Change HEIC to JPG format.

Here's a detailed guide on how to change your HEIC files to JPG or PNG format:

  1. Choose an HEIC or HEIF file by clicking on it or dragging it into the box.
  2. Choose an output format, then hit the "Convert" button.
  3. Be patient for a moment
  4. The converted files can be downloaded or uploaded to a cloud service.

Note that after one hour, all output files will be removed from our server. Get them on your hard drive or upload them to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Additionally, the image's QR code can be scanned to immediately download the converted file(s) to your mobile device.

Online service for converting HIEC images to JPEG or PNG

Instantly and without losing quality, convert your photos from MacOS and iOS to the more widely used JPEG or PNG format online. Thanks to our file converter, you can confidently adopt Apple's new HEIC (HEIF) format without worrying about backwards compatibility issues.

These days, just about every piece of hardware or software that can display images uses JPEG, including image editors, social networks, browsers, email clients, and more. In terms of web image file types, JPEG remains the most widely used open standard. Legal ramifications may arise from adding HEIF support, especially in commercial software or hardware, because HEIF and HEVC are surrounded by costly patent licensing concerns.

The Easiest Way to Convert Offline Images from HEIC to JPEG in Bulk

DocuFreezer is our top recommendation if you'd rather not store sensitive information in the cloud for any reason. It's a dependable tool for quickly and easily converting many images at once, and it supports JPEG as well as other common file types.  

How to batch convert HEIC to JPEG offline

More options to tweak the JPEG's final form are available in this app, including color mode (CMYK, RGB, RGB/A, Grayscale, etc.) ), compression, watermarking, and more If you need to convert a large number of images or files at once, this is an excellent tool.

Check out the info and get DocuFreezer here!

Convert HEIC images to JPG and PNG in bulk.

For batch processing, just drag and drop HEIC files or folders containing HEIC images onto the browser window. You can upload multiple files at once, and our online converter will process them all at once, giving you a personalized download link and the option to save the converted files locally or in the cloud.

All of Your Data Will Remain Safe Under Our Watchful Eyes

Respect for individual privacy is important to us. After an hour, any files you've uploaded will be permanently removed from our servers. We will not make any changes to your files or share them with anyone else. For our own purposes, we only keep track of file names and conversion types in our database. There is absolutely no accumulating, storing, or sending of private information. When you use our service, you can rest assured that your information is safe within our protected network. We appreciate your faith in us.

To initiate file conversion, simply select one or more files on your computer, or drag them into the drop area. Honestly, it's that simple.

Image quality, resolution (DPI), resizing, cropping, compression, and other settings can all be adjusted for the final output file.

You can process a bunch of photos from an iPhone or iPad at once, without having to add them one by one.

Metadata is additional information that most cameras add to each photograph. By using our converter, you can free up space on your iPhone by erasing the EXIF metadata from your photos.

When you upload photos to our site, we take every precaution to ensure their security. The converted files are deleted from our server within 24 hours, and the unique URL becomes invalid after one hour.

You can rest assured that your images' original dimensions and DPI will be preserved in full detail during conversion to either JPEG or PNG.

There is no need to install any additional software; just pick your file, upload it, and you'll get a JPG or PNG as a result.

To proceed, we do not require any identifying information from you, including but not limited to email, name, or physical address. For each file you upload, we simply record the filename and the extension type.

Clicking a URL, storing the converted files in the cloud, or scanning a QR code on your mobile device are all quick ways to get your hands on them.

Compare and contrast HEIC, JPEG, and PNG

Name HEIC JPEG PNG Full name Powerful Picture Format for Rapid Transfer Specification for the JPEG Image File Format Created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group Graphics Networking on the Go A suffix added to a filename heif, heic jpg, jpeg, jpe jif, jfif, jfi png Format Defining Type The Format for Holding Pictures Format of images that suffers quality loss Image compression losslessness in bitmap format Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions picture formats:.heif,.heic,.heif-sequence,.heic-sequence, and.image image/jpeg image/png Conceived of and Developed by MPEG stands for "Moving Picture Experts Group" The JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) PNG Development Association Introduction HEIC, High Efficiency Image File Format (.heic) is a filename extension. The camera apps on modern iPhones, Androids, and high-end digital cameras all record video and still images in the HEIC file format. IOS 11 and macOS High Sierra added HEIF support in June 2017. Multiple picture formats use the JPEG compression standard. Many digital cameras use this format. As a lossy compression method, it is widely used for digital images. Modifying the compression level is one way to manage both file size and image quality. There is no way for a JPG to have a transparent background, so all of them have a white one. PNG is a versatile raster image file format that can store images without quality loss. Besides being larger and of higher quality in general, PNG files can also have a transparent background, unlike JPEG files. The PNG format is commonly used to store logos, icons, and other images with a transparent background. Commonly known as a "UTI" or "Type ID," public Public Heiress heic public jpeg public png Standard Standard International Organization for Standardization 23008-12 International Organization for Standardization/International Telecommunication Union T 81, ITU-T T 83, ITU-T T 84, ITU-T T 86 Official Standards: ISO/IEC 15948 and IETF RFC 2083 Wikipedia The HEIF on Wikipedia Images saved in the JPEG format can be found on Wikipedia. Pictures in GIF format on the Wikipedia

Instructions for Capturing JPEG Images with Your iPhone Camera

After updating to iOS 11, the iPhone's camera will use the new HEIC format instead of the older JPEG. This switch to HEIC format for the camera was introduced in iOS 11, though some iPhone users may wish to keep using JPEG. It has been requested by users that HEIC files be converted to JPG in bulk, as this format is more widely supported when it comes to online and offline sharing, archiving, and other similar activities. is the most common one, and

Do you want to save the photos you take with your iPhone in JPEG format? How to Do It

  1. To access the camera, open the Settings app from the main menu.
  2. To take pictures with the iPhone camera in the JPEG format, go to Settings > Camera > Formats > Most Compatible.
  3. Close the Preferences window.

Batch Printing HEIC Images

You can print a wide variety of documents and photos with the help of Print Conductor, including HEIC (High Efficiency Format) files.  

How to Batch Print HEIC Files

Among the many benefits of this program is its capacity to print multiple pages at once, whether they be images, documents, Excel spreadsheets, CAD drawings, or anything else.

Find out more and get Print Conductor by clicking here.

Transferring Images from an HEIC File to a JPEG File on a Mac or PC

The camera settings on your device should include an option to revert to JPEG. Taking JPEGs instead of HEIFs is as easy as following these steps.

  • To access Preferences, tap the gear icon in the app drawer.
  • To View Images
  • Click the "Automatic" button under "Transfer to Mac or PC."


Images saved in HEIC can be exported as JPEGs or PNGs.

Right now, you can use pictures in HEIC or HEIF format.

Images can be saved as either JPEG or PNG using our online converter.

The abbreviation for "High Efficiency Image Format" is "HEIF." HEIF employs a form of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) for its video compression. MPEG, the committee responsible for all popular video compression formats like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.261, created this standard. 264/AVC and the newest codec HEVC (also known as H. 265 The.heif file extension is used for compressed images. heic Burst photography (multi-exposure shots) on the iPhone, "live" photos, and more can all be captured in HEIF.

A High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) is a raster image, and HEIC files are a file extension for these files. The High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC) is a container format for multiple High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) sequences. On September 19, 2017, Apple's iOS 11 mobile operating system became available, and with it came a new alternative to the iPhone's standard image format. Apple Inc stated that this new image format would be used instead of JPEG files. It uses a more sophisticated and up-to-date compression algorithm, allowing for smaller file sizes and much higher image quality when taking digital photographs than JPEGs.

Digital cameras, mobile phones, and other digital recording devices all adhere to the EXIF standard, which defines the formats of image, audio, and metadata tags. In the image's Exif metadata, you'll find information about the camera used, the date and time it was taken, the model and serial number of the lens used, the focal length of the lens, and more.

JPEG ( jpg or jpeg (The JPEG filename extension was developed by a group called the Joint Photographic Experts Group. Given its superior compression capabilities, it has replaced all other image formats as the de facto standard. This image format is still widely used on the web, especially for photographs and other visual media.

Instead of using the much more complex TIFF format, the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format was created to take its place. PNG is a free and publicly available format for storing lossless raster images. PNG is a patent-free alternative to GIF and can even be used in place of TIFF for many purposes. Images can be saved in indexed color, grayscale, or true color, with the addition of an alpha channel for transparency if desired.

Our other online service, Online Image Converter (, allows you to accomplish this. It's not just a format converter; it also has batch editing features like resizing, rotating, cropping, and adding effects.

Make images viewable in JPEG format by converting HEIC files

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