2 Simple Steps to Converting Centimeters to Meters Using Mashup Math

Want to know how to change cm to m?

Before I show you the simplest way to convert centimeters to meters (with and without a calculator), let's quickly go over some key vocabulary terms that you'll need to know.

  • One centimeter (cm) is equal to 1/100th of a meter, the base unit of length in the metric system.

  • The metric system's base length unit is the meter (m). Keep in mind that one meter is roughly 39 Three feet and three inches (or 37 inches, if you prefer the metric system)

  • Please keep in mind that both cm and m are intended to be written with lowercase letters.

According to these definitions, a meter is the basic measuring unit in the metric system, and a centimeter is equal to one-hundredth of a meter (or 100 millimeters). When compared to meters, centimeters appear incredibly diminutive.

  • One meter is equal to one hundred centimeters.

  • One meter is made up of one hundred centimeters

How much of a connection between centimeters and meters are you beginning to see?

Figure 1: Centimeters Compared to Inches

Image 1: The Conversion Between Centimeters and Inches

  • Keep in mind that the metric system uses the meter and the centimeter, not the imperial system.

  • The width of a standard kitchen refrigerator, the depth of a swimming pool's shallow end, and the height of a standard kitchen countertop are all roughly 1 meter.

Figure 2: cm to m Relationship

See Figure 2 for the conversion from centimeters to meters.

The simple two-step method shown below requires only an understanding of the relationship between centimeters and meters (and meters and centimeters) as shown in Figure 2.

Instances of Changing Centimeters to Meters

Here are the two simple steps you need to take to convert centimeters to meters.

(Note: You'll learn how to make the hand-to-calculator conversion from centimeters to meters first.)

converting cm to m Example 1 Convert 500 cm to meters

First, let's take the easy case of converting 500 centimeters to meters.

The first thing to do is to divide the total centimeters by 100:

500 ÷ 100 = 5

The second step is to switch to metric measurements.

500 cm = 5 m

I think that covers everything for now. (For a more in-depth analysis, please refer to Figure 3)

This is the final answer: five meters is 500 centimeters.

Figure 3

Without a calculator, you can always convert centimeters to meters by following the two steps outlined above. Take a look at this other illustration I have prepared.

Here's another illustration of the cm-to-m conversion process:

Convert 886 centimeters to meters (second example)

Here, we'll use the same two-step process to convert centimeters to meters.

Initial Step: Divisor the Centimeters by 100

886 ÷ 100 = 8 86

Second, switch to metric measurements.

886 cm = 8 86 m

The correct answer is 8 (in centimeters) 886. 86 meters

Figure 4. Notice that the answer to this example is a decimal, which is totally fine.

Figure 4 Keep in mind that it's perfectly acceptable for the answer to this example to be a decimal.

Before we dive into the cm to m calculator and some free practice problems, let's take a quick look at the inverse relationship between the two units.

It's likely that you already know that cm to m conversions are two-way streets. Divide 100 by the number of centimeters you want to convert to meters. To convert backwards from meters to centimeters, simply multiply by 100.

A fun fact is that if you work with meters, convert to centimeters, and then work back to meters (or vice versa), you will end up with the same number as before. (Some students like to do this to double check their work.)

Third Example: Converting 8 Converting 86m into cm

In this case, you must do the opposite of what you did in Example 02 and convert millimeters into centimeters. The answer must be 886 centimeters if the interesting fact is correct. Try this out and see if it helps:

First, multiply the length in meters by 100:

8.86 x 100 = 886

Second, switch to centimeters as the measurement system.

886 cm = 8 86 m

Conclusion: 8 A distance of 86 meters is equal to 886 centimeters.

Wow, that's pretty neat, right?

Figure 5
Via calculatorsoup.com

You can use one of the many available centimeters to meters (cm to m) conversion calculators found online for no cost if you need a quick and simple way to switch between different units of measurement.

Using the free tool available at www.calculatorsoup.com, you can easily convert between centimeters and meters without having to go through the aforementioned two-step process. This cm to m calculator is useful, but it won't teach you how to convert between centimeters and meters or why one is better than the other.

In order to use the cm to m converter, enter the desired centimeter value in the Value to Convert box and select the metric system. Incorrect input will result in an inaccurate centimeters to meters conversion.

Do you need some more time converting centimeters to meters (and vice versa)?

Converting from centimeters to meters is a two-step process, and the following practice problems will give you plenty of opportunities to practice this. The post's final section features a key to the correct answers.

First, how do you go from one thousand centimeters to one meter?

#2) Change 2,100 centimeters to meters

3.) Change 55 meters into centimeters

The Fourth Step: Change the Number Three 75 m to cm

To what length in meters is 10,222 centimeters converted?

Sixthly, change 0 5 m to cm

7.) How to Change a Million Centimeters into Meters

Eighthly, change 0 01 m to cm

Convert 774 centimeters to meters, please.

Converting 6 billion centimeters to meters

Check out this free video lesson if you need some real-world practice problems involving measurement conversions, such as cm to m.


Critical Thinking:

1.) 10m

2.) 21 m

3.) 5,500 cm

4.) 375 cm

5.) 102 22 m

6.) 50 cm

7.) 10,000 m

8.) 1 m

9.) 7 74 m

10.) 10,000,000m

Compiled by Anthony Persico

For MashUp Math on YouTube, Anthony is both the chief content creator and instructor. I get a lot of satisfaction out of making animated math videos for my channel. Or I could be spending excessive amounts of time on my phone or at the gym.

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