can be read and other tasks can be performed with ease thanks to the intuitive interface and the fact that it is optimized for use with iOS.

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