Free Methods for Creating a PDF Version of a Kindle Book

Sales of Amazon's Kindle have exploded. Everyday reading of books, magazines, comics, and more has been revolutionized by both the hardware and the digital service. Customers can't just get Kindle books, download them, and read them in any app

E-books purchased through the Kindle store are DRM-protected and therefore can only be read on a Kindle device. Although Kindle tablets are compatible with the MOBI file format, these e-books are only available in Amazon's proprietary AZW format. Due to this, it's next to impossible to read these e-books on devices other than Kindle. Even though you may be able to circumvent DRM protection with no cost, you should still be careful about who you let read your e-books because doing so could put you in violation of copyright laws.

Kindle books can be easily converted to PDFs once the DRM protection has been removed. This tutorial will teach you the ins and outs of converting a Kindle book to PDF so that you can read your favorites on any e-reader and not just a Kindle.

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Get the AZW file(s) here.

For reasons of DRM, the e-book cannot be freely downloaded to any computer. Users without a physical Kindle device linked to their Amazon account will not be able to read Kindle books. When this is the case, they will receive the error message "You have selected content that is not compatible with any of your registered devices." ”

However, without a physical Kindle device associated with an Amazon account, Kindle e-books cannot be downloaded to any device running Windows 10, Android, or iOS.

First, head over to Amazon's homepage and once you see your name, click the down arrow next to it and pick Account.

2nd, go to Digital Content and Devices and click on Manage Content and Devices.

Third, as shown above, select the desired ebook by clicking its "Three Dot Actions" button.

In the resulting drop-down menu, select Download & Transfer Via USB.

Select the registered Kindle in the pop-up window that appears in Step 5. Select your desired file and click the yellow Download button.

Incorrect Kindle device specified; the AWZ file will download to the PC's default location.

You can now import KFX files with Calibre thanks to a new plugin called the KFX Input plugin. In order to learn more about how to use Calibre, please go there.

Utilize Calibre (available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) to effect the conversion.

Calibre is a piece of software created for the express purpose of converting and editing digital text in its many forms. Thankfully, it won't require too much space on your mobile device. Formats like MOBI, HTML, PRC, and AZW are just some of the many that can be read by this program.

Calibre is an efficient e-book manager that provides its users with a wide variety of tools for personalizing their books' layouts, fonts, colors, and other visual elements. Because of the app's intuitive interface, transitions within it are memorable and enlightening. In addition, Calibre can function with or without a live network connection.

how to convert kindle pdf calibre version 4

Get the DRM-Unlocking Software here.

You will need to download Calibre 4, an older version, in order to remove the DRM from your Kindle e-books. 23 0 Apprentice Alf's DRM Removal Tool must be downloaded after the program has been installed. In this case, version 6 should be downloaded and installed instead of the most recent release. 8 The new version, 1.0.0, is compatible with Calibre 4. Simply download the DeDRM_tools archive by clicking on the relevant link, and then extract its contents by right-clicking the archive and choosing Extract All (or in whatever manner is customary on your computer).

In order to utilize the DRM Removal Tool Plugin for Calibre, please follow these instructions.

First, open Calibre and click Preferences on the sidebar.

Second, under "Advanced," select Plug-Ins after scrolling down.

Third, in the lower-right corner, select Load Plug-In From File, and then navigate to the DeDRM_Plugin compressed folder on your hard drive.

Open the file in Step 4 The plugin will be installed by Calibre shortly.

Fifthly, start Calibre again.

how to convert kindle pdf calibre add serial number

Calibre can recognize your Kindle if you add its serial number.

Now comes the tricky part, but don't worry; we'll show you what to do. Calibre requires that you enter your Kindle's serial number, so here is how to do that:

First, go back to the main menu and click Preferences.

Second, after getting to the Advanced tab, pick Plug-Ins.

3. Double-click the "File Type" line

Click the DeDRM plugin twice in step 4.

Fifth, choose the option labeled "eInk Kindle ebooks" and confirm with OK.

To continue, go to Step 6 and enter your Kindle's serial number.

Follow Step 7 to access this data by navigating to your Kindle's Settings > All Settings > Device Options > Device Info. Your Kindle's details, including its unique identifier, should appear.

Step 8: If you don't know where the serial number is on your Kindle, you can find it by doing a quick Google search for "serial location" plus the model of your Kindle, e.g. g The "10th generation Paperwhite" is intended to

Calibre's Step 9 is to have the serial number entered without any spaces.

Tenthly, after clicking Close, OK, and Apply,

Now you can create PDFs from your DRM-free e-books.

how to convert kindle pdf calibre adding books

Having Calibre import your books

You need to import your e-books into Calibre before you can convert them to PDF format. To add books that you've previously downloaded from Amazon, go to the menu's Add Books option on the far left and pick the files from your downloads folder or wherever you've been keeping them.

how to convert kindle pdf book calibre

Transforming your electronic books into PDF format

If you have the DRM Removal plug-in installed, converting an e-book to PDF is a breeze. Calibre will handle all the details for you. Learn how to format your book here!

First, highlight the book in your list that you want to transform by clicking on it.

Second, select Convert Books from Calibre's main menu. You can also convert books one at a time or in bulk by right-clicking on them and selecting "Convert Books."

Third, check the pop-up window's Input Format at the top left and make sure "AZW3" is selected. To save your work in PDF format, click the down arrow next to "Output Format" in the top right corner.

We recommend converting the book first to see how it looks, and then if you need to adjust any settings you can always re-convert it later. Step 4: It is also possible to adjust output settings such as line height, font size, and so on. The defaults are sufficient for the vast majority of books.

Method 5: Double-check the Title and Author on the Right Side of the Screen

Click the OK button at the screen's bottom to start the conversion.

Seven: The job counter in the bottom right will reset to zero when it's done.

Step 8: A blue "PDF" link should appear when you select the book in your list, to the right of the screen, under Formats. "

Proceed to Step 9 to start reading your book in PDF format by clicking here.

Tenth, e-books can be found in the Calibre Library folder on your computer.

Step 11: Select Click to Open on the right side of your screen in Calibre, under Formats, if you want to send the book to yourself (via email, for example) to read on other devices. It will open a folder containing all the book's related files, including the cover, on your computer.

Keep in mind that it is against the law to give anyone else a copy of a DRM-free e-book.


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