Change a percentage into a fraction (with examples and a table)

Percent to fraction conversion tables and simple formulas are provided, along with a few examples and explanations to help you grasp the concept.

When making comparisons or connections between amounts, we frequently use percents and fractions. As an illustration, we rank students by comparing their grades and overall performance using percentages and percents. Percentages are numerical representations of fractions of 100.

The term "percent" is more easily memorized than the fraction "percentage" because it describes a proportion of a whole. What percentage of the whole something it makes up Half can be written as 1/2, and a quarter as 1/4, for instance. Converting from percent to fraction can be done in the same way.

Finding out what percentage of something is important in everyday life. Examining an illustration can help you grasp the concept of converting percentages to fractions. What fraction of the student body is female if there are 865 students at a school and 389 of them are female? You can solve this by dividing the two numbers. As a percentage, it is 389 out of 865, or 389/865.0 0.44971 The percentage form, which can be used to simplify the calculation: 44.9711% Let's dive deeper into the percent-to-fraction conversion process now.

A Percentage of What?

The term "percentage" literally means "out of one hundred." The Latin word "per centum," from which we get the word "per cent," means "one hundred percent." That's the number you use when you want to represent a percentage of 100. The symbol for this concept is a percent sign (%). Regarding this, 64% can be expressed as 64/100 as a fraction To use another illustration, let's say that 80 percent of the students at a given school are female.

The Meaning of Fractions

A fraction is a quantified division of a whole. It is a visual representation of the fractional size of a whole. To write a fraction like 1/2, the numbers above the line are called the numerator, and the numbers below the line are called the denominator.

Parts are represented by the numerator, and the total number of parts that compose the whole is indicated by the non-zero denominator. If, for some reason, you only need three of the apple's four pieces, you can express this as a fraction written as 3/4, where the numerator, 3, represents the number of apple pieces used and the denominator, 4, indicates that there are four equal apple pieces.

Fraction to Percentage Conversion

Using the formula on this page, converting between percentages and fractions is a breeze. For those who don't know, "percent" literally means "out of one hundred." We must first convert a percentage to a decimal, and then the decimal to a fraction.

Verify: Convert a fraction to a percentage using an online calculator.

Ways of Breaking Down Percentage into Fractions

Method One

One must first divide the specified percentage by 100. There will be a decimal result from this.

Second, determine how many digits are present after the decimal point. D stands for the digit in this context.

Number 2 in decimal notation Two digits follow the decimal point in 56, so we can write d = 2.

Third, determine the value of the constant f. Integer form will be calculated from the decimal using the following formula:

The fourth step is to multiply and divide the decimal number by the factor.

The GCD of the fraction is the fifth step.

Simplify the fraction by dividing the numerator and denominator by the GCD value, as in Step 6:

Method Two

First, we take the decimal number obtained by dividing the given percentage by 100: i e , % of One Hundred

Step 2: Multiply each digit after the decimal point by 10 if the percentage is not a whole number.

Thirdly, we simplify the fraction.

Conversion of Percentages with Mixed Numbers

We already know how to convert between simple percentages and fractions. In this section, we will examine the process by which a percent value expressed as a mixed number can be converted into a fractional value. Please proceed as outlined below:

  • Change the percent into a proper fraction
  • Remove the percent sign by multiplying 1/100 by 100.
  • To simplify a fraction, reduce it to its lowest terms.


  1. Figure out 11's equivalent fraction 1 / 2 %

11 1/2% is the aggregate given percentage.

Changing this into the correct fraction

11 1/2 % = 23/2 %

Divide by a hundredth to get rid of the % sign:

23/2 x 1/100 = 23/200

Since 23/200 is a problem that cannot be further reduced, it is equivalent to 200.

  1. How to fractionize 2.5%


2 1/2 %

Changing a percentage in mixed form to its proper form.

⇒ 2 1/2 % = 5/2 %

Subtract 1% by multiplying by 1/100 now

⇒ 5/2 x 1/100

⇒ 5/200

⇒ 1/40

Chart Converting Percentages to Fractions

Percent Fraction

What are the Issues, and How Can We Fix Them?

First Example: Change 11% with respect to a fraction


First, convert the percentage to a decimal by dividing it by 100.

Second, since the specified percentage is a whole number, proceed to Step 3.

Third, we can't reduce 11/100 any further because it's already a fraction of 100.

11 out of 100 is the correct response.

Second Illustration: dividing 75% by 10


First, we'll get the decimal by dividing the percentage by 100.

Proceed to Step 3 if the provided percentage is a whole number (Step 2).

Third, reduce the fraction 75/100 to its simplest form.

The correct response is "4/5"

Third Illustration: 62 Converted 5% to a decimal


First, enter 62% into your calculator. 5/100

Step 2: Since the given percentage is a fraction rather than a whole number, multiply both the numerator and denominator by 10 to get the correct answer.

Step 3:

As a fourth-step, simplify the fraction:

The correct response is 5/8.

The Conversion from Percent to Decimal

Here are the steps to take to convert a percentage to its corresponding decimal value:

  • Subtract the percent sign and multiply the result by 100.
  • Next, remove any constants that are present in both the numerator and denominator.
  • Reduce to the lowest decimal form to see how it compares


By dividing 10% by 100%, we obtain;

10/100 = 1/10 = 0 1

Thus, 0 The decimal value of 10% is 1.

  1. Convert 77 How to convert 5% to decimal form

Subtracting 77 The result of dividing 5 by 100 is;

77.5% = 77 5/100 = 7 75/10 = 0 775

Thus, 0 In decimal notation, 77 converts to 775. 5%

Converting a Decimal to a Fraction

Follow these steps to convert a decimal value to its corresponding fractional form:

  • Using multiplication and division by 10, find the decimal equivalent. n , where n is the number of significant digits after the decimal point  
  • Check the numerator and denominator for their HCF.  
  • Subtract the GCF from both the numerator and denominator to get the answer.
  • When the numerator and denominator have no more factors in common, the fraction is written in its simplest form.


  1. Convert 1 Five converted to a fraction

One of the things we can do is write. 5 as 1 5/1

Now that we have only one digit after the decimal point, we can simplify by multiplying the numerator and denominator by 10 to obtain;

⇒ (1 5/1) x (10/10)

⇒ 15/10

Product of 15 and 10 (GCF) = 5


⇒ (15÷5)/(10÷5) 

⇒ 3/2

  1. Convert 2 To convert 25 to a fraction

⇒ 2 25/1 

Perform a 10x and 100 calculation. 2 = 100; rounding up to the nearest whole number is allowed to a maximum of two places.

⇒ (2 25/1) x (100/100)

⇒ 225/100

A GCF of 225 and 100 is 25


⇒ (225÷25)/(100÷25)

⇒ 9/4

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Three percent is equivalent to a fraction of one tenth.
The process of converting percent to fraction is straightforward. To get rid of the '%' symbol, divide the given percentage by 100 first. Simplify the fraction to its lowest terms.
8.25% as a fraction equals 2/25
8% = 8/100 = 2/25
The equivalent of 70% is a score of 7/10.
70% = 70/100 = 7/10
34 is the same as 75%
¾ = 0 75 = 0 75 x 100 = 75%
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