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Earlier than expected: 12 February 2023

Using a Canon digital camera will result in stunningly beautiful photographs. This is largely attributable to Canon cameras' support for the superior CR2 file format. Most devices do not support the CR2 format, making it difficult to view the photos on devices other than the original camera. As a result, if you want your photos to be viewable on a wider range of devices, you'll need to have them converted from CR2 to JPG.

Some potential problems with CR2 files are listed below.

It's possible the file format is unfamiliar to your gadget. If this is the case, you can try converting your file using this specialized software.

Unfortunately, not all photo formats are social media-friendly. Most social media platforms do not accept CR2 files, so you will need to convert them before sharing.

RAW images are typically large and space-intensive because they contain all the data captured by the camera's sensor. Alternately, you could try utilizing a different file format, as this may solve the issue.

Stumped on the CR2 to JPG conversion process. Have no fear To that end, I have compiled a list of some of the most useful conversion resources available online. cr2 to pictures in jpg format and detailed instructions on how to use them

If you need to convert CR2 files to JPEG, Movavi Video Converter is your best bet. Even if you have never used a CR2 converter before, you should have no trouble getting around in this program because of how intuitively organized it is. There is a major drop in quality when converting CR2 files using most converters. You need not worry about this issue when using Movavi to convert your 4K videos because the quality is preserved throughout the process.

The CR2 to JPG batch conversion feature in Movavi Video Converter is a great time saver if you have a lot of files to convert. You won't have to wait long for the finished files due to its lightning-fast conversion speed. This program not only converts, but also includes tools for fine-tuning the resultant files. The editing program allows users to tweak numerous settings to enhance the quality of their photos. In addition, it has a compression function that lessens the amount of space required for each batch conversion.

Follow this quick guide to convert CR2 to JPG using the free Movavi converter software for Windows or Mac.

To get the gist of things in a nutshell, read our brief guide below.

To convert CR2 photos, simply click the "Add Media" button, then "Add Images," and finally, select the files you wish to convert. Multiple images can be uploaded in quick succession.

Select JPG from the Images menu to perform the CR2 to JPEG conversion.

Choose your desired options in the new window that appears. In the Settings menu, click the "Adjustments" button to make adjustments to the image's brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation. A change can be saved by selecting Apply.

Using the Crop tab, you can choose and crop a specific area of the photo to bring attention to the things you deem most important. Please remember to select Save and Close when you are finished making changes.

Your CR2 files can be converted by selecting Save to, then choosing an export location before clicking Convert. When the conversion is complete, the program will immediately take you to the destination folder.

You should now be able to take those massive CR2 files and convert them into more manageable JPGs. You should use this format to convert your high-quality CR2 photos because it allows for simple viewing, editing, and printing. One of the quickest video converters for Windows and Mac is Movavi Video Converter. See what it can do for you by downloading it right now.

You can trust CloudConvert to perform your online CR2 to JPG conversions. This service is cloud-based, as the name implies. In addition to CR2, it can convert to over 200 different formats, including PNG, WEBP, HEIC, and GIF. Using CloudConvert is totally cost-free for the typical user who doesn't need to perform more than 25 conversions per day. A bespoke subscription package will be required for anything further. Costs begin at for 500 converted minutes.

CloudConvert has partnered with many different developers to guarantee that your conversions will be of the highest quality. App users can also take advantage of its robust API, which allows for bespoke integrations. CloudConvert has been used for over 600,000,000 conversions, as shown on their website, demonstrating its reliability.


  • Keeps pictures looking great

  • Provides options for altering image size, quality, and resolution

  • The CR2 to JPG conversion process can be performed in batches.


  • Full functionality is only available after purchasing a subscription.

FreeConvert is a great alternative if you want to convert CR2 to JPG online without spending a dime. Since it can be accessed via browser, all you need is access to the internet to use it. In addition to being a With the CR2 converter's wide range of supported formats, it's easy to see why it's so popular. Importantly, this method uses a safe method. As a result, your data is extremely unlikely to be stolen.

FreeConvert provides a variety of options for optimizing output file quality, including changing image quality and file size. There is a free tier, but paid plans with more advanced tools are also available. With a paid plan, you can convert larger files, perform more simultaneous conversions, and have your conversions completed at a faster rate.


  • Offers both free and premium plans to satisfy a wide range of customers.

  • Secure

  • No ads

  • Batch processing is supported.

  • Various file types are accepted.


  • The free tier is severely lacking in options.

As an additional online CR2 image converter, Convertio is available to you right now. It's a one-stop shop for all your media conversion needs, supporting formats from video to image to text document. Being web-based means it can be used with any OS. Convertio provides tutorials and support for users who are unfamiliar with the CR2 to JPEG conversion process.

The prices range from to $19 per month, depending on the plan you select. 99 and $25 For , you can upgrade from a maximum file size of 500MB during conversion to an unlimited In addition to receiving an uncapped number of daily conversion minutes with each plan, you will also be shielded from annoying commercial interruptions.


  • Reasonable costs

  • Multi-format support

  • User-friendly design


  • Some users may find that the 100 MB limit on file size is insufficient.

There aren't many, if any, online photo editing services that can compete with iLoveIMG. This program is a great CR2-to-JPEG converter because of the high quality editing and conversion options it provides. The fact that iLoveIMG can be accessed in a number of different tongues and boasts features that are both descriptive and straightforward makes it even more appealing.

Not only can you edit CR2 files, but you can also convert them to JPG. To name just a few examples: cropping, resizing, compressing, rotating, and watermarking All uploaded files are encrypted to protect against the possibility of data theft. To top it all off, archives are removed after only two hours. As an added bonus, iLoveIMG encourages teamwork, so even large groups can finish projects quickly and effectively.


  • You can get the free version right here.

  • Plentiful options for altering images

  • Promotes teamwork

  • When transferring sensitive data, files are encrypted for safety.

  • It's translated into a lot of different tongues

  • User-friendly


  • Access to all features is restricted until a subscription is purchased.

Zamzar is a versatile converter that can be used for anything from converting images (CR2 to JPG, for example) to documents. You can quickly and easily convert files online without installing any software or requiring any sort of registration. Any file, whether hosted online or on your computer, can be converted simply by entering its URL or by uploading it.

You'll get an email as soon as your alterations are complete. Free conversions for files under 50MB are more than adequate for pictures.


  • Files under 50 MB can be converted without charge.

  • Notifications of successful conversion are sent via email.

  • Converting CR2 files is a breeze.


  • Subscription required for files larger than 50 MB.

Raw is, by definition, Pics io is a digital asset management system that facilitates easy file organization and retrieval. It also facilitates group work and the dissemination of results. Thanks to its foundation in Google Drive, you know your data is safe.

With its many useful functions, including converting CR2 files to JPG, it is a must-have for photographers. It's simple to use, and if you subscribe to G Suite, you get unlimited storage.


  • Extremely safe

  • Provides software for handling digital assets

  • Options galore

  • Favorable to group work


  • Receiving assistance from a customer service department can be a lengthy process.

Online-convert com's straightforward design makes it a breeze to make the switch from CR2 to JPG. Format conversion is just one of many options available with this free program; you can also use it to fine-tune the quality of your images. Modifying the image's dimensions, resolution, and pixel density, as well as sharpening, deskewing, and equalizing it, are all possible.

In addition to being a simple to use program, Online-convert Superior customer service is available whenever you need it


  • Conversion from CR2 to JPEG is free.

  • Simple in operation

  • Added functions to better the image's quality

  • Excellent and dependable customer service


  • Only subscribers have access to all of the features.

Without Online Converter, there would be no comprehensive list of free, online CR2 converters. The efficiency, dependability, and useful features of this instrument cannot be overstated. You can use it to change between a wide variety of video, image, and document formats, not just CR2 to JPG.


  • Totally no cost and very simple to operate

  • Includes support for a wide variety of file types

  • Useful for altering documents stored on the web


  • Fewer options than competing CR2 converters

  • When there is a lot of people visiting the site, conversions may take longer.


Online converters have the advantage of not requiring you to download questionable freeware or shareware, but they also typically have size limits or only support a small subset of file formats. The result is that online converters excel at converting small files but fall short for those who need to convert high-quality photographs.

We at Media Freeware are proud to present Free CR2-to-JPG Converter. It's not just that it's free; it's also that anyone, from novices to pros, can pick it up and start using it right away. On Windows 10, you can use it to transform CR2 files into JPGs. After installation, you can start adding and converting files right away with the help of the intuitive user interface.

Among its many useful features is the option to change the image's hue, size, and resolution to your liking, guaranteeing that the final product will be of the highest possible quality. It supports batch conversion, so it can process multiple files at once.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows

Free CR2 to JPG Converter Tutorial:

  1. Complete the installation process on your Windows machine and launch the program.

  2. Just drop your CR2 file in here.

  3. You can tweak the images to your liking using the settings.

  4. Simply by clicking the Convert button, you can begin the process of transformation.


  • Easy-to-navigate user interface

  • Options for personalization are present.


  • Exclusive to Microsoft Windows.

The free Canon Raw Image Converter is a fantastic program for converting Canon RAW files to other popular formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and even GIF. Many images can be processed at once thanks to batch conversion. With its straightforward conversion process, this app is great for novice users.

Only Windows is supported.

Tutorial on how to use Canon's RAW image converter:

  1. Simply get the file to your gadget, install it, and launch the app.

  2. Using JPEG as the target format, you can upload the CR2 file.

  3. You can play around with the options to get the exact look you want for your images.

  4. To begin the process, select Convert.


  • Easy-to-use

  • Allows for processing in batches

  • Allows for a variety of file types


  • It lacks sophisticated tools necessary for academic or industrial use.

Pixillion Image Converter is an application made for working with images. One of the most reliable multi-format and user-friendly converters It's not just a CR2 to JPG converter; it also works with a wide variety of other image formats, such as PDF, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and many more.

Digital images can be resized, rotated, and compressed. The ability to add a watermark and captions to your images is another helpful feature.

Windows and macOS are both supported.

To change CR2 to JPG, use Pixillion Image Converter.

  1. After the installation is complete, launch the software.

  2. Simply drop the CR2 files onto the program.

  3. Alter the settings for resizing and other features

  4. To save your images, pick the JPEG option.

  5. Just change it by clicking the button.


  • Capabilities to work with third-party software like PhotoPad

  • Swift change

  • Pleasant to use design


  • The free version has a cap on the number of images you can convert at once.


In comparison to their paid counterparts, free programs often have fewer features and a slower conversion speed; however, they are ideal for converting only a few files at a time. However, free software could be a good option if you only need to convert photos without editing them.

So, let's see how CR2 stacks up against JPG. First, it's important to know that CR2 files are basically just pictures that retain almost all of the data from the camera sensor with no processing, allowing you to fix even severely damaged photos. However, many devices do not support these files, making it difficult to share or print.

On the other hand, JPG is widely used and widely supported. In spite of its lack of lossless compression, JPG images still look quite good. Moreover, the file size is drastically different. Keeping a collection of CR2 images can be inconvenient due to their large file size; JPGs are a more space-efficient alternative.

Canon cameras save their footage in the CR2 file format. Since CR2 files keep all the data the camera's sensor recorded, they're cumbersomely large and difficult to edit.

While most programs are unable to read CR2 files, a specialized CR2 image viewer can. UFRaw, IrfanView, ExifPro Image Viewer, Free Photo Viewer, etc., are just some of the top programs for opening CR2 files.

Numerous programs exist for Windows users who wish to convert CR2 files to JPG format. The best of these is Movavi Video Converter, which can convert videos quickly and has excellent editing features.

  1. Get the program from the download link and launch it once it's installed.

  2. In order to convert CR2 files, you must first add them to your media library by clicking Add Media and then - Add Images.

  3. Pick JPG as the file type to be exported to.

  4. To change CR2 to JPG format, click the Convert button.

Any batch converter from CR2 to JPG will do the trick. In contrast, most web-based tools can't handle batch conversions, and those that can may have size limits on the files they can handle. The online CR2 to JPG conversion process is slower than using a desktop program like Movavi Video Converter because RAW files are typically large. This powerful and quick converter accepts files of any size.

That's because every camera out there applies some form of automatic image processing to the photos it takes. It modifies image settings such as saturation, contrast, and sharpening. Since RAW files display the image 'as is,' any editing you do to the photo will be applied to the original, unaltered version.

In short, that depends on what you want to know. CR2 is superior to other formats if you care about image quality because it does not use compression, thereby preserving the original image. Because of their compression, high-resolution JPEGs may not look as sharp as non-compressed alternatives. JPEG is not the best option if you value quality over speed every time you snap a photo.

Of course JPEG will suffice if you're not concerned with absolute fidelity. You can take more pictures without worrying about running out of space on your memory card or running out of battery life on your camera by shooting in JPEG format. If you compress your images, even older computers will have no trouble opening and viewing them.

Numerous file types, including RAW, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, DNG, PNG, and others, are used by photographers. RAW is a generic term, but different manufacturers give the file format unique names, such as CR2 for Canon, NEF for Nikon, and ARW for Sony. These are all RAW files, whose primary benefit is the superior image quality they deliver. JPEG is one of the most popular formats because it can be viewed on a wide variety of devices. For this reason, many companies choose to send their clients finished products in this format. Therefore, JPEG and RAW are the preferred formats.

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