How to Turn Your Favorite GIFs into MP4 Videos with the 17 Best GIF to MP4 Converters

The date August 10, 2022 The use of GIFs has spread from websites to instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Twitter. However, not all devices can play GIFs and instead demand more conventional video formats like MP4. Some users also favor sharing their favorite videos via

The date August 10, 2022

The use of GIFs has spread from websites to instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Twitter. However, not all devices can play GIFs and instead demand more conventional video formats like MP4.

Some users also favor sharing their favorite videos via social media. That's why it's more important than ever to convert GIFs to MP4s. No worries though, as there are a plethora of programs and utilities available to help us easily convert GIFs to MP4s.

This tutorial will show you how to convert GIF files to various video formats. Here, we provide you with all the information you require regarding GIF-to-video conversions, as well as a list of the most reliable GIF-to-MP4 converters currently available online. Continue reading to learn more.

Throw open the downloaded exe or .dmg file and then following the on-screen prompts

To upload images, select "Add Media" then "Add Images." You can also just drop the files onto the program window.

To locate the correct MP4 preset, select the Video menu > Presets > MP4 group. The output video's frame size and bitrate can be adjusted via the settings dial accessible via the cogwheel icon.

Any video you convert will be placed in your Movavi Library automatically. Simply by clicking the Save to button, you'll be given the option to change the destination folder. To begin the transformation, please press the Convert button.

In this lesson, you learned how to change a GIF into an MP4 video. The same steps apply to all of the other file types that can be read by the software. g Videos in the following formats: Movavi Video Converter makes converting and editing videos and photos a breeze.

Simple GIF-to-video converter software is readily available online, and can be used for both personal and professional purposes.

There is no shortage of programs that will convert GIF to video, improve them, or let you morph them into something completely different.

Want to know more about the best GIF video converters we've found?

So, here they are:


  • CloudConvert

  • Online-Convert

  • Convertio

  • Zamzar

  • FreeConvert

EZGIF To convert a GIF to a movie with just one click, the most basic format is COM. It's a quick and easy online tool, and it's free of charge and doesn't stamp your converted files with any annoying ads. It also aids in shrinking file sizes, which speeds up both file uploading and downloading.

It can play back videos in reverse, rotate them, crop them, cut them, and optimize their quality. In short, this tool has your back whether you need to convert GIFs to movies or simply make a few adjustments.

But the program can only convert files up to 35 MB in size from GIF, APNG, MNG, and WebP formats.

The following are the basic instructions for using this program to transform animated GIFs into MP4s:

  1. Check out that EZGIF web address ending

  2. You can either drag and drop an image file (GIF, APNG, MNG, and WebP are all supported) or paste the image's URL into the text box.

  3. Choose MP4 as your output format and hit the button.

  4. After a file is uploaded, the program will analyze it and convert it to MP4.

  5. Save the file to the location of your choice by clicking the download button.

CloudConvert is a web service that facilitates the transformation of still images into MP4 videos. You can use this web-based service to change your images from PNG, WEBP, JPG, GIF, and HEIC to MP4 format. Modifying the image's resolution, quality, and even file size is a breeze with this handy tool.

Plus, with CloudConvert, users can easily convert an entire webpage into a PDF, PNG, or JPG image. You can also import data from cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive with the help of this free program. ) in order to rapidly convert GIFs to MP4 format

There is a wide range of file types that can be opened by the program, from documents to presentations to ebooks to spreadsheets, and more. The file can be altered to suit your requirements, with options including audio editing, video trimming, and subtitle addition.

Curious about using this program to convert a GIF into a video? Instructions on how to use the GIF-to-video converter

  1. Visit a cloud-based converter. Site with extension

  2. Find the GIF to MP4 converter option.

  3. Select the files you wish to convert by clicking the corresponding button.

  4. To get the desired result, tweak various settings such as resolution, CRF, preset, Profile, and frame rate.

  5. To change formats, select the appropriate menu item.

  6. Once the conversion is complete, you can save the GIF as a video by downloading the file.

You can use this program to transform GIFs into MPEG-4 Video Streams. This converter is free to use and allows for extensive customization of the resultant video. It has a ton of cool extras like a screen resizer, file resizer, flipper, and so much more to make your videos stand out. In addition to MPEG-2, MKV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, and more, this MP4 converter supports conversion to MP4 from over 50 different source formats.

Here are the basic steps to convert an animated GIF to an MP4 file:

  1. Please visit the online converter. online resource with extension

  2. Click on an available GIF to MP4 converter from the drop-down menu.

  3. Send the file via cloud storage (such as Google Drive or Dropbox) or your computer. In addition, you can specify a web address (URL) to download the file directly.

  4. To add personal touches to your video, select from the available extras. Modify the video's resolution, frame rate, and codec to your liking.

  5. To begin the process of converting, select the Get started button.

  6. After the file is prepared, you can download it and store it wherever you like.

Convertio is a universal format converter that can transform any video or audio file into an MP4 format. On the other hand, it is useful when changing GIFs into videos (in MP4 format). More than 300 file types can be used with this program. It is a web-based application that operates online and stores data in the cloud, eliminating the need for physical storage.

In addition, it lets users adjust a wide range of video-related parameters, such as quality, codec, aspect ratio, rotation, and flipping. The free software also promises complete safety and works with any device. After a day, all converted and uploaded files are deleted from their servers.

With the aid of this program, you can easily convert your GIF into a video, as demonstrated below:

  1. Just visit co

  2. Select "Open File Converter" from the main menu to begin.

  3. Select a file to upload by dragging and dropping it from your device, Dropbox, or Drive, pasting its URL, or selecting it from a list.

  4. Put the file online.

  5. In order to convert a file larger than 100 MB, you must first register.

  6. Format Selection for Output

  7. To change the unit of measure, select the Convert button.

  8. To save the GIF as an MP4 file on your device, select the Download button.

Zamzar is a free online GIF-to-video converter that allows you to convert GIFs to videos in a number of different ways.

Following this guide, you should be able to successfully convert your gif to Free software to convert videos to mp4 format

  1. Simply visit com

  2. GIF to MP4 can be selected from the available options.

  3. Drag and drop files or paste a URL into the Add Files box (max If the file is over 50 MB in size, it will not be uploaded.

  4. MP4 is the format you want to use.

  5. To begin the transformation, select the button.

  6. To save the updated file, select Download.

An online GIF to MP4 converter, Free Convert has a user-friendly interface and other useful features. Online users can use it to make the transition from GIFs to MP4s. It's exactly what it sounds like: a totally costless and cross-platform resource. In addition, the files you upload and convert are permanently deleted from the secure HTTP server after 2 hours. To create a file that looks like a GIF but has a faster load time, you can use the "loop" feature to mimic a GIF.

Freeware that can convert GIFs to videos, with instructions:

  1. Pull up FreeConvert. com

  2. Access the GIF to MP4 converter by clicking Tools and then Converters on the main page.

  3. Select GIFs to use from the drop-down menu.

  4. You can upload, paste a link to, or drop in a file up to 1 GB in size.

  5. A new window will open, select MP4 as the output format, and click Convert.

  6. You can get the GIF in video format by clicking the Download MP4 button.

Why you should convert GIFs to MP4s online

There are many different kinds of conversion programs available to Internet users. However, if you need immediate results, single small files are all you can convert with an online or web-based video converter.

The best part about using an online animated GIF to video converter, though, is that you won't have to install anything and it will probably be free. Inability to process larger files is the only thing holding them back at this point. You'll want to research alternative kinds of software if that's the case.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, and Source

Developed by the non-profit VideoLan Organization, the VLC media player is available for no cost to users. Not only is it useful for playing back downloaded videos, but it can also transform files from one format to another. The program's ability to transform GIFs into MP4 files that can be played on Macs, PCs, Androids, iPhones, and other devices is the main feature we'll look at here.

Video files can be converted from one format to another, including but not limited to AVI, MPEG, MP4, Divx, WMV, FLV, DVD, and many more. In addition, there is no maximum file size, so even large files can be converted with ease. Additionally, you can convert multiple files at once. However, it's difficult to use because there are so many steps involved, even for basic file conversions.

The program has its own special capabilities and can only be obtained by downloading it. How to use it is as follows:

  1. Get the free VLC media player here.

  2. Launch VLC

  3. Choose Convert / Save from the Media menu.

  4. Select the GIFs you wish to convert from your device, then click the Add button in the File menu.

  5. As soon as you add files, a window labeled "Convert" will appear; click "Convert" and then "Target File" to specify the output location and name.

  6. Select MP4 as the output format by clicking Profile and browsing the available options.

  7. Use the provided controls to fine-tune a profile's video settings, such as resolution, codec, and framerate, in order to achieve optimal playback on

  8. Adjust the audio and video quality by selecting one of several available filters.

  9. Embed a logo or watermark if you like.

  10. To initiate the change, hit the Start button. Transform a GIF into a video playable on an Apple, Microsoft, or Google device.

  11. The output video will be saved directly to the specified location once the conversion is complete. To examine the files, please access the folder.

Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux

FFMPEG is the only media converter of its kind that is fully compatible with any and all forms of media. Any file format can be converted, muxed, demuxed, decoded, encoded, streamed, filtered, and played. The program's wide range of useful features includes media compression and file conversion, among many others.

This program has the ability to convert many different file types, including video and GIF, to other file types with a significant reduction in file size. The intuitive design and straightforward operation of this program set it apart from similar ones. FFmpeg is a code-only program, which puts off most novices.

So, if you want to use FFmpeg, you'll need to brush up on your coding skills. The quickest and easiest solution, however, is to learn the relevant codes for your intended use.

While we've spent the bulk of this tutorial discussing how to convert GIFs to MP4, the process is essentially the same when working in the opposite direction.

  1. You should use a static build that is specific to the platform you are developing for.

  2. Copy and paste "$ ffmpeg -i benji" into a command prompt. Yuv420p benji GIF -f MP4 -pix_fmt Click "Convert to: MP4" to change the GIFs to MP4 format.

  3. If the output file doesn't already exist on your computer, the program will make one for you. If the file already exists, the program will ask you at the command line if you want to overwrite it, and if so, you can simply type "-y" to overwrite the file.

Windows Operating System

It's easy to convert GIFs to videos with Freemake Video Converter, a free program available for Windows.

As an output, it supports a wide variety of formats, and as an input, it can accept a wide variety of file types. You can also make menus and subtitles for your Blu-rays and DVDs, as well as convert files and burn them directly.

The best part, perhaps, is that the software can be easily connected to a user's YouTube account, making it simple to share videos on social media. As an added bonus, you can get the audio from videos you've downloaded from YouTube and other sites.

Converting GIFs to video for playback on an iPhone, Android, or any other device is a breeze with Freemake. The detailed procedures are as follows:

  1. The Freemake Video Converter can be obtained for Windows and opened right away.

  2. To begin, select the Camera icon from the menu bar.

  3. Get the GIF you want to use and click it.

  4. Select the to MP4 button located at the window's footer.

  5. Select the target folder and hit the blue Convert button to begin the transformation.

Both Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS X are supported.

Among the many video converters out there, this one is among the most reliable. It's free and supports a wide variety of video file formats, such as MP4, GIF, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, FLV, and more. It supports lossless encoding for both single-file and bulk video file conversions. However, a free version is available for non-profit organizations to use.

Prism Video Converter Software's best feature is its straightforward, three-step process for converting videos. So, here's how it works:

  1. Get Prism Windows AVI/Video Converter now!

  2. Pick the file(s) you want to use.

  3. To convert to a different format, choose it from the list.

  4. Convert

The Operating Systems Supported Are: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Open Source

For more than a decade, people have had access to HandBrake, a program that allows them to convert videos. Its straightforward design makes converting a breeze. It's open-source and totally free, with no hidden costs or sketchy add-ons.

Here's how to use the program to transform your GIFs into MP4s:

  1. Get your hands on HandBrake, then install it and fire it up.

  2. When it's open, go to the Source menu and pick Open File.

  3. To open a file, navigate to its location on your computer, click it, and then click the Open button.

  4. Type the converted file's name and location into the File box.

  5. To select a new save location, select the Browse button.

  6. Click Save

  7. After that, return to HandBrake's main window, double-check your choice, and hit "Start."

  8. After the process is complete, you can view the file in Chrome or save it to your computer to watch on your TV, tablet, or mobile device.

The benefits of using a free GIF to MP4 converter

GIF-to-video converters are useful for a wide variety of situations. In order to boost the platform's efficiency and decrease file sizes. While these converters are free to use, they can save a lot of time and effort. It enables the simultaneous processing of a large number of file conversions. The best part is that you can convert huge files with no cost and minimal effort using these programs.

Users have complained about the lengthy download and installation processes, as well as the arduous nature of the pre- and post-conversion options. For this reason, many favor using an online converter. However, only these applications are useful when converting larger files.

OS: Android & iOS

ImgPlay is an effective and simple image viewer. It enables making GIFs that meet the specifications of social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. You can play around with the aspect ratio, select from a wide variety of filters and stickers, and even use a pen-drawing tool to add your own original touches. Lots of imaginative possibilities exist. ImgPlay's only real drawback is that the free version adds a watermark to animated GIFs you create.

Here's how to put that conversion app to good use:

  1. Just download the app and launch it. Select Edit GIF from the menu and choose an existing GIF from the gallery that is generated for you.

  2. The video frames can be viewed in the top bar, the element being edited can be seen in the center, and design options can be accessed from the bottom of the editing screen. After you've finished making changes, select Next.

  3. The option to save or share will appear. Select Video after selecting Save. In addition to deciding between low and high quality, you can also customize the number of times the effect is repeated.

Software: Android

This Android app is a straightforward and easy-to-use converter. Simple tasks like cropping, rotating, and resizing are the extent of its featureset. This is the best option for quickly converting and sharing GIFs online.

The GIF to Video Conversion Process:

  1. Choose a GIF from your library, then click the Convert button.

  2. Select "Download" to save the final product to your gallery.

  3. Spread your video around on social media if you like.


This app has a lot going for it: it's well-made and it has lots of features. Varying playback parameters such as speed, frame rate, and orientation is possible. You can easily and quickly share your creations with the world using GifVid's user-friendly interface.

This program offers the following methods for converting GIF files:

  1. Get GifVid, and launch it. If you want to make something, just hit the "Create" button.

  2. You can convert gifs to videos by clicking that button.

  3. You can pick and choose the pictures you need.

  4. Pick a video quality that works for you.

  5. Video playback speed and duration can be modified.

  6. Select the right arrow button to play the clip.

  7. You can then either save or share the results.


Simple and cost-free, GifShare is ideal for sharing animated images. A good set of editing tools and simple sharing features are included. App Store reviews, however, indicate that this app has some issues.

In order to change a GIF with GifShare, you must do the following:

  1. Download, setup, and launch the program

  2. Find a GIF A picture from your photo album or the one you have saved on your device's camera roll will do.

  3. Transform your video with an editor Enhance the visual appeal of your GIF by using various filters and effects.

  4. Create a video file from your clip, and tweak the playback speed and resolution as needed.

  5. Keep and show your work

Device Operating Systems: Android & iOS

Aside from being a simple file converter, GIF Cracker is useful for those who have no other conversion needs. With just a few clicks, you can re-encode an existing GIF or convert a GIF to a photo or video.

How to Crack GIFs with GIF Cracker

  1. Launch the program and select a GIF to edit

  2. Tweak the settings of the converter

  3. If you want to begin converting, just hit the Get Started button.

The benefits of converting GIFs to MP4s on the go

The power of the devices in our pockets increases every year. It's possible you'll never have to use a personal computer for editing or conversion, depending on your circumstances. The aforementioned apps allow you to do a great deal while on the go, and the outcomes are impressive. The quality of desktop programs is superior, but online options are more readily available, and vice versa; this is where mobile converters shine.

These days, there is a wide range of content formats suitable for both private and public use. Nonetheless, if you want your content to have an effect on readers and viewers, you must use the proper file format.

In this light, GIFs and MP4s are the most widely used media for online content distribution. Help us explain how they function, and we'll point you in the direction of the one that will most efficiently transport your content.

Compare the features of the two formats side by side in the table below.

For a video-like effect, many websites use GIFs, an image format containing animated images compressed into frames that play in a loop. In contrast to still photographs, GIFs have moving frames, making them effectively videos. The animated GIFs can be converted into videos due to the compressed nature of the animation files.

Multiple programs exist for converting videos to animated GIFs on any macOS device. As an example, there is the downloadable Movavi GIF-to-movie converter. Here's how to easily transform GIFs into MP4 videos:

  1. It's as simple as downloading Movavi Video Converter and running it.
    Get the Mac version of Movavi's video converter here:

  2. To insert moving GIFs into your programs, go to the File menu and select Add Media.

  3. Select the MP4 profile under the Video menu's Profile drop-down.

  4. To modify preferences, select the gear icon ( ).

  5. To begin the process, click the Convert button.

Use an iPhone-compatible GIF video converter or a web-based file converter to simplify the process. Top video converters for use on an iPhone are as follows:


  • CloudConvert

  • Online-Convert

  • Convertio

  • Zamzar

  • FreeConvert

Your iPhone's operating system or the GIF itself may be at fault if you're unable to view GIFs. Problems can arise for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: software malfunction, new software, or a physically damaged device. However, the issue can be resolved by performing an iOS update, clearing out some storage space, or performing a factory reset on the device.

If you have Adobe® Photoshop®, you can easily follow these steps to change your GIF to a video format:

  1. Prepare Adobe Photoshop for use.

  2. Click the File menu, then Import, and finally the Video Frames to Layers option.

  3. Choose Make Frame Animation from the list's empty block and click the Done button.

  4. Choose a segment of video by sequentially importing its frames.

  5. Download the MP4 version of your GIF and play it with ease.

The visual styles of GIFs and videos are similar to some extent. However, they are not interchangeable in any way; their functions, qualities, or capabilities are all distinct. Here's what you need to know if you're having trouble deciding between GIF and MP4 videos: In comparison to other file types, GIFs are bulkier, slower to load, and suffer from noticeable pixelation. While MP4 videos are more compact, more efficient, and more visually pleasing, they also have a lower resolution.

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