HEIC to JPG conversion for iOS and OS X

Unfortunately, not all OSes, browsers, apps, websites, or services are compatible with the HEIC (or HEIF) file format. If you want your photo to be viewable on any device, you should probably save it as a JPG or JPEG. This guide will teach you how to quickly and easily convert HEIC photos to JPG on your iOS device or Mac.



High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) was created by the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG). In addition, HEIC stands for "High Efficiency Image Container." Apple's iOS, iPadOS, and macOS all use a version of the High-Efficiency Image Format called HEIC. To put it another way, HEIF is the "smartphone" and HEIC is the "iPhone."

When compared to other compression methods, HEIC's does not lower image quality. This results in a significantly reduced image size without sacrificing quality. With iOS 11, Apple changed the default photo format on iPhones to High Efficiency Image Format (HEIC).

However, not all platforms have full or even partial HEIC support. In order to upload images, most governmental, financial, and examination websites require users to use either the JPG or PNG formats.

Similarly, HEIC is not supported by devices running Android versions prior to Oreo, Windows versions prior to Windows 10 version 1803, or macOS versions prior to High Sierra.

The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, among others, do not provide native support for HEIC. To verify, launch Chrome on a Mac or PC, and drop an HEIC picture onto the browser's interface. The file will not be opened, but the browser will redownload it. However, Chrome will create a new tab if you drag and drop a JPG image.

When an iPhone picture is an HEIC and when it's not

HEIC photos can only be taken with an iPhone. Almost every single picture you've ever gotten through iMessage, WhatsApp, Safari, email, Slack, etc. no High-Energy-Intensity-Combustion

With iOS 15, the official Photos app now displays image metadata. To see it in its full glory, just expand the image and swipe up or press the (i) button. Images will be displayed as HEIF files in this case. As an alternative, it may display image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.

HEIF Image information on iPhone

A third-party app like Exif Metadata can reveal the image format if you're using an older iOS version.

You've got the fundamentals down, and now you need to convert HEIC to JPG on your iPhone or Mac.

Files app on the iPhone can be used to: 1. convert HEIC to JPG

To do this: 1) Launch the Photos app and select the share button

2) Select the Copy Photo option.

Copy photo in iPhone Photos app

3) Launch Files and navigate to a folder or location within On My iPhone.

4) Select a blank space and press and hold to paste Instantly, the image will be transformed from HEIC to JPG format. The name of the image file extension will reveal that it is a JPEG. It's confirmed by pressing the image thumbnail and selecting Get Info. Here you can open the picture and tap the Share button to forward it via AirDrop, email, or other apps. Additionally, you can use the Save Image option to store the JPEG version of the photo in your Photos library.

Paste image in Files app to convert it to JPEG

2. To change the HEIC image format, take a screenshot of it.

It is important to note that screenshots taken on an iPhone are not stored in the HEIC format before moving on to the remaining methods. In terms of file type, they are PNGs. Therefore, this method is useful if you need to use the non-HEIC version of an image quickly. Visit our tutorial to learn how to capture a screenshot, including a secret for saving it as a JPG.

Third, convert HEIC files to JPG format.

You can convert HEIC images to JPEG or PNG individually or in bulk using apps available in the App Store specifically designed for this purpose. It's a lot quicker than having to copy and paste everything by hand.

Here's how to alter your iPhone's HEIC files to look like JPGs, PNGs, GIFs, BMPs, PSDs, WEBPs, WBMPs, PSs, TIFFs, and PDFs:

First, get Image Converter from the iTunes store.

Step Two: Access the app's Gallery

Allow Access to All Photos or Select Photos, then pick the photos you want to share. It will display the image's format in the bottom right of each photo.

4) Select the desired format (JPEG, JPG, PNG, etc.), then tap Convert.

5) Once the process is finished, select Save (or Share) to import the JPG images into the Photos app (or other apps).

Convert HEIC to JPEG using Image Converter app

In fact, there are a number of useful apps like this available in the iOS App You can find a highly rated HEIC to JPG converter by doing a simple web search for "HEIC to JPG."

You can change HEIC to JPG, PNG, etc. CloudConvert, in this case

A suggestion if you have many HEIC images to process is to create an album.

Keep in mind that by doing it this way, you are actually putting your image on a server. You should only continue if you are fine with your photos being stored temporarily elsewhere. If that doesn't work for you, try one of the other approaches described here.

Here's how to export images from HEIC to JPG or another format in Safari on the iPhone:

1. Go to CloudConvert.com Select the HEIC photo from the photo library by tapping File > Photo Library, then tapping Add.

2) Select HEIC from the aforementioned pull-down menu located next to convert.

3) Select an image format from the second drop-down menu (JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, WEBP, etc.).

Four) Select the Convert button

HEIC to JPG using CloudConvert

5) Select the preferred option and then tap Download > View > share icon > Save Image once you're finished.

Save jpg image from CloudConvert

Put a stop to your iPhone taking HEIC pictures

You have thus far discovered how to change an HEIC picture into a JPG or other format. But if you find the process of converting your photos to HEIC on your iPhone to be too cumbersome, you can stop doing so by instructing your iPhone to shoot only in JPEG.

Put an end to manual file conversions by having your iPhone send pictures in JPG or another supported format automatically.

Last but not least, your iPhone can intelligently convert HEIC images into a format that can be transferred to another device. Simply select Automatic under Transfer to Mac or PC in Settings > Photos. In the future, your iPhone will first ensure that the computer is compatible, and then it will transfer the original files (in HEIF/HEVC formats) only if the computer is compatible. If they are not already in the correct format, your iPhone will do so for you before you transfer them.

Where can I find a quick and easy Mac program to convert HEIC to JPEG?

If you have a Mac running macOS Monterey, here's how to instantly convert an HEIC image to a JPG or PNG:

1) Select one or more HEIC images with the mouse, then right-click and select Quick Actions > Convert Image.

Quick Actions Convert Image on Mac

2) Verify that the format reads "JPEG"

3) Select Actual Size, Large, Medium, or Small from the drop-down menu

4. Select the JPEG format and press the Convert button.

Convert to JPEG on Mac

How to change the image format from HEIC to JPG or other formats using the Mac program Preview

1) Launch the Preview app on your Mac by double-clicking the HEIC file. Preview should open automatically, but if it doesn't, right-click the image and select Open With > Preview.

2) Select Export in the main menu.

Export image from Mac's Preview

You can select JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc. from the "Format" drop-down menu.

Optionally, at Step 4, you can alter the output's quality, give it a custom name, and pick a storage location.

5. Select the Save option

Export HEIC as JPEG using Preview on Mac

Select the picture you want to check, then hit Command I. To the right of "Kind," JPEG image will be displayed.

The HEIC image may not be viewable in Preview on macOS Sierra or earlier. This is where a third-party app like iMazing or a website like HEIC to JPG come in handy, and they're both available for Windows PC.

3 Converting HEIC files to JPG in the Mac Photos app

1. Drag the picture into the Photos folder on your Mac. To do so, either drag the HEIC images into the Photos app window or select the HEIC images and then right-click and select Open With > Other > Photos app > Open.

2) Find the picture in the Photos app's Library.

Three, reduce the size of the Photos app window until the Mac's desktop or a Finder folder is visible.

4. Transfer the HEIC picture by dragging it from the Photos app to the computer's hard drive or a Finder folder. Instantly change to JPEG format

Drag image from Photos app to Mac desktop

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