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Use a scalable canvas to combine handwriting, text, drawings, diagrams, and images in a freeform note taking and brainstorming session. Use pen gestures to delete and edit text, as well as digitize your handwriting and drawings to make flawless documents. You can use Nebo on any platform, and it will translate everything you write into one of 66 supported languages. Nebo Note is the world's most advanced freeform canvas with full write-to-text and shape conversion. **** Handwrite a responsive Nebo Document, adding math and diagram objects as needed. **** Import existing documents as PDFs. Get the free companion app Nebo Viewer for read-only access to your notes on your iPhone when you're ready to annotate. It's easy to find what you're looking for, copy/paste it, and export it. Keep in mind, a MyScript account and cloud storage are prerequisites. * NEBO FOR IPAD *• Digital handwriting:- Write1, type, or dictate in the same page, sentence, or even word. Produce flawless diagrams from hand-drawn sketches and accurately transpose handwritten text into standard fonts and numbers Images can be copied and pasted into PowerPoint without losing their editability. Fill in the blanks with your favorite emojis and symbols. Quickly and easily make corrections and formatting changes to your handwritten content using simple gestures and your pen. The marker can be used to highlight or color, the lasso to select, and the eraser to delete entire strokes or outlined content. Nebo Notes provide an infinite canvas for writing, typing, and drawing, making them perfect for jotting down ideas and taking notes in an unstructured fashion. - Navigate the lens by clicking and dragging the center of the image In addition to converting handwriting to typed text, the lasso can be used to select content for editing by moving, copying, deleting, or resizing it. Use a Nebo Document instead, and your work will be instantly updated as you make changes to the underlying structure. Don't worry about the text being illegible if you change the font size, move elements around, or split your screen. • Improve your notes by: - Adding your own flair with a variety of pen styles and page layouts Incorporate media such as images, sketches, and interactive objects (such as equations and diagrams) Write multi-line math expressions and matrices by hand, perform basic arithmetic calculations, and save your work as a.LaTeX file or.jpg diagram. Nebo never stores content on our servers without your explicit consent and is "perfect with Apple Pencil" (App Store), "for note-takers with needs that go beyond the basic," (TechRadar, 2019), and "best app 2017" (CES Mobile Apps Showdown). Please submit a ticket at for any assistance or new feature requests. Nebo's minimal and preferred system specs here: https://myscri pt/devices

1Nebo supports active and passive pens, so you can use whatever you like, even an Apple Pencil. You can find additional information at https://myscri. pt/pens

Mar 7, 2023

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In response to your suggestions, we've made it possible to retain the look of underlining and striking through as handwritten strokes in Notes. You can customize the functions of these gestures in Nebo's "Interactions" settings menu, or you can confirm that they should remain as simple strokes in the writing interface. When creating a new document or adding an image to a note, you can now import images saved in WebP format. As usual, we've addressed some reported issues and made some minor adjustments to make your time on Nebo even better. In dire need of assistance Send us a message on nebo**. app** LOVE Nebo **

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It would be fantastic if nebo had a setting where the entire handwritten text could be converted to Latex. I'm not sure if anyone in the fields of mathematics and the physical sciences who uses this app has already suggested this. ideally, it would be suitable for use in formulating mathematical proofs, derivations, theorems, laws, etc. Since there is currently no app that can do this, it is essential that students in the mathematical and physical sciences learn Latex typesetting in order to compose research papers and other lengthy works that make use of both everyday language and mathematical symbols. Nebo's "Math" add-on for standard pages is already quite powerful, so I think it has the potential to fill this niche. Although it serves a great purpose and is well-made, it has some limitations, such as the inability to recognize common languages like English in the same section. Everyone who is taking advanced courses in mathematics, physics, or chemistry would use Nebo as their go-to notes app if it could automatically recognize and convert hand written mathematical proofs and similar types of text to Latex. Aside from the suggestions, Nebo is a fantastic app with a lot to offer.

It means a lot to us that you're enjoying Nebo, and we appreciate your patronage.
Your feedback on LaTeX and math-inline has been taken into consideration. I hope you do well in school. Mila

I'm pretty old, and I've spent my entire adult life penning prose, verse, and journal entries. Moreover, I have always written longhand with a pen and paper, a process that is nothing short of magical (or spiritual, depending on your perspective). A good old-fashioned pen and a sheet of fresh, ruled paper still has an unmatched amount of power. Since my cursive handwriting is so difficult to decipher, reading my handwritten first drafts of novels before typing them up on a computer is, to put it mildly, a tedious and disheartening experience. and the tedious nature of the work makes it take much longer than it otherwise would or, in the case of Nebo, would be necessary. While I know I'll always lament giving up pen and paper, I'll also be eternally grateful to the writing gods for this wonderful app. It's more adept at deciphering my scribbled notes than I am It used to take me months of strained eyes and headaches to transcribe handwritten documents into computer-readable formats; now I can do it in the blink of an eye. The only reason I didn't give this app 5 stars is because, as I've already mentioned, I'm old and my eyesight isn't great, and the ruled lines are very difficult for me to see. Therefore, once a toggle to adjust the line thickness is added, consider this a five-star review... and then some.

Hello, and thanks for the feedback; I will make sure your suggestions are relayed to the product management team for future updates. We're always looking for ways to make Nebo better, and the first step is to share your idea with the product team. Best regards, Sebastian I can't say whether or not your suggestion will be implemented, or what priority it will have, or when a feature might become available.

Until recently, this was one of my go-to apps for keeping diaries of all kinds (personal, podcast idea, work, etc.). It's great that all of your journals can be synced with a single click, that you can easily save and share individual pages, and that your handwriting is accurately converted to text.

In contrast, I've had a lot of trouble with slowness, crashes (requiring me to force restart the app), losing my Google Drive sync, and unresponsive customer support in the past month, so I'm looking into alternatives. It takes more than ten minutes to complete a sentence or for the app to advance to the next line, and when it does read the text, it is often choppy and unintelligible. I've tried using a different WiFi connection, relaunching the app, uninstalling and reinstalling, and even purchasing a second Apple Pencil in an attempt to solve the problem. Nothing I've tried, including resetting my iPad to factory settings, will allow me to use a pencil on it. It's the app, and I'm hoping it gets fixed soon so I don't have to find a new service. I'm holding out hope that google will introduce a comparable product or issue a patch to address all of these issues soon. For me, Nebo started off very well but has become nearly useless over the past few weeks.

I'm sorry this conduct has been observed. We are working on a fix for this issue and will release it as soon as possible. To prevent potential freezes and stutters, turn off "Full keyboard access" in the iPad's Accessibility settings. The wait has been worth it, so thank you. Mila

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