Converting PNG images to PDF documents in Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Video, audio, and image files are just some examples of the many different types of information that can be shared electronically; however, the most practical and transportable format for doing so is the portable document format (PDF).

Any type of data file is acceptable. It could be a picture file, an audio file, or a video file. When it comes to online file sharing, PDF is by far the most practical and transportable option. However, what should you do if you have a lot of PNG images and wish to convert them to PDF on Windows? Don't fret, though; in this post, we'll show you how to easily transform PNG files into PDF documents. Let's get down to brass tacks

First, we'll look at how to use PDFelement on Windows to convert PNG files to PDF format.

As our first example, we'll show you how to convert to PDF with an external program. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the product of the illustrious tech firm Wondershare, which specializes in making useful software that addresses common user issues.

Whether you're using Windows 10, 8, or 7, PDFelement's many PDF-related features will serve you well. It supports a wide variety of image formats and can transform them into PDF, including PNG to PDF. There is a notable improvement in conversion speed in comparison to manual methods, and the software is also more robust and features a wider range of options.

PNG to PDF Windows

There is no quality loss during the conversion process when using PDFelement's Batch conversion feature to combine multiple PNGs into a single PDF. In addition to converting between PDF formats, it also allows you to create your own editable PDFs from scratch, complete with hyperlinks and other interactive elements.

In addition, there are alternative methods available for combining PDFs into one. Your current PDF can be divided into sub-documents as well. Everyone can benefit from using the tool because it's so simple and helpful. To put it simply, that's how it operates.

Step 1 Launch PDFelement, and then simply drop the PNG image file into the application.

Step 2 Choose "File" > "Export To" > "> "PDF"

Step 3 Click the "Save" button after making your selection in the Save As window.

PNG to PDF Windows

In addition to its ability to convert PNG files to PDFs, PDFelement is a robust PDF tool with many other useful features. To learn more, please watch the video below:

Two, use Microsoft's PDF Printer on Windows to transform PNG files into PDFs

Here, we'll skip the hassle of downloading an external program by making use of Windows' native PNG-to-PDF converter. Microsoft PDF to Prints makes the previously difficult process of converting images to PDF on Windows a breeze. I'm intrigued to learn the process. Let's dive into the below-mentioned manual, then.

Step 1 The first step in converting an image to PDF is opening it in an image viewer. You can use Windows 10's built-in image viewer or any other image viewer.

Step 2 To bring up the print dialogue box after opening an image, press Ctrl + P on your keyboard.

Step 3 To print, select the option that says "Print" near the bottom of the current window.

Step 4 Select a destination to store the PDF file you just created, and give it a name.

This technique can be used with any picture that can be printed. Follow these steps to enable Microsoft Print to PDF if it isn't already active on your computer.

PNG to PDF Windows 10

Instructions for enabling Microsoft's Print to PDF

Enter the Windows operating system by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or by selecting the Window button in the taskbar. Next, in the search bar, enter "turn windows features on or off."

You'll see a dialogue box pop up with a bunch of checkboxes in it. Make sure Microsoft Print to PDF is selected here; if it isn't, select it and click OK. When you do this, your Windows printer will be able to print to PDF format from Microsoft.

Thirdly, using Microsoft Word on Windows to transform a picture file into a PDF

Specifically, Microsoft Word is used to perform the conversion from PNG to PDF on a Windows computer. How can we make the process of converting PNG to PDF worthwhile?

Step 1 Open Microsoft Word and go to File > New > Blank Document.

Step 2 Insert > Picture and then browse to the folder containing the PNG files you want to convert into PDF format.

Step 3 The image size can be adjusted to suit your needs, and you can add as many or as few as you like to a single Word page.

Step 4 To repeat an export, go to the File menu, then Export. If you want to make a PDF or XPS file, select that option.

Step 5 When you try to save a PDF as a file, a dialogue box will appear and ask you to name the file and select a location to save it. After that, click Publish, and the file will be saved in PDF format to the location you specify.

PNG to PDF Microsoft Word

Windows 10's Microsoft Word includes a built-in function that allows you to easily combine multiple image files into a single PDF document.

Converting Images from PNG to PDF on Windows - Frequently Asked Questions

Windows 10 command line PNG to PDF converter

The Windows 10 command-line tool supports more than just PNG to PDF conversion. If you install img2pdf, you can use the command line to transform PNG images into PDFs.

When you launch a command prompt in Windows, you will automatically be directed to the user's home directory. Type in the following command that is displayed:

VeryPDF Image2PDF V3 is located in the C:Program FilesVeryPDF folder. two image2pdf_cmd three 2 exe\image2pdf "newpng" "C:Documents and SettingsadministratorDesktopexe" -o "C:Documents and SettingsadministratorDesktop" flower.pdf" "c:Document and Settingsadminflower png"

Bloom is a command in the aforementioned instruction. image.png is the location of the image you wish to convert to PDF.

Adobe Photoshop PNG to PDF Conversion Guide for Windows

If you already have Adobe Photoshop, you can use that instead of another program to make the PNGs into PDFs. Now, let's see if you've got what it takes to pull this off:

Launch Adobe Photoshop and import the PNG files you wish to transform into PDFs. A new file will be saved when you select File > Save As. Select Photoshop PDF as the Save as type and then click the Save button to save the file to your desktop. Converting a PNG to a PDF in Photoshop on a Windows computer is as simple as selecting the "Save as Adobe PDF" option, and you can preview the final product by viewing the Adobe PDF preset.

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